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Operating Sequence - Zanussi FA568 User Manual

Lavadora washing machine fa568
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Operating sequence

Before washing your first load of laundry, we
recommend that you run a cotton cycle at 60°C, with
the machine empty, in order to remove any
manufacturing residue from the drum and tub.
Pour half a measure of detergent into the main wash
compartment and start up the machine.
1. Place the laundry in the drum
Open the door.
Place the laundry in the drum, one item at a time,
shaking them out as much as possible.
Close the door.
2. Measure out the detergent
Pull out the dispenser drawer until it stops. Measure
out the amount of detergent recommended by the
manufacturer in a graduated cup and pour it into the
main wash compartment
If you wish to carry out the prewash, pour detergent
into the appropriate compartment marked
3. Measure out the additives
If required, pour fabric softener into the compartment
, and bleach into the compartment
without exceeding the «MAX» mark.
4. Select the temperature
Turn the dial to the required setting.
5. Select the option push button/s.
6. Select the programme and start
the machine
Turn the programme selector dial clockwise to the
required programme.
Before pulling the On/off programme selector check if:
• The door is properly closed.
• The appliance is plugged in.
• The water supply tap is turned on.
• The diaphragm lid is correctly screwed into place.
• The drain hose is adequately positioned.
Pull the program dial up to you till it clicks.
The pilot light comes on and the program will begin.
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