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Food Tray Attachment; To Attach Food Tray Attachment; To Use Food Tray Attachment; To Clean Food Tray Attachment - KitchenAid 5FT Instructions Manual

Food tray
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To Attach Food Tray Attachment

Before attaching food tray attachment:
1. Turn Stand Mixer speed control to
"O" (OFF).
2. Unplug mixer or disconnect power. The
Food Tray Attachment is designed to
be used with the Food Grinder (model
5FGA) and the Fruit/Vegetable Strainer
(model 5FVSFGA) attachments.
3. Attach Food Grinder or Fruit/Vegetable
Strainer Attachment to stand mixer.
4. Slide front of Food Tray Attachment
forward over back of hopper until it
rests firmly in place.

Food Tray Attachment

To Use Food Tray Attachment

Rotating Blade Hazard
Always use food pusher.
Keep fingers out of openings.
Keep away from children.
Failure to do so can result in
amputations or cuts.
1. Fill Food Tray Attachment with food
cut into pieces that will fit in the
2. Turn mixer to Speed 4 and feed food
into hopper using combination food

To Clean Food Tray Attachment

Wash in warm sudsy water. If you wish,
you may place on top rack of your