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Programme Chart - Zanussi TC7102S Instruction Booklet

Tumble dryer tc7102s; tc7102w
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Programme Chart

Selector dial up to 150 minutes (high temperature section)
Type of laundry
Hand towels
Table napkins
Selector dial up to 100 minutes (low temperature section)
Type of laundry
Synthetics or mixed fabrics
which do not require
Attention! Please follow the instructions on labels when drying mixed fabrics.
Drying times are given as a guide only and vary according to the size of the load, the type of laundry, the degree
of spinning prior to drying.
Start by selecting a short drying time. If necessary, perform an additional drying cycle afterwards.
Experience will soon enable you to estimate the drying time needed for your usual laundry loads. It is advisable
to take note of them.
Size of load
It is not necessary to weigh the laundry, if these instructions are followed:
• Cottons, linen: full drum, but not overloaded.
• Synthetics: half drum.
For a mixed load (cotton and synthetics, for example) select the drying time suitable for the most delicate
fabrics and then increase it by approx 10 mins.
Degree of drying
Store dry
(wardrobe dry)
Iron dry
(not completely dry;
suitable for ironing)
Degree of drying
Amount of laundry
Store dry
of laundry
800/900 rpm
6 kg
2.5 kg
6 kg
2.5 kg
Drying time in minutes for laundry
spun at a minimum speed of 650 rpm
2.5 kg
1 kg
Drying time in minutes for
laundry spun at
1000/1200 rpm
120 - 140
95 - 115
60 - 75
55 - 70
95 - 115
85 - 105
45 - 60
40 - 55
65 - 75
30 - 40

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