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LG WD14030RD Service Manual

Front-loading washing machine
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Table of Contents
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 2 P/No.: MFL30574766...
  • Page 4 2. FEATURES & TECHNICAL EXPLANATION 2-1. FEATURES Direct Drive System The advanced Brushless DC motor directly drives the drum without belt and pulley. Water Circulation Spray detergent solution and water over the load over continu. Clothes are soaked more quickly and thoroughly during wash cycle. The detergent suds can be removed more easily by the water shower during rinse cycle.
  • Page 5: Water Level Control

    2-2. DETERMINE WASHING TIME BY FUZZY LOGIC To get the best washing performance optimal time is determined by sensing of water temperature, selected washing temperature and laundry amount. water temperature washing time the best selected FUZZY washing rinse time washing LOGIC temperature performance...
  • Page 6: Parts Identification

    3. PARTS IDENTIFICATION Shipping Bolts Power Pulg If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its authorized Drawer service technician in order to avoid a hazard. Control Panel Drum Door Drain Hose Drain Plug Drain Pump Filter Adjustable Feet Lower Cover Cap...
  • Page 7 4. INSTALLATION INSTALLATION The appliance should be installed as follows. Check the conditions of installation area. 1. Check level ground. horizontal On raised foundations or upper level homes, the vibrations can be caused by the type of flooring. It may be necessary to move machine to a different area in the home or have the floor...
  • Page 8 Use spanner to remove transit bolts. Without removal of transit bolts Spin noise and shaking. X 4 EA Transit bolts Confirm the distance between the appliance and the wall. If the distance is less than 2cm, More than 2cm the water supply hose will kink or fold.
  • Page 9: Connect Drain Hose

    Connect Drain Hose. If the drain hose is not installed properly, the unit will not drain properly. This allows water to back flow into the unit which can cause odors. Refer to Owner Manual for proper drain hose installation. The odor could also be coming from the home’s drain to which the drain hose is attached. Laundry tub about 100 cm Hose...
  • Page 10 Check the horizontality with a level (Gage). 1 Step If washing machine legs are loose or not screwed, then screw up with the spanner wrench. Using the level, level the washing machine from front to back and side to side. A level Higher Tighten...
  • Page 11: Test Operation

    Test operation Preparation Press the power button. Press the START/PAUSE button. washing. · Connect the power plug to the · In case of Coloreds program. outlet. · Connect the inlet hose. Check the water heating. Check automatic reverse turn. Check the water supply. ·...
  • Page 12 5. OPERATION Cycle Selector Additional programs • Rotate the Cycle selector • Time Delay : Allows the start of any cycle to be knob to select the cycle delayed for 3~19 hours. designed for different • Favorite : Favorite program allows you to store a types of fabric and soil customized operation for next use.
  • Page 13: Tub Clean

    Dry Selector knob • Dry programs selected by rotating dry knob. • [Lower Temp. - Iron Dry - Cupboard Dry - Eco Dry - Time(30,60,120)] can be selected. Tub Clean • Tub Clean course can be set by pressing and holding Intensive and Pre Wash button simultaneously.
  • Page 15 PCB Layout (Main) Pressure Switch LCD Display LCD Display PCB Power & AQUA LCD Display LCD Display AG Sensor & Measure R impossible here. Thermistor Just check cut-off. Measure Hz impossible Here. Long Just check cut-off. AQUA Short Thermistor for Wash Common Common Motor Stator Control...
  • Page 16 PCB Layout (Power) Common Wash Power Cord Noise Filter Wash Resistance : 24.5 ~ 28.5 Ω Only For Dry Combo...
  • Page 17 Program Chart...
  • Page 18: Troubleshooting

    7. TROUBLESHOOTING 7-1. BEFORE SVC CHECKING Before servicing ask the customer what the trouble is. Check the adjustments. (Power supply : 240V~, Removal of transit bolts etc..) Check the troubles referring to the troubleshooting. Decide service steps referring to disassembly instructions. Then, service and repair.
  • Page 19: How To Check The Water Level Frequency

    7-3. HOW TO CHECK THE WATER LEVEL FREQUENCY Press the Intensive Option(Left) button simultaneously. The digits means water level frequency. (10 kHz) ex) 241 : Water level frequency = 241 x 10 24.1 kHz 7-4. HOW TO KNOW TO TEMPERATURE OF EACH THERMISTOR AT OPERATING CONDITION.
  • Page 20: Error Display

    7-5. ERROR DISPLAY If you press the Start/Pause button in error condition, any error except will disappear and the machine will change into the pause status. In case of , if the error is not resolved within 20 sec., and in case of other errors, if the error is not resolved within 4 min., power will be turned off automatically and the error only will be blinked.
  • Page 21: Troubleshooting With Error

    7-6. TROUBLESHOOTING WITH ERROR Water Inlet Error (IE) [Note] Environmental safety check list 1. No water tap leakage & freeze. 2. No entanglement of water supply hose. 3. No water shortage. 4. No water supply hose leakage. 5. No the inlet filter clogged. Is the water tap closed? Check the Water tap...
  • Page 22 Unbalanced Error (UE) The few items of clothing will clump together Does the load lean toward one and their weight will be in one place on the drum, side, or is the load a few items? throwing the weight off during spin mode. So add some laundry to overcome UE error.
  • Page 23 Water Outlet Error (OE) Check drain hose for kink and straighten the Hose. Is the drain hose kinked ? Drain Hose Check & Clean Pump Filter. Is the Pump filter clogged ? This kind of accumulation on the drain filter not only prevents proper drainage, but also will promote bacteria growth and cause odors.
  • Page 24 Is the Standpipe Height greater Observe Standpipe Height requirements than 1.0 m above the floor? of 1.0m maximum. - Your washer will not be able to drain out water adequately, if the standpipe exceeds 1.0 m. In this case, water may flow back into the washer. When there is not water in the Check the Air Chamber...
  • Page 25 Over Flow Error (FE) Replace the Inlet Valve assembly. Is the water coming in drawer continuously? After power off for 10 sec. and power on. Does the water level over reference line and Is the water level frequency 26.2Khz ? Or does the water level over reference line and is the water level frequency 26.2Khz ? * Water level frequency...
  • Page 26 Pressure Sensor S/W Error (PE) Is the Connector connected correctly to Reconnect or repair the Connector. Main PCB and the Pressure Switch Or replace the Harness. Or is the Harness alright ? Is the resistance of the Pressure Switch Replace the Pressure Switch.
  • Page 27 Door Open Error (dE) Close the door totally. Is the door closed? Is the Door assembly in line with door Lift up & Close the door. switch ? If the dE is displayed, Replace the Door Bracket. Scratch by Latch Hook Touching Does the Spring...
  • Page 28 Thermistor (Heating) Error (tE) Is the Connector connected correctly to Reconnect or repair the Connector. Main PCB and the Thermistor and the Heater? Or replace the Harness. Or is the Harness alright ? Heater for Washing Heater for Steam Replace the Thermistor. Is the resistance of the Thermistor out of range 44 ~...
  • Page 29 Motor Locked Error (LE) [Pre Check] • Gentle wash cycles, such as Perm Press, Delicates, Hand Wash, and Wool/Silk should only be used for smaller loads. Because these cycles are more gentle in tumbling and spinning, putting too much in the drum can register an issue with the motor.
  • Page 30 Disassemble the Hall Sensor 1) Disassemble the hook of Hall Sensor by (-) driver. 2) Pull up Hall Sensor slowly as shown in picture. Caution If you disassemble by force,not following the directions, the hooks of stator(red circled) might broke up. Hence need change of stator assembly.
  • Page 31 Dry Heater Error (dHE) Is the Connector connected correctly to Reconnect or repair the Connector. Main PCB and the Dry Heater Motor? Or replace the Harness. Or is the Harness alright? Is the resistance of the Thermistor out of range Replace the Thermistor.
  • Page 32 Dry Heater Trouble After power off, is the resistance of Dry Heater out of Replace the Heater. range 33~37Ω? Thermostat closed ? Replace the Thermostat. When checking voltage between connectors(1,2) Replace the PWB assembly (main). on drying, is the voltage AC 220-240V as the figure ?
  • Page 33 Dry Fan Motor Trouble Is the Connector connected correctly to Reconnect or repair the Connector. Main PCB and the Dry Heater Fan Motor Or replace the Harness. Or is the Harness alright? Are the resistance same between terminal points? Replace the Dry Fan Motor.
  • Page 34: Troubleshooting Without Error Codes

    8. TROUBLESHOOTING WITHOUT ERROR CODES No Power Is the Power Plug connected Reconnect Power Plug firmly. firmly to the power outlet? Check the fuse or And is the supply voltage reset the circuit breaker. 220~240V AC? Is Multi-plug socket used ? Don’t use Multi-plug socket.
  • Page 35 Vibration & Noise In Spin Have all the Transit Bolts and the Base Packing Remove the Transit Bolts been removed? Base Packing. Washer Base Packing Packing Support Refer to INSTALLATION. (Page 7)
  • Page 36 Detergent & Softener does not flow in Refer to [Water Inlet Error (IE)] Is water supplied? (page 21) Is detergent & softener put in the correct compartment of the drawer? Only softener Put it in the Correct Position. Main Wash Pre Wash (Powder) (Powder)
  • Page 37 Water Leak 1. Water Leak from Dispenser Is the Dispenser Tray Damaged or warped? Replace the Dispenser Tray. Is detergent & softener put in Put it in the Correct Position. the correct compartment of the drawer? Only softener Reference (Amount of Detergent & Softener) Main Wash Pre Wash Detergent...
  • Page 38 2. Water Leak from Dispenser Are the gasket (seal) Clean the periphery of Gasket Door regularly. and door cleaned regularly? Is the door or gasket damaged? Replace the damaged parts. 3. Unknown – Water on Floor Are the inlet hoses loose or cracked/split? Replace the Inlet Hoses.
  • Page 39: Disassembly Instructions

    9. DISASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS Disassemble and repair the parts after pulling out power cord from the outlet. CONTROL PANEL 1 Unscrew the screws on the top plate. 2 The plate assembly(Top) is pulled back and then upward to arrow direction. 3 The cover(Inner) is disassembled. 1 Pull out the drawer and unscrew 2 screws.
  • Page 40 PWB ASSEMBLY(MAIN) 1 The back cover is removed. 2 One screw is unscrewed. 3 Pull the PWB assembly(Main) to arrow direction 4 Two screws is unscrewed. 5 The cover of PWB assembly(Main) is removed. 6 Disconnect connector from the wiring. PWB ASSEMBLY(POWER) 1 The plate assembly(Top) disassembled.
  • Page 41 INLET VALVE 1 Disconnect the wiring connector. 2 Remove the valve by two screws of the valve holder. When reconnecting the connector VALVE (PRE) GY/WH - BK VALVE (MAIN) WH/BK - BK VALVE (DRY) YL/BK - BK VALVE (HOT) BK/WH - BK •...
  • Page 42 CABINET COVER 1 The plate assembly(Top) is disassembled. 2 Pull out the drawer and unscrew 2 screws. 3 Lift the side the Control Panel Assembly and pull it out 1 Two screws is unscrewed. 2 Push out PANEL ASSEMBLY, CONTROL after Push the hook( ) below.
  • Page 43 1 Lift and separate the cabinet cover. NOTE: When assembling the CABINET COVER, connect the Door S/W connector. SWITCH ASSY, DOOR LOCK 1 The cabinet cover clamp is removed and the gasket is released. 2 Two screws are unscrewed. 3 The Door Lock S/W is disconnected form the wiring connector and the strap.
  • Page 44 ROTOR ASSEMBLY, STATOR ASSEMBLY, FRICTION DAMPER 1 Remove the back cover. 2 After loosening the bolt, Rotor, pull out the rotor. 1 Remove the 6 bolt from the stator. 2 Disconnect the 2 connectors. Motor Stator Hall Sensor U V W Common •...
  • Page 45 PUMP 1 Remove pump outlet hose. 2 Remove tub pump bellows. 3 Remove cap(Remaining Hose). 4 Disconnect the wiring. 5 Three screws are unscrewed from the cabinet. 6 Remove the pump to arrow direction. • Rating : 240V 50Hz • Resistant : 162~176Ω HEATER 1 Loosen the nut.
  • Page 46 WHEN FOREIGN OBJECT STUCK BETWEEN DRUM AND TUB 1 Remove washing heater. 2 Remove the foreign object(wire,coin,etc) by inserting long bar in the hole. SWITCH ASSEMBLY, SAFETY 1 Unscrew 4 screws from the back cover. 2 Disconnect the wiring connector. 3 First, Press hook and turn the safety switch assembly switch assembly safety.
  • Page 47: Exploded View And Part List

    10. EXPLODED VIEW AND PART LIST 10-1. THE PART LIST OF CABINET ASSEMBLY A154 A140 A110 A102 A153 A103 A104 A152 A151 A150 A101 A141 A131 A100 A430 A130 A440 A134 A410 A240 A135 A455 A300 A133 A310 A450 A303 A200 A201 A220...
  • Page 48: Dispenser Assembly

    10-2. THE EXPLODED VIEW OF CONTROL PANEL & DISPENSER ASSEMBLY F300 F324 F462 F330 F170 F321 F160 F432 F340 F225 F430 F220 F441 F120 F215 F110 F216 F210...
  • Page 49 10-3. THE EXPLODED VIEW OF DRUM & TUB ASSEMBLY M105 K146 K351 K350 K360 K143 K123 F140 K411 K121 K122 K410 K125 F320 K320 K111 F310 F466 K110 K141 F464 K140 K105 K410 K115 K130 K135 K610 K510 K611 K530 K560 K512 K131...
  • Page 50: The Exploded View Of Dryer

    10-4. THE EXPLODED VIEW OF DRYER M100 M240 M130 M120 M111 M216 M110 M210 M230 M215 M101 M220 M140...