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Kenwood DNX5260BT Instruction Manual

Dnx series; ddx series.
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DDX5026 DDX5056
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  • Page 1


  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Before Use Movie Menu Control Source Control Screen iPod Control Other Functions Playback Screen Character Entry Easy Control Screen Muting Audio Volume upon Reception of Source Control Screen Phone Call iPod List Screen Control Link Search (Music file) Screen Control DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 3

    Setup Menu Hands-Free Phoning How to Display SETUP Menu Screen Before Use DivX Setup Downloading the Phonebook Software Information Receiving a Call User Interface During a Call Language Setting Call Waiting Touch Panel Adjustment Making a Call Clock Setup Calling by Phonebook Security Setup Calling by Entering a Phone Number Setup Memory...

  • Page 4: Before Use

    Kenwood dealer. ¤ • When you purchase optional accessories, check with your Kenwood dealer to make sure that they • Applying spray cleaner directly to the unit may affect its work with your model and in your area.

  • Page 5: Notes

    ‡ : Playback is possible. An online manual about audio files is put on the % : Playback is partly possible. site, On this × : Playback is impossible. online manual, detailed information and notes ⁄ which are not written in this manual are provided.

  • Page 6

    Changing the browse item will display a correct title, etc. • When the iPod is connected to this unit, "KENWOOD" or "✓" is displayed on the iPod to indicate that you cannot operate the iPod. DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 7: Region Codes In The World

    Region codes in the world The DVD players are given a region code according to the country or area it is marketed, as shown in the following map. DVD disc marks Operation regulatory marks With this DVD, some functions of this unit such as the Symbol Description play function may be restricted depending on the...

  • Page 8: How To Read This Manual

    Next page 3 C ontinue to the next page The instruction continues to the next page. Make sure to flip the page for the rest of the truction. The above operation example with the mark differs from the actual operation. DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 9

    Names of models included in each model group are as follows: series DNX5260BT series DDX5026, DDX5056 Function Icon Icons representing available functions are shown below.

  • Page 10: Functions Of The Buttons On The Front Panel

    Attenuation of the volume On/Off. (Press the knob.) ⁄ Displays Tone Control screen.* 1 sec. The display may not switch to Tone Control screen in some conditions. Turns the power On. Displays the Source Select screen. Turns the power Off. 1 sec. DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 11

    • For DDX series Screen Switching fuction can be activated when an optional navigation system is connected to this unit. Connecting an external device to AV-IN jack (DNX5260BT only) Use of the optional cable CA-C3AV is recommended for connecting an external player. When connecting, make sure to attach the ferritic core supplied with this unit to prevent electromagnetic noise.

  • Page 12: Getting Started

    See <Navigation unit that can be connected to this unit> Bluetooth (page 6) for connectable navigation units. ⁄ • For Disc media, iPod, and USB, the input is switched to the source as the media or the device is set. DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 13: How To Set A Medium / A Device

    Getting Started How to Set a Medium / a Device DNX series DNX series 7 Disc media 7 microSD card This microSD card slot is used to upgrade the Navigation System. For how to upgrade the Navigation System, refer to the instruction manual of the navigation system.

  • Page 14: Basic Operation

    7 While watching the navigation screen The Source Control screen appears. The Source Control screen appears. ⁄ • The screen will return to the navigation screen by touching the same part of the Source Control screen. DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 15: How To Display Top Menu Screen

    Basic Operation How to Display Top Menu Screen Buttons on the Top Menu screen [NAV V ] Switches to the navigation screen. Top Menu screen is the entrance to all the [SRC] Switches to the source control screen of functions. You can enter source operation screen the selected source.

  • Page 16: Operation On The Playback Screen Of Visual Sources

    Source Select screen. 4 Displays/ Clears Source Information screen.* • For the function of each touching area, see the pages of each source. * Source Information screen ⁄ • The information display is cleared automatically after approximately 5 seconds. DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 17: How To Display The Easy Control Screen

    Basic Operation How to Display the Easy Control Screen Basic operation buttons of the selected source can be displayed on the playback screen of visual sources so that you can control the source without switching the screen. Easy Control screen Buttons on the Easy Control screen [∞] Changes the function as follows by touching the [∞] button.

  • Page 18: Watching Dvd/video Cd

    4 Displays/ Clears Source Information screen. [7] Stops playing. ⁄ When touched twice, the disc is played from its beginning when you play it the next time. • The information display is cleared automatically after approximately 5 seconds. [38] Plays or pauses. DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 19: Source Control Screen

    Source Control Screen "3" Play Mode Display "T"/ "C"/ "R"/ "P" Play Time Display Switches to the source control screen to use Use the [TIME] to change play time various playback functions. display. Display the Source Control Screen ] When appears, the text display is scrolled by touching it.

  • Page 20: Dvd-video Disc Menu

    [Exit] Exits the Menu Control 2 screen. [Highlight] Highlight Control. [Exit] Exits the Menu Control 1 screen. Operation on the Zoom Control screen Operation on the Highlight Control Highlight control lets you control DVD Menu by touching the menu button directly on the screen. DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 21: Dvd-vr Menu Control

    DVD-VR Menu Control [Zoom] Changes the zoom ratio at 4 levels (2 times, 3 times, 4 times, or off ) each time you Selects an option from the DVD-VR Disc Menu. touch. Display the playback screen [2], [3], [5], [∞] Scrolls the screen in the direction you touch.

  • Page 22: Video Cd Zoom Control

    Operation on the Zoom Control screen [Zoom] Changes the zoom ratio at 2 levels (2 times or off ) each time you touch. [2], [3], [5], [∞] Scrolls the screen in the direction you touch. [Exit] Exits the Zoom Control screen. DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 23: Music Disc/ Audio File Listening & Video File/ Picture File Watching

    Music Disc/ Audio File Listening & Video File/ Picture File Watching You can recall various control screens during playback of CD, audio file, video file and picture file. • See <List of playable discs> (page 5) for playable discs. • See <About Audio file> (page 5), <About Video files> (page 5) or <About Picture files> (page 6) for playable files. Source Control Screen [List] Audio File...

  • Page 24: List Select

    ROOT] Moves to the top hierarchy level. UP] Moves up a hierarchy level. TOP] Moves to the top folder. CUR] Displays the currently playing folder. [CTRL] Returns to the Source Control screen. DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 25: Usb Device Select

    USB device select Play list Audio File Audio File Au Au Au Au Selects the connected USB device (or a partition). Display the Source Control Screen See <Source Control Screen> (page 23). Display the USB Device Select Screen 1 Switches to the lower level of the category. ] When appears, the text display is scrolled by touching it.

  • Page 26: Link Search (audio File In Usb)

    5 seconds. Also, the information can be CUR] Displays the currently playing displayed automatically when it is updated. category. [CTRL] Returns to the Source Control screen. Scrolls to the position of the specified initial Scrolls to the selected initial. DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 27: Easy Control Screen (video File, Picture File)

    Easy Control Screen Picture Control (Video file, Picture file) Adjusting the picture display. Displays the basic operation buttons on the Display the Playback Screen screen. See <Operation on the Playback Screen of Visual Display the Easy Control Screen Sources> (page 16). See <How to Display the Easy Control Screen>...

  • Page 28: Movie Menu Control

    Display the playback screen See <Operation on the Playback Screen of Visual Sources> (page 16). Display the Menu Control screen Operation on the Menu Control screen [SUB] Switches the subtitle language. [Audio] Switches the voice language. [Exit] Exits the Menu Control screen. DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 29: Ipod Control

    iPod Control You can control and listen to songs in your iPod by connecting an iPod to this unit with KCA-iP301V (optional accessory). You can also display video contents on this unit when connecting an iPod with video. Playback Screen Easy Control Screen Basic functions are available even when the Displays the basic operation buttons on the...

  • Page 30: Source Control Screen

    * Disabled when VIDEO is being played. or iPod Name. "##### / #####" Total number of music in the iPod and the music number display "3" Play Mode Display "P" Play Time Display ] When appears, the text display is scrolled by touching it. DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 31: Ipod List

    iPod List Link Search (Music file) Lists and searches music/video contained in the Searches for another song of the currently iPod. selected artist. Display the Source Control Screen Display the Source Control Screen See <Source Control Screen> (page 30). See <Source Control Screen> (page 30). Display the iPod List Start Link search Select a song...

  • Page 32: Radio Listening

    ] When appears, the text display is [Mono] Selects the Monaural FM FM scrolled by touching it. reception. [LO.S] Turns the Local Seek function ON or OFF. [TEXT] Displays Radio Text screen. FM FM See <Radio Text> (page 34). DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 33: Preset Select

    Preset Select Auto Memory Lists and selects memorized station. Stores stations with good reception in memory automatically. Display the Source Control Screen Display the Source Control Screen See <Source Control Screen> (page 32). See <Source Control Screen> (page 32). Display the Tuner Preset List Screen Select a band you wish to store in memory Select a station Select the Auto Memory mode...

  • Page 34: Manual Memory

    1 Selects the Program Service Name, Title & Artist name, Station Name, Radio Text Plus, or Radio Text for text display. ] When appears, the text display is scrolled by touching it. [5], [∞] Scrolls the text display. DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 35: Traffic Information

    Traffic Information Search by Program Type When a traffic bulletin starts, any source is A program is tuned when you set its program switched to the traffic information and it is type. (Only when receiving the FM broadcast) displayed automatically. Display the Source Control Screen Display the Source...

  • Page 36: Tv Watching

    Use the [SEEK] to change the channel tuning 4 Displays/ Clears Source Information screen. sequence. ⁄ [SEEK] Switches the Seek mode. (page 37) • The information display is cleared automatically after approximately 5 seconds. Also, the information can be displayed automatically when it is updated. DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 37: Source Control Screen

    Source Control Screen [AME] Selects the Auto Memory mode. See <Auto Memory> (page 38). Switches to source control screen to use various [SEEK] Switches the Seek mode. functions. The mode is switched in the following order Display the Source Control Screen each time you touch the button.

  • Page 38

    Continue to touch until the memory number appears. Select the Auto Memory mode Start Auto Memory Auto Memory terminates when 6 stations are stored or when all stations are tuned in. ⁄ • The operation ends automatically if you do not operate within 10 seconds. DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 39: Preset Select

    Preset Select Set Station Name Lists and selects memorized station. Assigns a name to a station. Display the Source Control Screen Tune in to the station to name See <Source Control Screen> (page 37). See <Source Control Screen> (page 37). Start Preset Select Start Name set Select a station...

  • Page 40: Bluetooth Audio Control (ddx5026/ddx5056)

    Operation on the Source Control Screen [3] Plays. [7] Stops playing. [8] Pauses. [4], [¢] Selects a file. ⁄ • If the Bluetooth Audio player does not support AVRCP profile, buttons are not displayed. Operate from the Audio player. DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 41: Other Functions

    Other Functions Muting Audio Volume upon Reception of Character Entry Phone Call Character Entry screen When a telephone call is received... The Phone Call ("CALL") screen appears, and system is paused. Phone Call ("CALL") screen 1 Enters characters. [2], [3] Shifts the cursor. [5], [∞] Scrolls up or down the character button display.

  • Page 42: Screen Control

    Displayed on Video, iPod, USB, TV or Rear View Camera screen only. [Dimmer] Dimmer Mode Setup "ON": The display dims. "OFF": The display doesn’t dim. "SYNC": Turning the Dimmer function On or Off when the vehicle light control switch is turned On or Off. DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 43: Hands-free Phoning

    • For the cell-phones verified for compatibility, access the manually. following URL: • For how to operate the cell-phone, refer to the Instruction Manual that comes with your cell-phone. • Sound output speaker can be set. See <Bluetooth Hands- •...

  • Page 44: Receiving A Call

    • Answering the waiting call after terminating the current call During a Call ] Switches the voice output between phone and speaker. [DTMF] Outputs dial tone. See <Controlling Tone-based Services> (page 48). ] Disconnecting a call DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 45: Making A Call

    Making a Call [Voice] Starts voice recognition. See <Calling by Voice Recognition> (page 47). Displaying the control screen and using various [BT SETUP] Displays the Bluetooth SETUP functions. screen. See <Registering Bluetooth Unit> Display the Hands-Free Control screen (page 67). [TEL SETUP] Displays the Hands Free Setup screen.

  • Page 46: Calling By Phonebook

    For more details, see the instruction manual of your Bluetooth Unit and your cell-phone. • Initials including no corresponding name will not be displayed. • During search, a non-accent character such as "u" is searched for instead of an accent character such as "ü". DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 47: Making A Call Using Call Records

    Making a Call Using Call Records Calling by Voice Recognition Calls by selecting a phone number from the Calls by recognizing the registered voice. outgoing, incoming, or missed calls list. ⁄ Display the Hands-Free Control screen • In order to perform voice recognition, voice must be registered in the Phonebook data.

  • Page 48: Controlling Tone-based Services

    7. Select a Phone number category Selects the Phone number category. Make a call ⁄ • A message is displayed if the voice is not recognized. Read the message for the further operation. DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 49: Setting Up The Hands-free Phone

    * The items with asterisk (*) are not appeared on the following models: [Auto Response] Sets an automatic response DDX5026 and DDX5056 time to pick-up an incoming call. DNX5260BT : "OFF", DDX5026/DDX5056 : "8") "OFF": This function is disabled. "0-99": Sets the incoming call ringing duration (in seconds).

  • Page 50: Voice Registration

    Touch [Yes] to delete or [No] to cancel. Display the voice registration screen Say the name to register (1st try) Say within 2 seconds after the Beep. Say the name to register (2nd try) Say within 2 seconds after the Beep. DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 51: Key Word Voice Registration

    Key Word Voice Registration Say the phone category to register (1st try) Registers the voice to select the Phone number category by Voice Recognition. Display the Hands Free Setup screen See <Setting Up the Hands-Free Phone> (page 49). Display the Key Word List screen Say within 2 seconds after the Beep.

  • Page 52: Phone Number Preset

    [Voice] Registers voice for voice recognition to preset number. [Memory] Registers the currently displayed phone number. [Delete] Deletes the currently displayed phone number. Touch to display the confirmation screen. Touch [Yes] to delete or [No] to cancel. Search phone number to register with each function DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 53: Sms (short Message Service)

    SMS (Short Message Service) Uses SMS function. SMS Message screen Display the Hands-Free Control screen See <Making a call> (page 45). Display the SMS Select screen SMS] Creates a new message for the selected message. Select a function ] Displays the SMS create menu screen. See <Create a message>.

  • Page 54

    If touched more than 1 second, all the input characters are erased. [Space] Enters a space. [SET] Saves the message and returns to the Create SMS Menu screen. Only one draft message can be saved / retained in memory at any one time. DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 55: Audio Control

    Audio Control Audio Control Menu Audio Control Displays the Audio Control menu to set the sound You can adjust the front/rear and right/left audio effect function of this unit. balance. Display the Source Select Screen Display the Audio Control screen >...

  • Page 56: Equalizer Control

    [Bass] can be set) If turned "ON", it extends the bass center frequency to the low register by approximately 20%. [SW Level] Adjusts the subwoofer volume. The setting is available when subwoofer is set to "ON". See <Speaker Setup> (page 72). DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 57: Zone Control

    Zone Control You can set the front and rear audio source. Display the Zone Control screen > > Touch [ [Zone Control]. (page 55) Set the Zone Control [Single Zone] Sets the unit to single zone. [Dual Zone] Sets the unit to dual zone. [Front Source] Sets the front audio source.

  • Page 58: Setup Menu

    Select the setup item [5], [∞] Scrolls the setup menu. ⁄ • [AV-IN SETUP], [Navigation] and [Audio SETUP] options can be locked. The key mark ( ) is displayed in reverse video for the locked option. See <Setup Memory> (page 63). DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 59: Divx Setup

    DivX Setup Software Information Checks the registration code. This code is needed Checks the software version of this unit. when making a disc which has DRM (Digital Display the Software Information screen Rights Management). > > > Touch [ [Information] Display the DivX Setup screen [Software].

  • Page 60: User Interface

    [Enter] Determines the selected language. 1 second to turn the display off. [Cancel] Cancels the selected language. "R-CAM" : Press the [FNC] button for more than 1 second to switch to rear view. [Animation] Sets whether to display animation. ( "ON") DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 61: Touch Panel Adjustment

    Touch Panel Adjustment When [Select Mode] is set to "Advanced" (DNX series only) You can adjust the touch panel operations. Display the Touch panel Adjustment screen > > > Touch [ [System] [Touch]. (page 58) [Navigation Language Select] Selects the language used for navigation.

  • Page 62: Clock Setup

    When the synchronized mode is set, the clock off. ( "ON") cannot be adjusted manually. Start Security Code setup Adjust the clock time ⁄ • If you have already completed the code registration, [CLR] is displayed. Enter a security Code Input four-digit number. DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 63: Setup Memory

    Setup Memory Register your security code Audio Control, AV-IN SETUP, AV Interface, Navigation, and Audio SETUP settings can be memorized. The memorized settings can be Reenter the security code recalled at any time. For example, even when the settings are cleared due to replacement of the Reenter the same security code as that you have battery, the settings can be restored.

  • Page 64: Entering Background

    Quit memorization/recalling of settings Select a medium (USB device) Select the image to load 1 Lists the files. ] When appears, the text display is scrolled by touching it. ROOT] Moves to the top hierarchy level. UP] Moves up a hierarchy level. DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 65: Panel Color Coordinate

    Panel Color Coordinate Load the image Sets the button illumination color. Display the Color screen > > > Touch [ [Display] [Color]. (page 58) Display the Panel Color Coordinate screen 1 Rotates the image. ⁄ • <About Picture files> (page 6) for readable image specifications.

  • Page 66: Screen Adjustment

    Preset button. ⁄ Complete the color coordination • In this Screen Adjust screen, you can perform setups for the menu screen. Setups for videos such as DVD can be performed on the <Screen Control> (page 42). DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 67: Registering Bluetooth Unit

    Registering Bluetooth Unit Select the Bluetooth unit to register Registers the Bluetooth unit to be connected. Display the Bluetooth Setup screen > > Touch [ [Bluetooth SETUP]. (page 58) Display the Connect Device List screen 1 Displays the searched Bluetooth unit. [Search] Searches for a Bluetooth unit.

  • Page 68: Registering Bluetooth Unit Pin Code

    [Cancel] Cancels registration of PIN code. ⁄ [Enter] Registers the entered PIN code. • Only models in Bluetooth unit name list can be [Clear] Clears the code number. registered. Go through the procedure of <Registering Bluetooth Unit> and complete the registration (pairing) DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 69: Bluetooth Unit Connection

    Bluetooth Hands-Free/Audio Output Bluetooth Unit Connection Setup Selects the Bluetooth unit to connect. Selects speakers to output the sound of hands- Display the Bluetooth Setup screen free phoning (such as phone call voice and > > Touch [ [Bluetooth SETUP]. ringing tone) and Bluetooth audio.

  • Page 70: Av Input Setup

    This item can be set when in STANDBY source and also the iPod is unconnected. • [AV-IN Name] One AV-IN name is displayed when "iPod" is selected in [iPod AV Interface Use] and two are displayed when not selected. DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 71: Navigation Setup

    When turned "ON", the volume level drops for voice guidance. [Navigation Input] Selects a navigation system connection. "RGB") (DDX series only) "RGB": Allows the Kenwood’s Navigation System to connect via its interface cable. "AV-IN": Allows a third-party navigation system to connect via the AV INPUT1 port.

  • Page 72: Speaker Setup

    Speaker Select screen) [LPF FREQ] Low Pass Filter adjustment. (Only when "Subwoofer" is set to "ON" in Speaker You can select front speaker type. Setup) "Standard"/ "Wide"/ "Middle"/ "Narrow" ⁄ • Speaker cannot be setup when in STANDBY source mode. DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 73: Dvd Setup

    DVD Setup [Screen Ratio]* Selects the screen display mode. ( "16:9") You can set up the DVD play. "16:9": Displays wide pictures. Display the DVD Setup screen "4:3 LB": Displays wide pictures in the Letter Box format (having black stripes at the >...

  • Page 74: Dvd Language Setup

    Parental Level setup screen. [Clear] Clears the language code. [Clear] Clears the code number. ⁄ Set the language you use • The number you enter first is set as your code number. Display the Parental Level SETUP screen DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 75: Disc Setup

    Disc Setup Select a parental level and complete the setup Performs setup when using disc media. Display the DVD Setup screen > > Touch [ [DVD SETUP]. (page 58) Display the Disc Setup screen Selects a parental level. ⁄ • If a disc has higher parental lock level, you need to enter the code number.

  • Page 76: Usb Setup

    "Auto": Information is displayed for 5 seconds when updated. when updated. "Manual": Information is displayed when you "Manual": Information is displayed when you touch on the screen. touch on the screen. ⁄ • "Wide Screen" cannot be set while the iPod is connected. DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 77: Tuner Setup

    Tuner Setup TV Setup You can set Tuner related parameters. The TV signal receiving areas can be set. Display the TV SETUP screen Display the Tuner Setup screen > > Touch [ [TV SETUP]. (page 58) > > Touch [ [TUNER SETUP].

  • Page 78: Remote Controller

    For DDX5026/ DDX5056 : This unit can be operated using the Remote Controller (RC-DV340) supplied with this unit. For DNX5260BT : Optional Remote Controller KNA-RCDV331/ KNA-RCDV340 is designed for controlling this unit. Refer to the instruction manual that comes with the remote controller.

  • Page 79: Remote Controller Mode Switch

    Remote Controller mode switch Common operations (AUD mode) The functions operated from the remote Source switching controller differ depending on the position of the Switches to the source to be played. mode switch. DISP V.SEL DISP V.SEL MODE FNC/PBC MODE FNC/PBC TOP MENU MENU...

  • Page 80: Dvd/vcd (dvd Mode)

    DVD SETUP RETURN Title number AUDIO SUBTITLE ANGLE ZOOM Chapter number Play time Item number* Cancel * You may not be able to use this function with some discs or scenes. DVD-VR Title number Chapter number Play time Cancel DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 81

    VCD 1.X, VCD 2.X (PBC OFF) SUBTITLE Switches the subtitle language. Track number Cancel DISP V.SEL MODE FNC/PBC TOP MENU MENU DVD SETUP RETURN VCD 2.X (PBC ON) AUDIO SUBTITLE ANGLE ZOOM Scene number ZOOM Number Switches the zoom ratio each time you press this Cancel key.

  • Page 82: Music Disc/audio File/video File/ Picture File

    Music Disc Track number Play time Cancel Audio files in DVD/CD disc Folder number File number Cancel Once you have switched to the direct search feature, specify the search number from the numeric keypad, and then press [38] key. DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 83: Radio (aud Mode)

    Radio (AUD mode) iPod (AUD mode) Band switching Music/Video search Switches to bands received by the unit. Selects the music/video to be played. − OPEN − OPEN 2 ZONE 2 ZONE Station selection Play/Pause Switches to broadcast stations received by the unit. Pauses the music/video.

  • Page 84: Tv (tv Mode)

    OPEN 2 ZONE Numeric keypad 2 ZONE R.VOL PQRS WXYZ CLEAR DIRECT • The number of the memorized station is selected. ( – • Press the direct tuning key first, then specify the channel of the station to receive. DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 85: Initial Setup

    Initial Setup When pressing the Reset button or turning on the unit for the first time, the Initial SETUP screen is displayed. Initial Setup Turn the power On Set each item [Language] Select the language used for the control screen and setting items. (page 60) [iPod AV Interface Use] Sets the terminal to which the iPod is connected to.

  • Page 86: Status Bar Indicator Items

    Indicates that the PBC function is ON. "SVCD" Identifies the Super Video CD. "VER1" Indicates that the Video CD version is 1. "VER2" Indicates that the Video CD version is 2. "REP" Indicates that the Repeat function is ON. DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 87: Dvd Language Codes

    DVD Language Codes Code Language Code Language Code Language Afar Icelandic Singhalese Abkhazian Italian Slovak Afrikaans Japanese Slovenian Amharic Javanese Samoan Arabic Georgian Shona Assamese Kazakh Somali Aymara Greenlandic Albanian Azerbaijani Cambodian Serbian Bashkir Kannada Siswati Byelorussian Korean Sesotho Bulgarian Kashmiri Sundanese Bihari...

  • Page 88: Help? Troubleshooting

    ☞ Clean the media, referring to the CD The unit is set to STANDBY source. cleaning of the section on <Handling discs> (page 4). ✔ The recording condition is bad. ☞ Record the media again or use another media. DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 89: Help? Error

    The disc player is malfunctioning. this unit> (page 6). ➡ Eject the disc and try inserting it again. Contact the Kenwood dealer if this indicator continues "Update your iPod" : blinking or the disc cannot be ejected. The iPod's software is an older version which the unit can not support.

  • Page 90: Specifications

    : MPEG1/ MPEG2/ DivX : 99.99 % Audio Decoder Pixel Arrangement : MP3/ WMA/ AAC/ WAV : RGB striped arrangement Back Lighting Bluetooth section (DNX5260BT) : Cold Cathode Fluorescent Tube Technology : Bluetooth Ver. 2.0 Certified DVD player section Frequency D/A Converter : 2.402 –...

  • Page 91

    FM tuner section Video section Frequency Range Color System of External Video Input 50 kHz : 87.5 MHz – 108.0 MHz : NTSC/ PAL Usable Sensitivity (S/N : 26 dB) External Video Input Level (mini jack) : 0.7 μV/ 50 Ω : 1 Vp-p/ 75 Ω...

  • Page 92

    DNX series : 1.9 kg (4.1 lbs) DDX series : 1.8 kg (4.0 lbs) Specifications subject to change without notice. Although the effective pixels for the liquid crystal panel is given as 99.99% or more, 0.01% of pixels may not light or may light incorrectly. DNX5260BT/DDX5026/DDX5056...

  • Page 93

    DivX® is a registered trademark of DivX, Inc., and is under license. DNX5260BT: The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Kenwood Corporation is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.

  • Page 94

    1999/5/CE qui Slovensko lui sont applicables. S tem Kenwood izjavlja, da je ta DNX5260BT v skladu z osnovnimi zahtevami Deutsch in ostalimi ustreznimi predpisi Direktive 1999/5/EC. Hiermit erklärt Kenwood, dass sich dieser DNX5260BT in Übereinstimmung mit...

  • Page 95

    Information on Disposal of Old Electrical and Electronic Equipment and Batteries (applicable for EU countries that have adopted separate waste collection systems) Products and batteries with the symbol (crossed-out wheeled bin) cannot be disposed as household waste. Old electrical and electronic equipment and batteries should be recycled at a facility capable of handling these items and their waste byproducts.

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