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Periodic Maintenance; Parts Replacement; Spotlight Bulb Replacement; Safe Battery Disposal - Black & Decker VEC117BD User Manual

Vectorlite power series 1 million spotlight; cordless, rechargeable with built-in work light
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All batteries lose charge with time, especially when they are warm. Recharging using
the 120 volt AC method is recommended every two months, when not in frequent use.
If the unit gets dirty, gently clean the outer surfaces of the spotlight unit with a soft cloth
moistened with a mild solution of water and detergent. NEVER submerge this unit in
liquids of any kind.
Periodically inspect the condition of the recharge adapters, connectors and wires.
Replace any components that may have become worn or broken.


One part is user replaceable. The quartz halogen bulb is proprietary and is
available through Vector; however a substitute 6 volt H3 55 watt bulb may be used
when replacing this bulb. These can be purchased from popular automotive parts
suppliers nationwide. For replacement parts and any additional information you
may need, contact Technical Support at (800) 618-5178.

Spotlight Bulb Replacement

To replace the H3 type 6 volt bulb you will need a small Phillips screwdriver and a
replacement bulb (Vector Part VEC193). Bulb life may be shortened by installing a
bulb with dirt or fingerprints on it. The bulb can be wiped clean with a cloth
moistened with alcohol. During bulb installation, avoid touching the glass part of
the bulb.
1. Disconnect the unit from any charging adapters.
2. Push the rubber bezel forward toward the front of the spotlight to reveal two small
Phillips screws in the retaining ring.
3. Using the screwdriver, remove (counterclockwise) the two screws. Set them aside.
4. Lift off the retaining ring, glass lens and rubber "O" ring and set them aside.
5. Carefully remove the reflector and bulb assembly.
6. Disconnect the bulb wire from the red power wire.
7. Unsnap the hairpin retaining wires from the reflector's flange.
8. Using the screwdriver, loosen the retaining screw to remove the bulb from the
reflector (no need to completely remove this screw).
9. Lift out the bulb and detach wire.
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10. Insert the replacement bulb into the reflector's flange.
11. Put back and secure the hairpin retaining wires.
12. Connect the bulb power wire to the red power wire.
13. Tighten the retaining screw on the flange.
14. Place the reflector in position in the body of the spotlight.
15. Replace the rubber "O" ring in the groove around the perimeter of the reflector.
16. Replace glass and retaining ring so the screw holes are aligned.
17. Secure retaining ring with two screws.
18. Replace the rubber bezel.
19. Depress the Trigger Switch to ensure proper operation of spotlight.
To reduce the risk of electric shock replace bulb with a 55 watt 6 volt
H3 bulb only.
Battery Replacement/Disposal
Battery Replacement
Battery should last the service life of the unit and is not user-
replaceable. Contact Technical Support at (800) 618-5178 for
any information you may need.

Safe Battery Disposal

Contains a maintenance-free, sealed, non-spillable, lead-acid
battery, which must be disposed of properly. Recycling is required
— contact your local authority for information. Failure to comply
with local, state and federal regulations can result in fines or
imprisonment. For more information on recycling this battery,
call toll-free (877) 288-7722.
Do not dispose of the battery in fire, as this may result in an explosion.
Before disposing of the battery, protect exposed terminals with
heavy-duty electrical tape to prevent shorting (shorting can result in
injury or fire).
Do not expose battery to fire or intense heat, as it may explode.



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