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Samsung RB2044SL Service Manual

Bottom-mounted freezer.
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SAMSUNG Home Appliance Service
Bottom-Mounted Freezer



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  • Page 1

    SAMSUNG Home Appliance Service Model: Bottom-Mounted Freezer RB2044SL SAM0053...

  • Page 2

    SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS AMERICA, INC. Technical Service Guide Copyright ⓒ2004 All rights reserved. This service guide may not be reproduced in whole or in part in any form without written permission from the SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS Company.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1. Installation ······································ 2. Nomenclature ···································· 3. Product Specifications ······························· 4. Electrical part specifications & standard ····················· 5. Warranty information ································ 6. Interior Views and Dimensions ··························· 7. Refrigeration Cycle and Cool Air Circulation Route ··············· 8. Mechanical Disassembly ······························...

  • Page 4: Installation

    1. INSTALLATION 1) To protect refrigerator in movement Use padded hand truck from side only. 2) Remove all protective tape and pad from the refrigerators. Connect power cord. Adjust the clearance between the doors. 3) Temperature controls ard preset in the factory for recommended settings.

  • Page 5: Product Specifications

    3. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Model RB1844SW RB1844SL RB2044SW RB2044SL Type BMF 2 Door Temperature control Electronic control Total 18.7 18.7 20.4 20.4 Net Capacity Freezer Refrigerator 12.8 12.8 13.9 13.9 Net dimension 32.3 28.3 69.9 32.3 30.3 69.9 Cabinet insulation CYCLO-PENTANE...

  • Page 6

    ELECTRICAL PART SPECIFICATIONS & STANDARD ITEM STANDARD Type Temperature Selection ON(℉) OFF(℉) –14℉ –12.0℉ –16.0℉ Freezer F-Sensor –2℉ 0℉ –4℉ 8℉ 10℉ 6℉ Type Temperature Selection ON(℉) OFF(℉) 34℉ 36℉ 32℉ Refrigerator R-Sensor 40℉ 42℉ 38℉ 46℉ 48℉ 44℉ First Defrost Cycle 4hr ±10min (Concurrent Defrost of F and R) Defrosting...

  • Page 7: Warranty Information


  • Page 8: Interior Views And Dimensions

    6. Interior Views and Dimensions 6-1) Shelves and Bins • Deli drawer • Door Bin Pull it out to disassemble. Push it up and slide it out to disassemble. Light • • • • Gallon Bin • Glass Shelf • Pull it out until its stop Tilt down and slide it out.

  • Page 9

    Interior Views and Dimensions 6-2) Dimensions of Refrigerator (Inches) MODEL RB1844 24.3 28.3 57.8 RB2044 26.3 30.3 59.8...

  • Page 10: Refrigeration Cycle And Cool Air Circulation Route

    7. Refrigeration Cycle and Cool Air Circulation Route 7-1) Refrigerant Route in Refrigeration cycle Compressor → Sub condenser → Cluster pipe → Hot pipe → Dryer → Capillary tube → R-Evaporator → F-Evaporator → Accumulator → Suction pipe → Compressor...

  • Page 11

    Refrigeration Cycle and Cool Air Circulation Route 7-2) Cool Air Circulation...

  • Page 12: Mechanical Disassembly

    8. Mechanical Disassembly Refrigerator Disassembly Control Panel ········································ Refrigerator Light ······································ Freezer Light ········································ Evaporator Cover in the Refrigerator ·························· Evaporator Cover in the Freezer ····························· Evaporator in the Freezer ································· Evaporator in the Refrigerator ······························ Machine Compartment & Electric Box ··························...

  • Page 13: Control Panel

    Mechanical Disassembly Control Panel 1. Remove the screws. 2. Pull out the control panel. 3. Disconnect the wire connector.

  • Page 14: Refrigerator Light

    Mechanical Disassembly Always unplug the power cord before replacing the refrigerator lamp. There is the danger of electric shock. Warning Refrigerator Light Freezer Light 1. Remove the cover by pressing the bottom tab. 1. Remove the screw. 2. Remove the lamp cover by unlocking the tabs and pulling the cover down.

  • Page 15: Evaporator Cover In The Refrigerator

    Mechanical Disassembly Evaporator Cover in the Refrigerator 6. Disconnect the wire connector. 1. Remove all shelves and drawers from the refrigerator. 2. Pull out the screw caps with a small flat-blade screwdriver. 3. Remove 6 Phillps screws from the cover. ■Ductwork of the evaporator fan assembly.

  • Page 16: Evaporator Cover In The Freezer

    Mechanical Disassembly Evaporator Cover in Freezer 5. Disconnect wire connector from the top-left 1. Remove all drawers from the freezer. corner. 2. Remove screws (2) from the support rail. 6. Remove 2 screws from the rear cover of the freezer evaporator and unlock the tabs to remove it.

  • Page 17: Evaporator In The Freezer

    Mechanical Disassembly Evaporator in Refrigerator Evaporator in Freezer Evaporator is located in the bottom of refrigerator. Evaporator is located in the bottom of freezer to 1. Take off the ductwork in refrigerator. produce cold air driven across the evaporator 2. Disconnect the wire connector.(Heater and coils.

  • Page 18: Machine Compartment & Electric Box

    Mechanical Disassembly Machine Compartment & & Electric Box 3. Mechine compartment assembly Make sure the power cord is unplugged before replacing any electric components. Warning 1. Unplug the power cord. 4. Disassemble the electric box cover after removing the screws with a Phillips screwdriver. 2.

  • Page 19: Operation Function

    9. Operation Function 9-1) Digital Panel ··································· 9-2) Temperature Control Function ························· 9-3) Power Freeze and Power cool Functions ·················· 9-4) Sound Function ································· 9-5) Defrost Function ································· 9-6) Forced Operation Function ··························· 9-7) Power failure compensating Function ···················· 9-8) Exhibition Function ·······························...

  • Page 20: 9-1) Digital Panel

    Operation Function 9-1) Digital Panel 9-2) Temperature Control Function When the system power is initally engaged, the default set temperature are -2℉ for the freezer and 38℉ for the set refrigerator, respectively. The numbers shown on the digital display panel stand for the actual compartments temperatures.

  • Page 21: 9-4) Sound Function

    Operation Function 3) When you select Power Freeze and Power Cool together Each function works at the same time. The COMP and F-FAN run continuously and the R-FAN runs until 25℉ in the refrigerator. 4) Initial Power-On 4-1) When the freezer and the refrigerator temperatures are higher than 14℉ and 50℉, respectively, if Power Freeze is selected, then the R-FAN will be off.

  • Page 22: 9-6) Forced Operation Function

    Operation Function 9-6) Forced Operation function (Power cool key + Refrigerator. Temp 8sec.) This function enables a pull-down mode, a defrost mode for the refrigerator only, a defrost ● mode rigerator at the same time, and a cancellation of this function. Press Power Freeze and Refrigerator Temp.

  • Page 23: 9-7) Power Failure Compensating Function

    Operation Function 9-7) Power failure compensating function 1) When the freezer temperature is lower than 50℉, all functions on the display panel will be restored. 2) When the freezer temperature is higher than 50℉, all functions will be initialized. (2℉ for the freezer, 38℉ for the refrigerator, and Cubed for the Ice Type) 9-8) Exhibition Function This function is for a display purpose on the floor of show room or store.

  • Page 24: 9-10) Component Load Operation Function

    Operation Function Table 1. Display table of self diagnosis. Item LED Display Details Remarks REFRIGERATOR -58℉ •Suspected to be below • Connector contact failure R-sensor 150℉ • Short-circuit •Suspected to be over R-defroster REFRIGERATOR -58℉ • Connector contact failure •Suspected to be below sensor •...

  • Page 25: 9-11) C-fan Motor Delay Function

    Operation Function FREEZER:10digit FREEZER: 1digit REFRIGERATOR:10digit REFRIGERATOR: 1digit Table 2. Display table of the presently operating parts. Content Display LED Operation Remark R-fan Include R-fan activation a : REFRIGERATOR 1 digit R-defrost heater Defrost heater activation c : REFRIGERATOR 1 digit Initial start mode Initial power is activated ON d : REFRIGERATOR 1 digit...

  • Page 26: Circuit Descriptions

    10. Circuit Descriptions 10-1) Source Power Circuit ································ 10-2) Oscillator Circuit ··································· 10-3) Reset Circuit ····································· 10-4) Door S/W Sensing Circuit ······························ 10-5) Temperature Sensing Circuit ···························· 10-6) Key Scan and Display Circuit ···························· 10-7) Load Drive Circuit ·································· 10-8) Option Circuit ·····································...

  • Page 27: 10-1) Source Power Circuit

    Circuit Descriptions 10-1) Source Power Circuit Circuit used Voltage Relay Operation & LED Display (DC 12V) Power around MICOM & Sensor Detector Vcc (DC 5V) 1) The input AC voltage drops to AC 8 volts on the transformer secondary side between ①~③ at CN 10.

  • Page 28: 10-3)reset Circuit

    Circuit Descriptions 10-3)Reset Circuit When the power is supplied to MICOM, the reset circuit initializes RAM and other sectors of MICOM. A reset voltage maintains “low” for hundreds of µsec comparing to MICOM Vcc voltage when the power is in. It also maintains “high”(5V) during normal operation.

  • Page 29: 10-5) Temperature Sensing Circuit

    Circuit Descriptions 10-5) Temperature Sensing Circuit ( Air Sensor) When Sensor is open When sensor is cut off MICOM input “HIGH” MICOM input “LOW” 1) The sensor uses the characteristics of thermistor. If temperature goes higher, resistance goes lower. On the contrary, if temperature goes lower, resistance goes higher. 2) A MICOM input voltage is calculated by sensor as follows.

  • Page 30: 10-6) Key Scan And Display Circuit

    Circuit Descriptions 10-6) Key Scan and Display Circuit If the IC04 decorder(KID65783AD) receives signals from MLCOM pins(34-6), an output signal per 2 miliseconds comes out from Grid#1-#7. A step DC12 volt peak will be generated periodically as follows:...

  • Page 31: 10-7) Load Drive Circuit

    Circuit Descriptions 10-7) Load Drive Circuit 1) Most of relays can control the compressor, heaters and several option functions. 2) For the compressor, #12 pin of MICOM signals HIGH(5V). This signal enters to #2 of IC03 and #15 of output terminal will be on and grounded. When the rely RY71 is switched to NO terminal a 115V power is supplied to the compressor.

  • Page 32: 10-8) Option Circuit

    Circuit Descriptions 10-8) Option Circuit Temperature and function values can be abjustable by using main PCB switching diode. : the values have been preset in factory. If is recommended not to change the value arbitrarily. • Note When the option function is modified, a power should be turned off and on, again. 1) Freezer Temperature Shift 2) Refrigerator Temperature Shift (Unit ˚F)

  • Page 33

    Circuit Descriptions...

  • Page 34: Diagnostics

    11. Diagnostics 11-1) If power is not ON Caution! To check the main PCB, please apply descriptions of At the power of main PCB, the 115V power and a high- operation and references in voltage over DC 170V occur. Special care should be the manual.

  • Page 35

    Diagnostics 11-2) If there is a trouble with self-diagnosis 1) If the ambient sensor has trouble. 2) If the temperature sensor of the refrigerator has trouble.

  • Page 36

    Diagnostics 3) If the defrost sensor of the refrigerator has trouble. 4) If the temperature sensor of the freezer has trouble.

  • Page 37

    Diagnostics 5) If the defrost sensor of the freezer has trouble.

  • Page 38

    Diagnostics 11-3) If the compressor is not working properly Pre-check 1. A compressor does not operate within 5 minutes after compressor is OFF. 2. A compressor does not run during defrost period 3. A compressor does not run because a low temperature is detected if freezer and the refrigerator sensor are not connected.

  • Page 39

    Diagnostics 11-4) If cooling fan doesn’t work Pre-check Select a pull-down mode from the forced operation function 1. When COMP is OFF both freezer and the refrigerator cooling fans and COMP cooling fan remain OFF. 2 . When COMP is ON, the refrigerator fan is not always ON and when the refrigerator temperature reached a set temperature, the fan goes OFF.

  • Page 40

    Diagnostics 11-5) If the refrigerator fan doesn’t work...

  • Page 41

    Diagnostics 11-6) If the compressor cooling fan motor doesn’t work...

  • Page 42

    Diagnostics 11-7) No defrosting Pre-check 1. Although both F R-defrost sensors have short-circuit, a normal operation continues without a defrost cycle (Refer to self - diagnostics function) 2. When the temperature fuse is open, there is no heating and a defrost occurs naturally by the compartment temperature increase and eventually, it will cause a blinking of temperature.

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  • Page 44

    Diagnostics 11-8) Alarm continuously Pre-check 1. Alarm begins after 2 minutes when the door is open and runs in every 2 minutes. 2. If the door is not closed properly, MICOM will indicate that the door is open, and alarm continues.

  • Page 45

    Diagnostics 2) If beep sounds continuously 3) When the digital panel PCB does not light...

  • Page 46

    Diagnostics 4) When a button of the digital panel is not selected...

  • Page 47

    Diagnostics Pre-check 1. Is the power cord connected to a wall outlet correctly? 2. Be careful of high-voltage, high-frequency discharge from the electronic ballast. 5) If the lamp of refrigerator fails to light...

  • Page 48: Safety Instruction On Services

    13. Safety Instructions on Service ●Unplug the refrigerator before making any repair or any replacement. Avoid the electric shock. ●Use the rated components on the replacement. Check the correct model number, rated voltage, rated current, operating temperature and so ●On repair, be sure that the wires such as harness are bundled tightly and are not exposed by water.

  • Page 49: Appendix I Ⅱ(circuit Diagram)

    11. PCB Circuit Diagram...

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