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  • Page 1: User Manual

    Freezer user manual English imagine the possibilities Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product. To receive more complete service, please register your product at Free Standing Appliance...

  • Page 2

    Your Samsung Freezer comes equipped with various innovative storage and energy-efficient features. • Alone or together, whichever way you want You can put the freezer together with Samsung Twin refrigerator to use it just like a Side by Side refrigerator or use the freezer alone. • Power Freeze Speed up the freezing process with the Power Freeze function.

  • Page 3: Safety Information

    • Because these following operating instructions cover various models, the characteristics of your freezer may differ slightly from those described in this manual. Important safety symbols and precautions: Hazards or unsafe practices that may result in severe personal injury or death.

  • Page 4

    SEVERE WARNiNg SigNS FOR iNSTALLATiON WARNING • Do not install the freezer in a damp place or place where it may come in contact with water. - Deteriorated insulation of electrical parts may cause an electric shock or fire.

  • Page 5

    - If spilled, there is a risk of fire or electric shock. • Do not let children hang on the door. If not, a serious injury may occur. • Do not let children enter inside of the freezer. There is a risk of children entrapment.

  • Page 6

    • If you have a long vacation planned or the freezer is not to be used for a long period of time, you must empty the freezer and pull out the power plug.

  • Page 7

    • Please observe maximum storage times and expiry dates of frozen goods. • There is no need to disconnect the freezer from the power supply if you will be away for less than three weeks. But, Remove all the food if you are going away for the three weeks or more.

  • Page 8

    - But Should the power failure last more than 24 hours, remove all frozen food. • If the key is provided with freezer, the keys should be kept out of the reach of children and not in vicinity of the appliance.

  • Page 9: Table Of Contents

    SETTiNg UP YOUR getting ready to install the freezer Reversing the freezer door FREEZER Leveling the freezer Setting up the freezer OPERATiNg YOUR Checking the control panel Using the control panel FREEZER Storing food Using the fresher box (option)

  • Page 10: Setting Up Your Freezer

    • Please dispose of the packaging material for this product in an environmentally friendly manner. Pull the power plug out of the socket before changing the interior light of the freezer. - Otherwise, there is a risk of electric shock.

  • Page 11

    REVERSiNg THE FREEZER DOOR Before you reverse the freezer door, make sure to unplug the freezer. If this operation is performed by After sales service, it is not covered as the WARNING warranty service. Required Tools (Not provided) 10mm 4mm Hex...

  • Page 12

    REVERSiNg THE FREEZER DOOR 4. Remove the door from the lower hinge by carefully lifting the door straight up. Freezer door is heavy, be careful not to injure yourself when removing the freezer door. CAUTION 5. Separate the front leg cover after removing 2 screws.

  • Page 13

    10mm 10mm 9. Remove the screws on the bottom right and left side of the freezer door. Switch the side of the door stopper from left to the right. Hinge riser should be switched as well.

  • Page 14

    12. Use wrench to separate the hinge shaft and then flip the hinge and reattach the hinge shaft. 13. Reassemble the hinge on the freezer door by reversing the step 11. Make sure to use right side hinge cover (which can be found underneath the removed plastic cover from step 2) and remove the grommet.

  • Page 15

    16. Switch the hinge cap and attach the front leg cover. Carefully put the freezer door back on. Hinge cap 17. Tighten the 3 bolts and then connect the wires back together. Make sure your freezer is unplugged before handling electrical wires. WARNING 18. Connect the wire on the plastic cover and put the cover back to its original...

  • Page 16: Leveling The Freezer

    LEVELiNg THE FREEZER If the front of the appliance is slightly higher than the rear, the door can be opened and closed more easily. Turn the adjusting legs clockwise to raise and counter-clockwise to lower the height.

  • Page 17: Setting Up The Freezer

    SETTiNg UP THE FREEZER Now that you have your new freezer installed and in place, you are ready to set up and enjoy the full features and functions of the appliance. By completing the following steps, your freezer should be fully operational.

  • Page 18: Operating Your Freezer

    (by leaving the freezer door open, etc.) or making ice. The alarm will alert you if the freezer door is kept open for ALARm longer than 2 minutes. To cancel the alarm, press the Alarm button again.

  • Page 19

    When you use this function, the energy consumption will increase. This function must be activated before putting large amount of food stuff in the freezer compartment at least 24 hours before. To deactivate the Power Freeze function, press the Power Freeze button again.

  • Page 20: Storing Food

    STORiNg FOOD The Samsung Freezer has been designed to provide you with maximum space saving features and functions. Here are some of the customized compartments we have created to keep your food fresher, longer. Remember, in order to prevent odor penetration to the ice, stored food should be wrapped securely and as airtight as possible.

  • Page 21: Using The Fresher Box (option)

    SOFT FROST Can be used for small packages of frozen food. DOOR gUARD Do not store glass bottles in the freezer. CAUTION USiNg THE FRESHER BOX (OPTiON) You can use the Fresher box to store foods or beverages that needs to be frozen or stored freshly.

  • Page 22: Making Ice

    Ice tray may look different depending on models. making ice cubes 1. Remove the ice cube tray by pulling it towards you. water 2. Fill the tray with water up to the maximum level water level marked on the tray.

  • Page 23: Removing The Interior Parts

    REmOViNg THE iNTERiOR PARTS Some of the features can be different and may not be available depending on the model. Top shelf cover 1. Push the right side of cover inward until you can get the projection on the left side out.

  • Page 24: Maintaining Your Freezer

    CLEANiNg THE FREEZER Caring for your Samsung Freezer prolongs the life of the product and helps keep it from odor and germs. Cleaning the interior Clean the inside walls and interior parts with a mild detergent and then wipe it with dry soft cloth.

  • Page 25

    Wipe dry with a clean, soft cloth. • Do not spray the freezer with water while it is plugged in, as it may cause an electric shock. Do not clean the freezer with benzene, thinner or car detergent CAUTION for risk of fire.

  • Page 26

    • This is the refrigerant, which cools the inside of the appliance. bubbling in the appliance. • Is there any spoiled food inside of the freezer? There is a bad smell inside the appliance. • Make sure that strong smelling food (for example, fish) is wrapped so that it is airtight.

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  • Page 28

    This product and its electronic accessories should not be mixed with other commercial wastes for disposal. Contact SAMSUNG WORLD WIDE If you have any questions or comments relating to Samsung products, please contact the SAMSUNG customer care center. COUNTRY...

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