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   Summary of Contents for SAGEM MY101X

  • Page 3

    SIM card is inserted, a message will be displayed when switching on your phone. For further information, contact your Operator. Compatibility of your SIM card Your phone is compatible with SIM 3V cards only. SAGEM™ trademark Sagem Communication SAFRAN Group.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents Phone menus................. 7 Presentation of the phone ............ 8 Your phone package..............8 Accessories................8 Keys description (depending on model)........9 Initial screen................11 Getting started..............12 Information on the SIM card.............12 Installing the SIM card and the battery ........13 Charging the battery ..............14 Switching on/switching off, starting up ........15 Setting Time and Date .............17 Searching for a network ............17...

  • Page 5

    Text messages ..............26 Receiving a message .............. 26 Editing a message ..............30 Editing a message using Easy Message T9™ (depending on model)..................31 Options available when writing a message......33 Options for messages in the list..........34 Call services.................35 Forwarding calls...............

  • Page 6

    Setting the time and date ............46 Controlling screen contrast ............46 Converting currencies ..............47 Security ................48 Locking the keyboard...............48 Changing the PIN number ............48 Changing the PIN2 number .............49 Changing the phone code............49 Confidentiality messages ............50 Changing the operator password..........50 Limiting incoming calls .............51 Limiting outgoing calls..............51 Setting up the pre-set directory..........52...

  • Page 7: Phone Menus

    Phone menus According to the model of your phone, to the configuration of the networks and associated subscriptions, certain functions may not be available (indicated by *). Depending on the model, the phone menus will appear as listed below: Directory Controls Directory menu Customization...

  • Page 8: Presentation Of The Phone

    Charger Battery User guide Accessories We advise you the use of SAGEM brand accessories for an optimal operating of your phone and of your accessories. You can also find (as an option) or order the following accessories: Pedestrian kit Additional battery...

  • Page 9: Keys Description (depending On Model)

    Keys description (depending on model) Switch on/off In a call context: Reject a call - hang up Note: A short press always goes back to the idle screen (the current function is given up). Short press: activate/deactivate hands-free mode WARNING: do not use the phone in hands-free mode near to your ear, or you may suffer hearing loss...

  • Page 10

    Hold down: In initial screen: Silent mode In call reception mode: Long press stops ring tone In ring tone setting mode: Activate/deactivate ring tone When composing a message: Short press: Upper case/lower case Short press: When composing a message, access to the symbol table (*) In this manual, when a function is chosen by pressing on this key, square brackets are used (e.g.: [Save]).

  • Page 11: Initial Screen

    Initial screen The following icons are displayed on the initial screen, depending on the event in progress: Battery charge indicator (black if charged, clear if discharged) Received signal strength indicator (maximum strength: 5 bars) The R letter indicates if the network found does not correspond to the subscription flashes, the phone is searching for a network Hands-free loudspeaker...

  • Page 12: Getting Started

    Getting started Information on the SIM card SIM card This card must be handled and stored with care in order to avoid excessive stresses or scratches that would damage it. If your SIM card is lost, contact your Operator or Service Provider immediately.

  • Page 13: Installing The Sim Card And The Battery

    Installing the SIM card and the battery Switch off your phone and disconnect the charger. The SIM card is inserted beneath the phone’s battery. Turn the phone back and press the lock notch to remove the back cover. Take out battery if already installed. Slide the SIM card, with cut corner as shown on the phone, into the card holder with fold face down.

  • Page 14: Charging The Battery

    Charging the battery Your phone is powered by a rechargeable battery. A new battery must be charged for at least 4 hours before it is used for the first time. It will reach its nominal capacity after several usage cycles. When your battery has run down, the phone displays it and cuts out.

  • Page 15: Switching On/switching Off, Starting Up

    It is possible that during charging, the battery may heat up slightly; this is normal. WARNING There is danger of explosion if the battery is placed in an incorrectly way or if it is exposed to fire. Do not short circuit it. The battery does not have any part that you can change.

  • Page 16: Pin Number

    PIN number Control of the PIN number If your phone displays SIM absent, press (long press) to switch off your phone and check that your SIM card is correctly positioned. This is the personal code for your SIM card. You may be asked to enter this code when the instruction: Pin number? appears after you switch on your phone.

  • Page 17: Setting Time And Date

    Setting Time and Date The first time the phone is used, the time and date will need to be set. If the battery has completely run down or been taken out, you will be asked to validate the time and date. Setting the time Set the time either by typing it in or by using the scrolling arrows to alter the numbers already displayed.

  • Page 18: Switching Off

    Switching off Hold down the key until the end message is displayed. Release the key. The phone switches off. Recommendation Your phone is equipped with an integrated antenna. For the best reception, try not to cover the top part of the phone with your hand.

  • Page 19: Making A Call

    Making a call The network is displayed. Dial the number. Press During the call, flashes on the screen, and tones may signal the establishment of a connection. When the person you have called answers, speak. Emergency services Depending on the operator, you can contact the emergency services with or without a SIM card or when the keyboard is locked.

  • Page 20: Hands-free Mode

    Hands-free mode The “Hands-free” mode enables you to follow a conversation with several people and be free to move, for example, to take notes during your conversation. To change to hands-free mode during a call, make a short press on key then press [Yes] to confirm activation of the amplified mode.

  • Page 21: Directory

    Directory Directory display The quantity of phone numbers stored in the SIM card directory varies depending on the capacity of the card. Your Operator or your Service Provider can provide you with this information. You can store the phone numbers that you call regularly: in the SIM card, in the phone.

  • Page 22: Deleting A Number

    Deleting a number To delete the contents of a directory location, select the name using the scrolling arrows. Validate by pressing OK. Select Delete, then validate. Call groups You are also able to classify contacts recorded in the directory into Call Groups.

  • Page 23: Deleting A Group

    Activate the Call Groups function If call groups are not enabled, you cannot attach correspondents to groups. If you want the characteristics of the groups to apply to each call: Go into Directory/Directory menu/Call groups/Call groups menu. Choose Activate groups. Tick the box and validate.

  • Page 24: Sorting

    Sorting Directory menu enables you to sort the stored numbers by name or location; for the latter, the free locations are indicated in the list. Sending a short message to a stored number Select the recipient scrolling using the scrolling arrows and validate using OK.

  • Page 25: Making A Call With A Stored Number

    Making a call with a stored number Here are all the ways you can call a correspondent, whose number is saved in the directory: From the standby screen: 1) Enter the number under which you have saved your correspondent’s details, and then press on (rapid dial).

  • Page 26: Text Messages

    Text messages You can send or receive two types of messages: SMS (text messages), depending on model, EMS (extended message that may include different objects) Receiving a message Access to this service depends on the network. For more information, consult your Operator or your Service Provider. Several types of message may be received: text messages Depending on model:...

  • Page 27

    Meaning of the symbols at the top of the screen This symbol indicates a text message that has been written. If this symbol is flashing, it means that the message has not been sent. This symbol indicates a message that has been received.

  • Page 28

    Actions possible for a message received Select a message. By pressing the key, you can read a text message, view it, listen to it or extract the objects it contains. Warning: Only the screen savers and melodies without Copyright may be forwarded to another person and depending on model. Press the key [Options], to view the options available, which vary according to the type of message received:...

  • Page 29

    Saving a melody in your phone A melody is saved in the Ringing and beeps/Personalised ringing tone menu. If you have just listened to it, press the key. Select it in the list and choose the Save option by pressing the key [Options].

  • Page 30: Editing A Message

    Saving an icon in your phone An icon is saved in the menu Ringing and beeps/Call groups/Call groups menu. If you have just viewed the icon, press the key. Select it in the list and choose the Save option by pressing the key [Options].

  • Page 31: Editing A Message Using Easy Message T9™ (depending On Model)

    Editing a message using Easy Message T9™ (depending on model) The Easy Message T9™ function helps you to easily enter messages. Select the Text messages/Write new... menu and press OK. Selecting the editing language Language By default, the language used is that which is activated on the phone’s menu display (or English if a language not supported by Easy Message T9™...

  • Page 32: Punctuation Marks

    Additional entry modes key selects one mode or another. The 123 mode inserts numbers. The ABC mode enters words that do not exist in the dictionary or in another language. To obtain a letter, press successively on the relevant key until the desired number or letter appears. key allows you to enter symbols.

  • Page 33: Options Available When Writing A Message

    Options available when writing a message The number of messages stored in the SIM card changes depending on the SIM card capacity; contact your Operator or your Service Provider. for further information. Press the key [Options] to view the various actions available: Send your message to a recipient Send your message to several recipients Store your message...

  • Page 34: Options For Messages In The List

    Note: depending on the font, certain sizes or styles may not be available. De-activate Zoom (depending on model) Cancel. Options for messages in the list When a message has been selected from the list of messages, pressing the key [Options] displays the following actions: read it send it delete it...

  • Page 35: Call Services

    Call services Forwarding calls Forwarding voice calls Look out for incompatibilities; for more information, consult your Operator or your Service Provider. Depending on your subscription, this service allows you to transfer incoming calls to another number or a mailbox. Scroll through the menu to activate the type of forwarding that you require: Forward all voice calls: all incoming calls are forwarded to a number you define...

  • Page 36: Viewing The List Of The Last Numbers Used

    You can view the status of a type of call forwarding in order to verify whether it is active or not. This function is also useful for controlling the number to which your calls are forwarded. The information supplied is provided by the network. Note: For services specific to a network, such as mailboxes, short dialling is only valid when covered by the particular network.

  • Page 37: Monitoring The Duration And Cost Of Calls

    Monitoring the duration and cost of calls This data is purely indicative and does not represent proof. The metering criteria for the network can be appreciably different (indivisible minutes, etc.). On the Counters menu you can view the duration of the last call and all calls made since the last deletion.

  • Page 38: Authorising Double Call

    Your number On outgoing calls you can check that your phone number is displayed on the phone of the person you are calling (CLIR). On incoming calls, you can check that the telephone number of a phone to which you are transferring calls will appear on the phone of a person calling you (COLR).

  • Page 39: Blacklist

    Blacklist The blacklist is used to limit failures on automatic calls (calls generated by the automatic redial function or by applications: data, fax for example). When several automatic calls failed with a number (number busy or unknown), this number is put in the blacklist and no automatic call will be done with this number any more until you delete it from the blacklist.

  • Page 40: Ringing And Beeps

    Ringing and beeps Selecting the volume and the type of ringing tone There are numerous tunes available (including a “silent ringing tone”) and several volume levels including a crescendo. You can set your phone to ring on receiving calls and/or messages. You can, during adjustment, listen to the melody selected or not: activate or deactivate by pressing the key;...

  • Page 41: Personalising The Ringing Tone

    Personalising the ringing tone You have the option of creating a personalised call tune. A help menu, accessible by pressing the key, will guide you. If you have saved melodies received by message (see Text messages chapter), they will appear in that menu. You can then modify the selected melody (if the copyright allows it), listen to it or select one of the following options: change its title...

  • Page 42: Setting The Beeps

    Setting the beeps This menu allows you to activate a beep for the battery, the keypad or the network. Setting the keypad tones Select the tone required using the scrolling arrows and validate (press the key). Setting the network tone If you want your phone to give a warning beep when it locates a network on which it can communicate: tick the box and validate by pressing OK.

  • Page 43: Controls

    Controls Customizing your phone Installing the energy saving mode The frequency of display of the screen saver has a direct impact on the phone's operating capacity. For optimal operating capacity, set the maximum interval. In order not to use the phone’s screen light and thereby increase its operating time: In the Customization/Energy saving menu, check No light and press OK to validate.

  • Page 44: Selecting The Display Language

    Personalising the welcome screen You can personalise the welcome screen of your phone by typing a text. Validate by pressing OK. Customizing the programmable keys The action allocated to a programmable key is triggered by a long press or two short presses only from the standby screen. This menu, accessible directly by a short press on a programmable key from the standby screen, enables you to configure the keys.

  • Page 45: Selecting The Network

    Selecting the network Network When your home network is not accessible (abroad, for example), your phone automatically searches for another available and authorised network in the order of preference indicated by the list on the SIM card. Every SIM subscription card can store an ordered list of preferred networks.

  • Page 46: Setting The Time And Date

    Setting the time and date Setting time/date/Control menu • Set the hours and minutes by pressing on the corresponding numbers or by scrolling through the values using the arrows. • Press, if necessary, the C key to go to the next setting. Note: if you have selected the AM/PM time format (see below) you also have to select it when setting time.

  • Page 47: Converting Currencies

    Converting currencies This menu enables you to convert one currency into another. Using the scrolling arrows, you can select: Rapid exchange If you tick the Rapid exchange box, the converter will operate on the standby screen, enter the digits required and use the scrolling arrows to perform a conversion.

  • Page 48: Security

    Security Locking the keyboard Locked keyboard You can still make emergency calls and answer calls. This menu enables you to lock your phone’s keyboard to prevent calls from being made unintentionally. Tick the Locking box: the keyboard will automatically be locked. To unlock your keyboard: Press then OK.

  • Page 49: Changing The Pin2 Number

    Checking the PIN number You can activate your PIN number so that it is requested and checked every time the phone is switched on, so that if the phone is lost or stolen, your SIM card cannot be used: To the question: Pin number ?: enter your PIN number and validate (press the key).

  • Page 50: Confidentiality Messages

    To deactivate: To the question: Phone code?, enter your code (possibly changed) and validate (press the key). Do not tick the Phone control box and validate by pressing OK: it will reset the code to 0000. Once the phone code is activated, you can modify it: To the question: Old phone code?, enter your old phone code and validate (press the key).

  • Page 51: Limiting Incoming Calls

    Limiting incoming calls Access to this service depends on your subscription type. For more information contact your Operator or Service Provider. Depending on your subscription, this service enables you to restrict certain types of incoming calls. If you have this service, you will have been provided with a password when you subscribed.

  • Page 52: Setting Up The Pre-set Directory

    Setting up the pre-set directory The pre-set directory allows you to limit calls. When you activate this directory, only the numbers you store in this directory can be called. Before creating it, you must first activate it: Display the Pre-set directory menu. Enter your PIN2 number.

  • Page 53: Accessories

    Accessories Calculator You can operate the calculator using the following keys (depending on model): Successive presses on: Add/Subtract/Decimal point Monetary operations if there is no calculation in progress (See chapter Controls) Multiply/Divide Equals Delete Monetary conversion From the standby screen, you can convert a currency into another according to the settings chosen (calculator...

  • Page 54: Setting The Alarm

    Setting the alarm The alarm function is represented on the screen by the symbol Permanent flashing of this symbol indicates that an alarm time has been programmed but the date and time clock has not been initialised. To use your phone as an alarm clock: Using the numbers or the scrolling arrows, set the alarm time.

  • Page 55: Technical Characteristics

    Technical Characteristics Weight: 76 g Size: 102.4 x 42.6 x 15.5 mm Original battery: Lithium Ion 700 mAh Autonomy: standby/communication: 255 h/3 h 50 (these values are theoretical ones and given for information only) Audio formats: PCM, ADPCM, iMELODY 1.2, midi (8 tones) Graphic formats: wbmp, bmp, png Size of memory available for messages: >...

  • Page 56: Conformance Document

    Conformance Document Conformance Document...

  • Page 57: Care And Safety Information

    Care and safety information THIS MODEL MEETS INTERNATIONAL GUIDELINES FOR EXPOSURE TO RADIO WAVES Your mobile device is a radio transmitter and receiver. It is designed not to exceed the limits for exposure to radio waves recommended by international guidelines. These guidelines were developed by the independent scientific organization ICNIRP and include safety margins designed to assure the protection of all persons, regardless of age and health.

  • Page 58: Advice For Limiting Exposure To Radiofrequency (rf) Fields

    Advice for limiting exposure to radiofrequency (RF) fields For individuals concerned about limiting their exposure to RF fields, the World Health Organization (WHO) provides the following advice: Precautionary measures: Present scientific information does not indicate the need for any special precautions for the use of mobile phones.

  • Page 59: Electrical Safety

    Electrical safety Only use the chargers listed in the manufacturer’s catalogue. Using any other charger may be dangerous; it would also invalidate your warranty. Line voltage must be exactly the one indicated on the charger’s serial plate. Aircraft safety When travelling by plane, you will need to switch your phone off when so instructed by the cabin crew or the warning signs.

  • Page 60: Environment

    Distance of operation This phone model has been tested and meets radiofrequency exposure guidelines when used as follows: against the ear: place or receive a phone call and hold the phone as you would a wireline telephone, body worn: when transmitting, place the phone in a carry accessory that contains no metal and positions the phone a minimum of 1.5 cm form your body.

  • Page 61: Warranty

    (2) the impact on the operation of the phone and (3) damages resulting from receiving the said downloaded data or loss of said data. In addition, Sagem Communication states that a failure caused by receiving downloaded data that do not comply with the specifications set by Sagem Communication is excluded from the warranty.

  • Page 62: Warranty Conditions

    You alone are responsible for the content that you download to your mobile phone and how you use it. Sagem Communication cannot be held responsible for this content nor for its use. It is your responsibility to ensure compliance, at your own expense, with the laws and regulations applicable in the country where you use your phone.

  • Page 63

    (transport and insurance) of the phone to the address to be indicated to it by the Sagem Communication after-sales service, whose phone number will appear on the delivery note, will be charged to the customer.

  • Page 64

    Sagem Communication may decide, at its option, to repair the phone with new or reconditioned parts, replace the phone with a new phone or, in any dispute, a phone in good working condition. During its work Sagem Communication reserves the facility to make, where necessary, any technical modifications to the phone where these modifications doe not adversely affect its initial purpose.

  • Page 65

    In the cases of warranty exclusion and of expiry of the warranty period, Sagem Communication shall draw up an estimate to be given to the customer for acceptance before any call-out. The repair and carriage costs (there and back) given in the accepted estimate will be charged to the customer.

  • Page 66: End User Licence Agreement (eula), For The Software

    You have acquired a Mobile Phone device ("DEVICE"), manufactured by Sagem Communication (SAGEM), that includes software either developed by SAGEM itself or licensed third party Software suppliers ("SOFTWARE COMPANIES") to SAGEM with the rights to sub-license it to the purchaser of the device. Those...

  • Page 67

    DEVICE such Security Updates that a Secure Content Owner has requested that SOFTWARE SUPPLIERS distribute. SAGEM and SOFTWARE SUPPLIERS will not retrieve any personally identifiable information, or any other information, from your DEVICE by downloading such Security Updates.

  • Page 68

    "applets," incorporated into the SOFTWARE), the accompanying printed materials, and any copies of the SOFTWARE, are owned by SAGEM or the SOFTWARE SUPPLIERS. You may not copy the printed materials accompanying the SOFTWARE. All title and intellectual property...

  • Page 69

    Neither SAGEM nor its suppliers shall be liable for any damages arising out of errors in the speech and handwriting recognition processes.

  • Page 70

    SOFTWARE. The third party sites are not under the control of SAGEM. Neither SAGEM nor its affiliates are responsible for (i) the contents of any third party sites, any links contained in third party...

  • Page 71

    If the SOFTWARE provides links to third party sites, those links are provided to you only as a convenience, and the inclusion of any link does not imply an endorsement of the third party site by SAGEM or its affiliates.

  • Page 72

    RESPONSIBILITIES SUPPORT AND INFORMATION Should you have any questions concerning this EULA, or if you desire to contact SAGEM ]for any other reason, please refer to the address provided in the documentation for the DEVICE. NO LIABILITY FOR CERTAIN DAMAGES.

  • Page 73: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Problem - Situation: The phone does not turn on Actions: Remove the battery and then replace it. Connect the phone to the charger (check that this is plugged in) for approximately 15 minutes. Problem - Situation: No network recognised Actions: Remove the SIM card.

  • Page 74

    Problem - Situation: Error message: SIM NOT PRESENT Actions: Check that the SIM card has been inserted correctly. Examine the SIM card. If it is damaged, contact your mobile phone operator sales point. If the message is still displayed, contact the after sales service.

  • Page 75

    Problem - Situation: No connection made Actions: Check the form of the number called. Check that there is at least one field strength dot showing. If R is displayed but there is no mobile phone operator name, only emergency calls are allowed. Check that you have not used all your credit with the mobile phone operator.

  • Page 76: Customer Care

    (421) 02 68 629 355 South Africa 0800 99 14 17 Spain 91 375 3376 Sweden 08 519 923 21 Switzerland 02 25 67 53 99 United Kingdom 0870 24 05 613 Customer Care e-mail address: Web sites: Customer care...

  • Page 77: Index

    Index Display Making a call Accessories Memory Alarm Sending a short message 24 Sorting Storing a number Battery 13, 14 Downloaded icons Beeps Getting started Calculator Call groups Call services Hands-free 20, 42 Calls Automatic redial Double call Initial screen Duration and cost Forwarding calls Car kit...

  • Page 78

    Phone code PIN number 16, 48 PIN2 number 16, 49 Pre-set directory Ringing and beeps Ringing tones 40, 41 Safety information Security Silent mode SIM card 12, 13 Starting up Text messages Time and date 17, 46 Timer Troubleshooting Vibrate Volume 19, 40 Warranty...

  • Page 96

    Mobile Communication Business Group Le Ponant de Paris - 27, rue Leblanc - 75512 PARIS CEDEX 15 - FRANCE Société Anonyme Capital 300 272 000 € - 480 108 158 RCS PARIS...

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