Quadra-Fire CB1200-B Owner's Manual

Hearth & home technologies classic bay 1200 pellet stove owner's manual installation and operation.
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• Important operating and
maintenance instruc-
tions included.
Please read this entire manual
before installation and use of this
pellet fuel-burning room heater.
Failure to follow these instructions
could result in property damage,
bodily injury or even death.
Do not store or use gasoline or other flam-
mable vapors and liquids in the vicinity of this
or any other appliance.
• Do not overfire - If any external part starts to
glow, you are overfiring. Reduce feed rate.
Overfiring will void your warranty.
• Comply with all minimum clearances to com-
bustibles as specified. Failure to comply may
cause house fire.
Tested and approved for wood pellets and shelled
field corn fuel only. Burning of any other type of fuel
voids your warranty.
Owner's Manual
Read, understand and
follow these instruc-
tions for safe installa-
tion and operation.
Leave this manual with
party responsible for use
and operation.
Hot glass will cause burns.
Do not touch glass until it is cooled
NEVER allow children to touch glass
Keep children away
CAREFULLY SUPERVISE children in same room as
Alert children and adults to hazards of high
High temperatures may ignite clothing or other
flammable materials.
Keep clothing, furniture, draperies and other flammable
materials away.
Check building codes prior to installation.
• Installation MUST comply with local, regional, state and national
codes and regulations.
• Consult local building, fire officials or authorities having jurisdic-
tion about restrictions, installation inspection, and permits.
Tested and
Listed by
OMNI-Test Laboratories, Inc.
Glass and other surfaces are
hot during operation AND
cool down.
September 1, 2008
Oregon USA

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   Summary of Contents for Quadra-Fire CB1200-B

  • Page 1: Installation And Operation

    Tested and approved for wood pellets and shelled field corn fuel only. Burning of any other type of fuel voids your warranty. www.quadrafire.com Owner’s Manual Installation and Operation Model: CB1200-B NOTICE DO NOT DISCARD THIS MANUAL Read, understand and • follow these instruc- tions for safe installa- tion and operation.

  • Page 2

    DANGER: Risk of electrical shock. Disconnect power supply before servicing. Replace glass only with 5mm ceramic available from your dealer. To start, set thermostat above room temperature, the stove will light automatically. To shutdown, set thermostat to below room temperature. For further instruction refer to owner's manual.Keep viewing and ash removal doors tightly closed during operation.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    B. Component Locations (Drawings) ...37 C. Exploded Drawings ...38-40 D. Service Parts & Accessories...41-43 E. Service & Maintenance Log ...44 F. Homeowner’s Notes ...45 G. Warranty Policy ...46-47 H. Contact Information ...48 7014-082D CB 1200 Pellet Stove ...25-27 Page 3...

  • Page 4: A. Appliance Certifications, B. Mobile Home Approved, C. Glass Specifications, D. Electrical Rating

    Shipping Weight 349 lbs *BTU output will vary, depending on the brand of fuel you use in your stove. Consult your Quadra-Fire dealer for best results. NOTE: Hearth & Home Technologies, manufacturer of this appliance, reserves the right to alter its products, their specifications and/or price without notice.

  • Page 5: A. Design, Installation & Location Considerations, B. Fire Safety

    Evacuate the house immediately. Notify the fire department WARNING Fire Hazard. • Do not operate appliance before reading and understanding operating instructions. • Failure to operate appliance properly may cause a house fire. 7014-082D CB 1200 Pellet Stove Page 5...

  • Page 6: C. Tools & Supplies Needed, D. Inspect Appliance & Components

    CB 1200 Pellet Stove C. Tools And Supplies Needed Tools and building supplies normally required for installation, unless installing into an existing masonry fireplace: Reciprocating Saw Safety Glasses Channel Locks Framing Square Hammer Electric Drill & Bits (1/4”) Phillips Screwdriver 1/4”...

  • Page 7: A. Appliance Dimensions

    5.0 in (127mm) 25-3/4 in. (654mm) Figure 7.2 - Top View with Top Vent Adapter 8-1/16 in. (205mm) Figure 7.4 - Front View 7014-082D CB 1200 Pellet Stove 12-3/8 in (314mm) 14-1/4 in (362mm) 2-1/2 in (64mm) 28-1/2 in. (724mm) 31-5/8 in.

  • Page 8: B. Clearances To Combustibles

    CB 1200 Pellet Stove B. Clearances to Combustibles (UL and ULC) Straight Back Against Inches Wall Back Wall to Appliance Side Wall to Appliance Corner Installation Inches Walls to Appliance Installations with: 3 to 3 inch Top Vent Adapter and...

  • Page 9

    flue pipe is required with horizontal venting or under the top vent adapter with vertical installation. Must extend 2 inches (51mm) beyond each side of pipe (shaded area) Figure 9.2 September 1, 2008 Inches Millimeters 7014-082D CB 1200 Pellet Stove Page 9...

  • Page 10: A. Chimney & Exhaust Connection, B. Venting Termination Requirements

    CB 1200 Pellet Stove Vent Information A. Chimney and Exhaust Connection Chimney & Connector: Use 3 or 4 inch (76-102mm) diameter type "L" or "PL" venting system. It can be vented vertically or horizontally. 2. Mobile Home: Approved for all Listed pellet vent. If...

  • Page 11: C. Equivalent Feet Of Pipe, D. Pipe Selection Chart

    Example 2: If the equivalent length of pipe is 12 feet with altitude of 6,000 feet you may use 3 or 4 inch (76 to 102mm) diameter type “L” or “PL” vent 7014-082D CB 1200 Pellet Stove WARNING Multipled Equivalent...

  • Page 12: A. Alcove

    CB 1200 Pellet Stove Venting Systems A. Alcove Figure 12.1 not shown All minimums listed are to a combustible surface. Page 12 Alcove Installation Minimum Alcove Height Minimum Alcove Width Maximum Alcove Depth Minimum Alcove Side Wall Top of Unit to Combustibles NOTE: •...

  • Page 13: B. Through The Wall

    CAN/CSA-B365 2 in. (51mm) Minimum Non-combustible Hearth Pad 12 in. (305mm) Minimum Wall Thimble 2 in. (51mm) Minimum 7014-082D CB 1200 Pellet Stove Horizontal Wall Termination Thimble 12 in. (305mm) Minimum 2 in. (51mm) Minimum Page 13...

  • Page 14: C. Vertical, D. Through The Wall & Vertical

    CB 1200 Pellet Stove C. Vertical Flashing Firestop Ceiling Support 6 in. (152mm) Min. Non-combustible Hearth Pad Figure 14.1 D. Through The Wall & Vertical Page 14 Rain Cap 24 in. (610mm) minimum Class A Chimney Connector Adapter 3 in. (76mm) Min.

  • Page 15: E. Masonry, F. Alternate Masonry

    Non-Combustible Hearth Pad Concrete Cap 1 in. (25mm) Clearance with Firestop 6 in. (152mm) Minimum Non-Combustible Hearth Pad 7014-082D CB 1200 Pellet Stove Fireclay Flue Liner with Airspace Flashing 1 in. (25mm) Clearance 3 in. (76mm) Minimum Sheathing Cleanout Cover...

  • Page 16: Section 6: Mobile Home

    CB 1200 Pellet Stove Mobile Home A. Mobile Home Installation You must use a Quadra-Fire Outside Air Kit for installation in a mobile home. An outside air inlet must be provided for the combustion air and must remain clear of leaves, debris, ice and/or snow.

  • Page 17

    Place rope under pedestal to close off air leaks. Screen Seal Pedestal with 26 in. Rope Figure 17.3 Termination Cap Assembly Hose Clamp Trim Ring Figure 17.4 7014-082D CB 1200 Pellet Stove Install Cover Plate Flex Hose Hose Clamp Collar Assembly Page 17...

  • Page 18: B. Top Vent Adapter

    To clean the top vent adapter, open the clean-out cover. See Figure 18.1 3" - 6" Drill holes in back of Offset stove and secure with 4 Adapter screws, 2 on each side. 3" - 3" Top Vent Adapter Figure 18.1...

  • Page 19: E. Brick Clip

    Push back on the sides so they will keep the rear bricks in place. Repeat for opposite side. Figure 19.4 Figure 19.5 7014-082D CB 1200 Pellet Stove WARNING Risk of Injury. • Brick may have small wires protruding from the back of brick.

  • Page 20

    2. Lift top up and place shipping box in vertically. 3. Place 1 flap of the box lid into opening for stability. 4. Align the 3 holes in the stove with the holes in the grille. 5. Use a Phillips screwdriver to secure in place.

  • Page 21: I. Door Installation, J . Thermostat Installation

    There is a 4 screw terminal block located on the back lower left corner of the stove directly above the power cord inlet. The center 2 screws are for the thermostat wires.

  • Page 22: A. Fuel Size & Material

    CB 1200 Pellet Stove Operating Instructions A. Fuel Size And Material 1. Wood Pellets Fuel pellets are made from sawdust or wood by-products. If the source material is hardwood, they can have a higher mineral content, creating more ash. Fuels containing bark will also have higher ash content.

  • Page 23: C. Before Your First Fire, D. Starting Your First Fire, E. Fire Characteristics

    flame height or towards the "-" symbol, to decrease the feed rate and flame height. 3. Re-tighten the thumb screw. Fuel Adjustment Thumb Screw Figure 23.1 7014-082D CB 1200 Pellet Stove Set Screw Page 23...

  • Page 24: G. Ignition Cycles, H. Frequently Asked Questions

    CB 1200 Pellet Stove G. Ignition Cycles 1. During each ignition cycle, it is normal to see some smoke in the firebox. The smoke will stop once the fire starts. 2. The convection blower will automatically turn on after your appliance has reached the set temperature on the “high”...

  • Page 25: Troubleshooting

    firepot. Clinkers may have to pushed out of firepot with firepot scraper tool or other means. Reduce feed rate using feed rate adjust- ment control rod located inside hopper. 7014-082D CB 1200 Pellet Stove Corrective Action Page 25...

  • Page 26

    CB 1200 Pellet Stove Symptom Slow or smoky start-up Dirty exhaust and/or venting system. (Cont’d) Feed system fails to Out of fuel. start. #2 snap disc may be defective. Vacuum switch not closing. No vacuum. Feed system jammed or blocked.

  • Page 27

    See page 31 for detailed instructions for “High Ash Fuel Content Management” Check connections on thermocouple or replace if defective. A flashing yellow light on the control box indicates a problem with the thermocouple. Replace control box. 7014-082D CB 1200 Pellet Stove Corrective Action Page 27...

  • Page 28: B. Quick Reference Maintenance Chart

    CB 1200 Pellet Stove Maintaining & Servicing Your Appliance A. Proper Shutdown Procedure CAUTION Shock and Smoke Hazard • Turn down thermostat, let appliance completely cool and exhaust blower must be off. Now you can unplug appliance before servicing. • Smoke spillage into room can occur if appliance is not cool before unplugging.

  • Page 29

    To clean, pull the rods straight out until it stops, approximately 20 inches (508mm). Slide the rods OUT and IN a couple of times. 7014-082D CB 1200 Pellet Stove Page 29...

  • Page 30

    CB 1200 Pellet Stove 7. Cleaning Beneath Heat Exchanger • Frequency: Monthly or after burning 1 ton of fuel • By: Homeowner a. Be sure the appliance is allowed to cool, has been unplugged and the exhaust blower is off b.

  • Page 31

    Paint all exposed steel, including cast-iron. • Use the Touch-Up paint supplied with the appliance; • Purchase paint from your local dealer. • Must use a high-temperature paint made specifi- cially for heating appliances. 7014-082D CB 1200 Pellet Stove Page 31...

  • Page 32: D. High Ash Fuel Content Maintenance, E. Blower Replacement

    CB 1200 Pellet Stove D. High Ash Fuel Content Maintenance • Frequency: When the ash build-up exceeds more than half way up the firepot. • By: Homeowner Poor quality pellet fuel, or lack of maintenance, can create conditions that make the firepot fill quickly with ashes and clinkers.

  • Page 33: F. Baffle Removal, G. Igniter Replacement

    Use an 11/32" wrench or nut driver to loosen and remove the (6) nuts holding motor mount plate to the blower housing on your stove. c. Remove washer from beneath the terminal ring on the grounding wire.

  • Page 34: H. Glass Replacement

    CB 1200 Pellet Stove H. Glass Replacement WARNING • Glass is 5mm thick high temperature heat- resistant ceramic glass. • DO NOT REPLACE with any other material. • Alternate material may shatter and cause injury. • Remove door from appliance and place face down on a protected surface to avoid scratching the door.

  • Page 35: A. Component Functions & Locations, Component Function & Location

    THE APPLIANCE. 7. Heat Exchangers The heat exchangers transfer hot air from the exhaust system into convection air. Lift the stove top to access the heat ο F (93 ° C) in the firepot exchangers. There are 2 clean out rods located under the F (315 °...

  • Page 36

    CB 1200 Pellet Stove 16. Snap Disc #1 (Convection Blower) 145°F Snap disc #1 is located on the right side of the appliance on the top of the heat exchanger box. There are 2 purple wires connected to it. This snap disc turns the convection blower on and off as needed.

  • Page 37

    CB 1200 Pellet Stove B. Component Locations Cleaning Rods Heat Output Speed HIGH HIGH Reset Button Call Light Heat Exchanger Tubes Figure 37.3 Figure 37.1 Power Outlet Terminal Block. Center 2 screws for Convection Blower Thermostat Wires Figure 37.2 Figure 37.4...

  • Page 38

    CB 1200 Pellet Stove C. Exploded Views Glass Size Center: 13-7/8” wide x 11” high Glass Size Sides: 5-1/8” wide x 11” high Figure 38.1 - Door, Face, Glass & Door Latch Assembly Figure 38.2 - Firepot, Igniter & Thermocouple...

  • Page 39

    Brick, Right Rear, not sellable Brick, Left Rear, not sellable Brick, Left Side, not sellable Baffle, Right September 1, 2008 7014-082D CB 1200 Pellet Stove Description Baffle, Left Curtain Mount, Side, Left Curtain, Side, Left Curtain, Pedestal, Left Blower, Combustion (Exhaust)

  • Page 40

    CB 1200 Pellet Stove Figure 39.1 Description Exhaust Plenum Clean-Out Plate Snap Disc, #1, 145-40 degree Blower, Convection Convection Air Plenum, not sellable Snap Disc, #2, 200 degree Curtain Mount, Side, Right Exhaust Plenum Plate, not sellable Curtain, Pedestal, Right...

  • Page 41: D. Service Parts & Accessories

    Gasket, (Rope) Door, cut to size, 7-1/2 ft Gasket, Exhaust Blower Gasket, Firepot Glass Assembly, Center Glass Assembly, Left or Right, 1 pc September 1, 2008 Parts (Alphabetical Order) 7014-082D CB 1200 Pellet Stove Part No. 812-4050 510-5350 510-5360 812-3440 812-3370 812-3381...

  • Page 42

    CB 1200 Pellet Stove Item # Grille, Bar, Bottom Handle, Hopper Lid Heat Output Control Switch, (Rocker Switch), 3 position Heat Shield Extension, Top Hinge, Female, Door Hinge, Male, Door Hopper Lid Igniter, Loop (Heating Element), 6 inches Junction Box & Wire Harness...

  • Page 43

    Top Vent Offset Adapter Collar, 3 in x 6 in Classic Bay 1200 Freestanding Pellet Stove September 1, 2008 Accessories Appliance 7014-082D CB 1200 Pellet Stove Part No. 811-0601 811-0592 DR-CB12-BK DR-CB12-GD DR-CB12-NL LVGRL-CB12-NL LVGRL-CB12-GD LVGRL-CB12-MBK 811-0570 811-0872 811-0620 811-0610 811-0520 811-0580 812-3570 Part No. CB1200-B Page 43...

  • Page 44: E. Service & Maintenance Log

    CB 1200 Pellet Stove E. Service And Maintenance Log Date of Service Performed By Description of Service Page 44 7014-082D September 1, 2008...

  • Page 45: F. Homeowner's Notes

    CB 1200 Pellet Stove F. Homeowner’s Notes Page 45 September 1, 2008 7014-082D...

  • Page 46: G. Warranty Policy

    CB 1200 Pellet Stove G. Warranty Policy Hearth & Home Technologies LIMITED WARRANTY Hearth & Home Technologies (“HHT”) and its respective brands extends the following warranty for HHT gas, wood, pellet and electric appliances purchased from an authorized HHT dealer and installed in the United States of America or Canada.

  • Page 47

    If warranty service is needed, you should contact your installing dealer. If the installing dealer is unable to provide neces- sary parts or components, contact the nearest authorized HHT dealer or supplier. 4021-645A 09-01-08 September 1, 2008 7014-082D CB 1200 Pellet Stove Page 47...

  • Page 48

    For the number of your nearest Quadra-Fire dealer • Important operating and maintenance instruc- tions included. We recommend that you record the following pertinent information for your CB1200-I PELLET STOVE Date purchased/installed: Serial Number: Dealership purchased from: Notes: This product may be covered by one or more of the following patents: (United States) 4593510, 4686807, 4766876, 4793322, 4811534,...

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