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Samsung Color television Owner's Instructions Manual

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Connecting to the DVD input
The Component/RCA 5 (AUDIO-L and R) connectors are used
for equipment with a DVD output.



Summary of Contents for Samsung Color television

  • Page 1 Connecting to the DVD input The Component/RCA 5 (AUDIO-L and R) connectors are used for equipment with a DVD output. AA68-03487C-00...
  • Page 4: Turbo Store

    Turbo Store Turbo Store Using Turbo search you can store all the channels found in your country in much less time compared to auto store. Turbo Store The channels are stored in the order in which they appear in the frequency bands. It is possible that the automatically allocated numbers may not correspond to those by which you wish to identify the channels.
  • Page 5: Activating / Deactivating The Digital Noise Reduction Feature

    Activating / Deactivating the digital Noise Reduction Feature Sleep Digital Nr :Off/On Size :Normal DNIe Jr : Off Reminder If the broadcast signal received by your television is weak, you can activate the Digital Noise Reduction feature to reduce any picture disturbance and ghosting that may appear on the screen.
  • Page 6 Stereo Effect Stereo effect Equalizer Stereo Effect Natural Effect Surround, Stereo or Natural Equalizer Stereo Effect Natural Equalizer Bass Treble Equalizer Equalizer Stereo Effect Natural...
  • Page 7 . If the player due happens to fall on the Question box then the player looses or gains steps (Number of steps lost or gained is decided randomly during game play). CH.SCAN...
  • Page 8 Digital Nr Normal / Zoom / 16:9 DNIe Jr Equalizer Stereo Effect Natural/ Surround/ Stereo Turbo Store Sleep Reminder...