Electrolux EKG603202 User Manual
Electrolux EKG603202 User Manual

Electrolux EKG603202 User Manual

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  • Page 1 ..................... EKG603202 EN COOKER USER MANUAL...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    13. INSTALLATION ............23 WE’RE THINKING OF YOU Thank you for purchasing an Electrolux appliance. You’ve chosen a product that brings with it decades of professional experience and innovation. Ingenious and stylish, it has been designed with you in mind.
  • Page 3: Safety Information

    ENGLISH 1. SAFETY INFORMATION Before the installation and use of the appliance, carefully read the supplied instructions. The manufacturer is not responsible if an incorrect installation and use causes in- juries and damages. Always keep the instructions with the appliance for future reference. 1.1 Children and vulnerable people safety WARNING! Risk of suffocation, injury or permanent disability.
  • Page 4: Safety Instructions

    • Never try to extinguish a fire with water, but switch off the appliance and then cover flame e.g. with a lid or a fire blanket. • Do not store items on the cooking surfaces. • Do not use a steam cleaner to clean the appliance.
  • Page 5: Gas Connection

    ENGLISH Contact the Service or an electrician to • Use this appliance in a household envi- change a damaged mains cable. ronment. • Do not let mains cables to come in • Do not change the specification of this touch with the appliance door, specially appliance.
  • Page 6: Care And Cleaning

    • Fats and oil when heated can release • Cookware made of cast iron, aluminium flammable vapours. Keep flames or or with a damaged bottom can cause heated objects away from fats and oils scratches on the glass ceramic. Always when you cook with them.
  • Page 7: Product Description

    ENGLISH • Be careful when you remove the door household appliances. Do not use it for from the appliance. The door is heavy! house lighting. • Clean regularly the appliance to prevent WARNING! the deterioration of the surface material. Risk of electrical shock. •...
  • Page 8: Before First Use

    3.2 Cooking surface layout Steam outlet Semi-rapid burner Auxiliary burner Triple-Crown burner Semi-rapid burner 3.3 Control panel Knobs for the hob Knob for the main oven Electronic programmer Knob for the top oven / Grill To bake and roast or as pan to collect 3.4 Accessories...
  • Page 9: Hob - Daily Use

    ENGLISH 5. HOB - DAILY USE WARNING! Refer to the Safety chapters. 5.1 Lighting the burners WARNING! Be very careful when you use open fire in a kitchen environment. The manufacturer declines all re- sponsibility in case of misuse of the flame.
  • Page 10: Hob - Helpful Hints And Tips

    10 www.electrolux.com Make sure that you can move the The spark generator can start au- crown a small distance from side tomatically when you switch on to side. the mains, after installation or a power cut. It is normal. Put the burner cap centrally on top of the crown (enamel side up).
  • Page 11: Oven - Daily Use

    ENGLISH WARNING! • Make sure you position the pan sup- Do not use abrasive cleaners, ports correctly after cleaning. steel wool pads or acids, they can • To make burners work correctly, make cause damage to the appliance. sure that the arms of the pan supports are in the centre of the burner.
  • Page 12 12 www.electrolux.com 8.6 Top Oven Functions Oven function Application The appliance is off. Off position Range of temperature adjustment for conven- Gas mark 1 Range of temper- tional cooking. To set the temperature, turn ature adjustment the knob counterclockwise. To grill flat food in the middle of the shelf. To Grill make toast.
  • Page 13: Oven - Clock Functions

    ENGLISH Put the deep roasting pan in the ap- Put the deep roasting pan in the ap- pliance, on the necessary shelf level. pliance, on the necessary shelf level. To grill flat dishes in large quantities Only put the grilling set on the first and to toast: or second shelf level of top oven.
  • Page 14: Oven - Helpful Hints And Tips

    14 www.electrolux.com Push and hold button "- ". 9.3 Cancelling the clock functions After some seconds the clock func- tion goes out. Push the Selection button again and again until necessary function indica- tor flashes. 10. OVEN - HELPFUL HINTS AND TIPS WARNING! •...
  • Page 15: Top Oven Cooking Chart

    ENGLISH Baking results Possible cause Remedy The cake sinks Baking time is too short Set a longer baking time (becomes soggy, Do not set higher temperatures lumpy, streaky) to decrease baking times The cake sinks Too much liquid in the Use less liquid.
  • Page 16: Main Oven Cooking Chart

    16 www.electrolux.com Food Shelf position Gas mark Cooking Time (Total Hours) Meat Pies 1 - 2 0:25 - 0:35 Quiche, Tarts, 1 - 2 0:25 - 0:45 Flans Shepherd’s Pie 1 - 2 0:30 - 0:40 Soufflés 1 - 2...
  • Page 17 ENGLISH Food Shelf position Gas mark Cooking Time (Total Hours) Scones 1 + 4 0:08 - 0:12 Choux Pastry 0:30 - 0:35 Éclairs / Profiter- 0:20 - 0:30 oles Flaky Pastry 0:25 - 0:40 Mince Pies 1 + 4 0:15 - 0:20 Pasta Lasagne 0:40 - 0:45 etc.
  • Page 18: Roasting Chart

    18 www.electrolux.com 10.7 Roasting chart Meat Shelf Level Gas Mark Cooking time Beef/ Beef boned 20 - 35 minutes per 500g (1lb) and 20 - 35 minutes over Mutton/Lamb 25 - 35 minutes per 500g (1lb) and 25 - 35 minutes over...
  • Page 19: Oven - Care And Cleaning

    ENGLISH 10.9 Grilling chart Food Shelf position Grilling Time (Total Hours) Bacon Rashers 2 - 3 0:05 - 0:06 Beef Burgers (home-made) 2 - 3 0:20 - 0:30 Chicken Joints 2 - 3 0:30 - 0:40 Lamb Chops 2 - 3 0:15 - 0:20 Pork Chops 2 - 3...
  • Page 20: Cleaning The Door Glass

    20 www.electrolux.com Close the door. 11.2 Cleaning the top oven Set the maximum oven temperature glass panels and let the oven operate for 1 hour. The door glass on your product Clean the oven cavity with a soft and can be different in type and shape damp sponge.
  • Page 21: What To Do If

    ENGLISH Removing the glass: Push the door trim at one side to re- move it. Refer to the diagram. Pull up the trim. Remove the glass panels. To replace the glass panels, do Replacing the oven lamp the above steps in the opposite You can find the lamp glass cover at sequence.
  • Page 22 22 www.electrolux.com Problem Possible cause Remedy The appliance does not The appliance is too hot. Cool down the appliance operate. for some hours The grill, burners, ovens There is no electrical sup- Make sure that the unit is and timer do not work.
  • Page 23: Installation

    ENGLISH Problem Possible cause Remedy Steam and condensation You left the dish in the Do not leave the dishes in settle on the food and in oven for too long. the oven for longer than the oven cavity. 15-20 minutes after the cooking process ends.
  • Page 24 24 www.electrolux.com Measure down 180 mm from the appli- Minimal distances ance top surface, then measure right 30 mm (See picture). Mark the position of the Dimen- wall and this gives anchor point for the sion stability chain. 180 mm...
  • Page 25: Checking The Grill

    ENGLISH WARNING! 13.5 Gas Connection The gas bayonet must be in mark Use a flexible pipe in compliance with the area. regulation in force. Be careful they do not come in touch with mobile parts or they Dimension are not squeezed. WARNING! Only a qualified and competent person must do the gas installa-...
  • Page 26: Electrical Installation

    1. Push the gas oven control knob and MANUFACTURER: turn it to position. ELECTROLUX POLAND Sp.z o.o.. 2. Keep it pushed until the oven burners ul.Kazimierza Odnowiciela 28 58-100 Świdnica - POLAND come on (about 10 seconds).
  • Page 27 ENGLISH...
  • Page 28 www.electrolux.com/shop...

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