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Should I unplug my subwoofer during lightning?
Yes, but try to unplug the sub and the rest of your equipment before the lightning is straight
above your house. Unplug the equipment physically from the AC-line. Switching it off or using
the stand-by mode does not protect at all against lightning.
Do I need a separate amplifier for my subwoofer?
Unless you buy 'passive' subwoofers: NO. Most subwoofers come with an inbuilt amplifier.
Those 'active' subwoofers only need a low level (rca) of high-level connection with existing
Do I need separate subwoofers for music and home theatre?
Basically, a really good subwoofer can provide optimal results for both applications. In daily
live, most people feel the need for a larger sub in their home theatre, because of the visceral
impact, that is inherent and part of the fun of watching movies. Apart from this, listening to
music needs a different balance between the subwoofer and the rest of the system, than
watching and listening to movies. Most av-processors, like the Final Sound FVSS-201, will
provide you with the opportunity to simply make small adjustments, using the remote control.
Can I clean my Final subwoofer?
Yes, but first disconnect the AC-line. Clean only with a damp cloth. Never use cleansers or
chemicals. Never leave a wet cloth on the surface of the cabinet.
c FSS 2007RJ

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