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Samsung Plasma TV User Manual

Series 5 plasma tv
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Plasma TV

user manual

the possibilities
Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product.
To receive more complete service, please register
your product at
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: User Manual

    Plasma TV user manual imagine the possibilities Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product. To receive more complete service, please register your product at Model Serial No.
  • Page 2: User Instructions

    5. Some Digital TV functions might be unavailable in some countries or regions and DVB-C might not work correctly with all providers. 6. For more information, please contact your local Samsung customer care centre. © 2009 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Connecting and Preparing Your TV Media Play ■ Checking Parts ................4 ■ Connecting a USB Device ............27 ■ Using the Stand-Base ............... 4 ■ Using the Media Play Function ..........28 ■ Assembling the Cables .............. 4 ■...
  • Page 4: Connecting And Preparing Your Tv Checking Parts

    Connecting and Preparing Your TV Checking Parts Owner’s Instructions Remote Control/ Power Cord Cloth-Clean Holder-Ring (4ea) Holder-Wire Cable AAA Batteries (2ea) (Refer to page 40) Screw (4ea) Cover-Bottom Cover-Bottom / Ferrite Core for Ferrite Core fo (PS50B550 only) (PS50B550 only) Screws (2ea) Power Cord Headphone...
  • Page 5: Viewing The Control Panel

    Viewing the Control Panel Front Panel buttons Touch each button to The product colour and shape may vary depending on the model. operate. 1 SOURCE 4 < CH > Toggles between all the available input sources Press to change channels. In the on-screen menu, use the (TV, AV1, AV, Component1, Component, PC, HDMI1, <...
  • Page 6: Viewing The Connection Panel

    Viewing the Connection Panel TV Rear Panel Cable Television Network The product colour and shape may vary depending on the model. Whenever you connect an audio or video system to your set, ensure that all elements are switched off. When connecting an external device, match the colour of the connection terminal to the cable. 1 POWER IN 0 HDMI IN 1, (DVI), 3, 4 Connect the supplied power cord.
  • Page 7: Remote Control

    Remote Control You can use the remote control up to a distance of about 23 feet from the TV. The performance of the remote control may be affected by bright light. 1 POWER button Teletext Functions (turns the TV on and off) 2 Exit from the teletext display 2 Selects the TV mode directly.
  • Page 8: Installing Batteries In The Remote Control

    Installing Batteries in the Remote Control 1. Lift the cover at the back of the remote control upward as shown in the figure. . Install two AAA size batteries. Make sure to match the ‘+’ and ‘–’ ends of the batteries with the diagram inside the compartment.
  • Page 9: Viewing The Menus

    Viewing the Menus 1. With the power on, press the MENU button. The main menu appears on the screen. The menu’s left side has icons: Picture, Sound, Channel, Setup, Input, Application, Support. . Press the ▲ or ▼ button to select one of the icons. Then press the ENTER E button to access the icon’s sub-menu.
  • Page 10: Plug & Play Feature

    Plug & Play Feature When the TV is initially powered on, basic settings proceed automatically and subsequently. The Screen Saver is activated if there is no remote control key input for longer than 1 minute while Plug & Play is running. The Screen Saver is activated if there is no operating signal for longer than 15 minutes.
  • Page 11: Channel Control Storing Channels

    Channel Control Storing Channels Country ❑ You can change the desired country. Country : Singgapore The PIN number input screen appears. Enter your 4 digit PIN number. ► The default PIN number of a new TV set is ‘0-0-0-0’. Auto Store Manual Store Auto Store ❑...
  • Page 12: Default Guide

    Full Guide / Mini Guide ❑ The EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) information is provided by the broadcasters. Programme entries may appear blank or out of date as a result of the information broadcast on a given channel. The display will dynamically update as soon as new information becomes available.
  • Page 13: Managing Channels

    Managing Channels Using this menu, you can Add / Delete or set Favourite channels and use the programme Mini Guide guide for digital broadcasts. Default Guide : Full Guide Select a channel in the All Channels, Added Channels, Favourites, or Programmed Channel List screen by pressing the ▲...
  • Page 14 Edit Channel Number Number (only digital channel)  You can also edit the channel number by pressing the number buttons on the remote control. Sort (only analogue channel)  This operation allows you to change the programme numbers of the stored channels. This operation may be necessary after using the auto store.
  • Page 15: Changing The Picture Settings

    Picture Control Changing the Picture Settings Mode ❑ You can select the type of picture which best corresponds to your viewing requirements. • Dynamic: Selects the picture for high-definition in a bright room. Mode : Standard ► • Standard: Selects the picture for the optimum display in a normal environment. Cell Light •...
  • Page 16 White Balance  You can adjust the colour temperature for more natural picture colours. • R-Offset / G-Offset / B-Offset / R-Gain / G-Gain / B-Gain: Changing the adjustment value will refresh the adjusted screen. • Reset: The previously adjusted white balance will be reset to the factory defaults. Flesh Tone ...
  • Page 17 1080 Full HD Motion Demo → Off / On  Samsung' new generation PDP panels deliver stunning Full HD motion clarity when viewing fast action sports, movies, and games. This function is not available in PC, Game, or Media Play mode.
  • Page 18: Setting Up The Tv With Your Pc

    Setting up the TV with your PC Preset: Press the SOURCE button to select PC mode. Brightness : 45 Sharpness : 50 Auto Adjustment ❑ Auto Adjustment ► Auto Adjustment allows the PC screen of set to self-adjust to the incoming PC video Screen signal.
  • Page 19: Pc Display

    Windows and your particular video card. However, even if your actual screens look different, the same basic set-up information will apply in almost all cases. (If not, contact your computer manufacturer or Samsung Dealer.) 1. First, click on ‘Control Panel’ on the Windows start menu.
  • Page 20: Sound Control

    Sound Control Changing the Sound Setting Mode → Standard / Music / Movie / Clear Voice / Custom ❑ You can select the type of special sound effect to be used when watching a given broadcast. Mode : Custom ► Equalizer Press the TOOLS button to display Tools menu.
  • Page 21: Selecting The Sound Mode

    Auto Volume → Off / On ❑ Each broadcasting station has its own signal conditions, and so it is not easy to adjust the volume every time the channel is changed. This feature lets you automatically adjust the volume of the desired channel by lowering the sound output when the modulation signal is high or by raising the sound output when the modulation signal is low.
  • Page 22: Function Description

    Function Description Configuring the Setup Menu Game Mode ❑ Plug & Play Time When connecting to a game console such as PlayStation or Xbox , you can enjoy a more realistic gaming experience by selecting the game menu. Game Mode : Off ►...
  • Page 23: Teletext Language

    Teletext Language ❑ You can set the Teletext language by selecting the language type. English is the default in cases where the selected language is unavailable in the broadcast. Preference ❑ Primary Audio Language / Secondary Audio Language / Primary Subtitle Language / Secondary Subtitle Language / ...
  • Page 24: Setting The Time

    Setting the Time Clock ❑ Plug & Play Setting the clock is necessary in order to use the various timer features of the TV. Time ► The current time will appear every time you press the INFO button. Game Mode : Off If you disconnect the power cord, you have to set the clock again.
  • Page 25: Source List / Edit Name

    Source List / Edit Name Source List ❑ Use to select TV or other external input sources such as DVD players or Cable Box / Satellite receivers (Set-Top Box) connected to the TV. Use to select the input source of Source List your choice.
  • Page 26: Supported Program

    Yes. If the test pattern is properly displayed, select No. • Yes : There may be a problem with the TV. Contact Samsung’s Call Center for assistance. • No : There may be a problem with your external equipment. Please check your connections. If the problem still persists, refer to the external device’s user manual.
  • Page 27: Media Play

    Please connect directly to the USB port of your TV. If you are using a separate cable connection, there may be a USB compatibility problem. Before connecting your device to the TV, please back up your files to prevent them from damage or loss of data. SAMSUNG is not responsible for any data file damage or data loss.
  • Page 28: Using The Media Play Function

    Using the Media Play Function This function enables you to view and listen to photo, music and movie files saved on a USB Mass Storage Class (MSC) device. Entering the Media Play Menu ❑ 1. Press the MENU button. Press the ▲ or ▼ button to select Application, then Media Play 148.48MB/995.00MB Free USB : USB name...
  • Page 29: Using And Sorting Photo List

    Using the Remote Control Button in Media Play Menu ❑ Button Operations ▲/▼/◄/► Move the cursor and select an item. Select the currently selected item. ENTER Play or pause the files while playing the slide show or music files. Play or pause the Slide Show or Music file. Return to the previous menu.
  • Page 30: Viewing A Photo Or Slide Show

    Viewing a Photo or Slide Show Viewing a Slide Show ❑ 1. Press the ◄ or ► button to select the desired photo in the Photo list. Normal 3648x2432 2008/3/15 SNv11114.JPG . Press the TOOLS button. 3. Press the ▲ or ▼ button to select Slide Show, then press the ENTER button.
  • Page 31: Using And Sorting The Music List

    Using and Sorting the Music List You can sort music files in the Music List by a particular standard. 1. Press the MEDIA.P button on the remote control to display the Media Play menu. . Press the ◄ or ► button to select Music, then press the ENTER button.
  • Page 32: Playing A Music

    Playing a Music Playing a music file ❑ 1. Pressing the ◄ or ► button to select a music file to be played. 00:00:02 / 00:04:55 . Press the (Play)/ENTER button. Geek In The Pink When I Dream Heaven This menu only shows files with the MP3 file extension. Files with other file extensions are not displayed, even if they are saved on the same USB device.
  • Page 33: Picture / Music Settings Using Media Play

    Picture / Music Settings Using Media Play When watching a SlideShow or listening to music using Media Play, you can set the picture and sound. Picture Setting ❑ Picture Setting 1. Press the TOOLS button during a Slide Show or while music is playing. Picture Mode ◄...
  • Page 34: About Anynet

    Anynet + is a function that enables you to control all connected Samsung devices that support Anynet + with your Samsung TV’s remote. The Anynet + system can be used only with Samsung devices that have the Anynet + feature. To be sure your Samsung device has this feature, check if there is an Anynet + logo on it.
  • Page 35: Setting Up Anynet

    Setting Up Anynet+ The following settings help set the Anynet+ functions. Media Play (USB) Press the TOOLS button to display Tools menu. Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) You can also display Anynet+ menu by selecting Tools → Anynet+(HDMI-CEC). ► Setup ❑ Anynet+(HDMI-CEC) → Off / On ...
  • Page 36: Recording

    The Anynet+ functions do not operate with other manufacturers’ products. operations may differ depending on the device. Recording You can make a recording of a TV programme using a Samsung recorder. 1. Press the TOOLS button. Press the ENTER E button to select Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC).
  • Page 37: Listening Through A Receiver (Home Theater)

    Listening through a Receiver (Home theater) You can listen to sound through a receiver instead of the TV speaker. 1. Press the TOOLS button. Press the ENTER E button to select Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC). View TV . Press the ▲ or ▼ button to select Receiver. Press the ◄ or ► button to select On or Off. Device List Record DVDR...
  • Page 38: Recommendations For Use

    Recommendations for Use Teletext Feature Most television stations provide written information services via Teletext. The index page of the teletext service gives you information on how to use the service. In addition, you can select various options to suit your requirements by using the remote control buttons. For teletext information to be displayed correctly, channel reception must be stable.
  • Page 39: Wall Mount Kit Specifications (Vesa)

    Do not use fasten the screws too strongly, this may damage the product or cause the product to fall, leading to personal injury. Samsung is not liable for these kinds of accidents. Samsung is not liable for product damage or personal injury when a non-VESA or non-specified wall mount is used or the consumer fails to follow the product installation instructions.
  • Page 40: Preparing Before Installing Wall- Mount On The Wall

    1. Install Wall Mount with the torque range of 15kgf·cm or less. Make sure that parts can be damaged if the torque is out of the specified range. . Accessory Kit contains Holder–Ring [②] for installing other company’s Wall-Mount on Samsung TV. (Case B) Screw down the hole [①] when installing wall-mount on the wall.
  • Page 41: Securing The Tv To The Wall

    Install the product so the required distances shown in the figure are kept. When using a stand or wall-mount, use parts provided by Samsung Electronics only. If you use parts provided by another manufacturer, it may result in a problem with the product or an injury due to the product falling.
  • Page 42: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Before contacting the Samsung after-sales service, perform the following simple checks. If you cannot solve the problem using the instructions below, note the model and serial number of the television and contact your local dealer. No sound or picture •...
  • Page 43: Specifications

    Specifications The descriptions and characteristics in this booklet are given for information purposes only and are subject to modification without notice. Model Name PS50B550 PS5B550 Screen Size (Diagonal) 50 inch 58 inch PC Resolution (Optimum) 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz Sound (Output) 10 W x 2...
  • Page 44 Contact SAMSUNG WORLDWIDE If you have any questions or comments relating to Samsung products, please contact the SAMSUNG customer care centre. Country Web Site Customer Care Centre  AUSTRALIA 1300 362 603 800-810-5858 400-810-5858 CHINA 010-6475 1880 HONG KONG : 3698-4698

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