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Use Of Your Appliance; The Control Panel; Programme Selector; Quick Wash Pushbutton - Zanussi TL 984 C1 Instruction Manual

Washing machine tl 984 c1
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Table of Contents

The control panel

Never turn the programme selector when the appliance is working.
1 2 3 4 5
1 ON/OFF pushbutton "
Press the ON/OFF pushbutton, the programme
starts : the control lamp lights on.
2 Control lamp
The control lamp lights on when the appliance is
working (on/off pushbutton " " pressed). It lights
off when the on/off pushbutton " " is pressed out.

3 Quick wash pushbutton "

This pushbutton allows to reduce the time of the
washing and rinsing phases for small loads of
laundry on cotton and synthetics programmes.
4 Spinning
pushbutton "900/600"
This pushbutton allows to reduce the spinning
speed from 900 to 600 rpm on all the washing
Thus, you can choose the spinning speed suiting
best to the nature of your laundry and to the degree
of humidity wished at the end of the wash.

5 Rinse hold pushbutton "

Press this button to leave the water in the drum
after the wash cycle is completed. This works on
all programmes. The clothes are left suspended in
water after the final rinse to prevent the formation
of creases.


TL 984 C

6 Programme selector

It enables to select the most adapted programme
to the nature and degreees of soil of your laundry.
Turn the programme selector clockwise to select
the chosen programme.
The programme selector indicates each pro-
gramme phase as it takes place.
At the end of the programme, the appliance stops
automatically on a position off "I" (rinse hold
pushbutton not selected).
Never turn the programme selector anticlockwise.

7 Temperature selector

It enables to choose the mosta adapted temperature
between cold ( ) and 95°C.
Choose the temperature which corresponds to the
chosen programme, with the help of the indica-
tions or the programme table, according to the
fibers and the fastness of the colours.


Table of Contents

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