Maintenance; Bodywork; Detergent Dispenser Drawer; Drain Filter - Zanussi WI 1018 N Instruction Booklet

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1. Bodywork

Clean the outside of the machine with warm water
and a detergent used to handwash dishes. Rinse
with clean water and dry with a soft cloth.
Important: do not use methylated spirits, solvents or
similar products to clean the bodywork.

2. Detergent dispenser drawer

After a while, detergents and fabric softeners leave
deposits in the drawer.
Clean the drawer from time to time by rinsing it under
a running tap. To remove the drawer from the
machine, press the button in the rear left-hand
To facilitate cleaning, the top part of the additive
compartments can be removed.
Detergent can also accumulate inside the drawer
recess: clean it with an old toothbrush. Refit the
drawer after cleaning.

3. Drain filter

The drain filter collects threads and small objects
inadvertently left in the laundry. Check regularly that
the filter is clean.
Place a container under the filter and unscrew it.
Pull out the filter.
Clean the filter under a running tap, then refit it,
screwing it fully in.

4. Water inlet filter

If you notice that the machine is taking longer to fill,
check that the filter in the water inlet hose is not
Turn off the water tap.
Unscrew the hose from the tap.
Clean the filter with a stiff brush.
Screw the hose back onto the tap.


Table of Contents

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