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Yamaha DVD-S559MK2 Owner's Manual

Natural sound dvd player
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  • Page 2 Output Power 7 mW (DVD) dangerous and may cause fire, damage to this 10 mW (VCD/CD) unit, and/or personal injury. YAMAHA will not be Beam divergence 60 degree held responsible for any damage resulting from use of this unit with a voltage other than as...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Introduction Disc Operations Region codes...............3 Basic playback............13 Supplied accessories ..........3 General operation........... 13 Notes about discs/content format......3 Pausing playback..............13 Cleaning discs..............4 Selecting track/chapter ...........13 Patent information .............4 Searching backward/forward........13 Stopping playback..............13 Selecting the various repeat/shuffle functions..14 Functional Overview Repeat and shuffle.............14 Front panel ..............5 Repeating a section within a chapter/track..14...
  • Page 4 Contents Setup Menu Language Codes......33 General setup menu ..........21 Locking/Unlocking the disc for viewing....21 Troubleshooting ......35 Dimming the front panel display.......21 Programming disc tracks (except MP3/WMA/ Glossary ........37 JPEG/DivX)................21 OSD language ..............22 Specifications ......39 Screen saver .................22 Sleep timer ................22 Auto standby................23 ®...
  • Page 5: Introduction

    Introduction Thank you for purchasing this unit. This – This unit can play the following data Owner’s Manual explains the basic discs (For MP3 and WMA files, the operation of this unit. parenthetic words represent the compatible sampling rate and bit rate): –...
  • Page 6: Cleaning Discs

    Introduction Cleaning discs • When a disc becomes dirty, clean it with a cleaning cloth. Wipe the disc from the center out. Do not wipe in a circular motion. • Do not use solvents such as benzine, thinner, commercially available cleaners, or antistatic spray intended for analog records.
  • Page 7: Functional Overview

    Functional Overview Front panel 6 7 8 STANDBY/ON Front panel display Turns on this unit or sets it to the standby Shows the current status of this unit. mode. PLAY (B) Disc tray Starts playback. Loads a disc in the disc tray. PAUSE (;) OPEN/CLOSE (/) Pauses playback.
  • Page 8: Remote Control

    Functional Overview Remote control SUBTITLE Selects the subtitle language. ANGLE Selects the DVD camera angle. REPEAT Repeats the chapter, track, title or disc. Shuffles the chapter or track. TOP MENU RETURN ON SCREEN Repeats a specific segment. MENU SETUP Numeric buttons (0-9) ENTER Selects numbered items in the currently displayed menu.
  • Page 9: Connections

    Connections You need to set “DIGITAL OUTPUT” to General notes on connections “ALL” (see “DIGITAL OUTPUT” on page 24). Be sure to turn off this unit and unplug the Notes: power supply cable, before you make or – If the audio format of the digital output change connections.
  • Page 10: Video Connections

    Connections If your receiver does not have component Video connections output jacks, you can achieve a better video image by connecting the component If your AV receiver has video output jacks, output jacks of this unit directly to the connect your receiver and then your TV component input jacks of your TV.
  • Page 11: Getting Started

    Getting Started Using the remote control Step1: Inserting batteries into the remote control Remote control sensor Point the remote control at the remote control sensor, within approximately 6 m (20 feet) from this unit. 1 Open the battery compartment. 2 Insert the two supplied batteries (AA, R06, UM-3) following the indications (+/–) inside the compartment.
  • Page 12: Turning On The Power

    Getting Started 3 Press 3 / 4 to highlight [TV TYPE], and Step2: Turning on the power then press 2. 1 Connect the AC power cord to the power 4 Press 3 / 4 to highlight one of the following outlet.
  • Page 13: Setting An Aspect Ratio For Your Tv

    Getting Started Setting an aspect ratio for your Step4: Setting a language preference You can set the aspect ratio of this unit to You can select your own preferred match your TV. If the aspect ratio of your language settings.This unit automatically TV is 4:3, you do not need to change this switches to your preferred language setting.
  • Page 14: Setting The Audio, Subtitle And Disc Menu Languages (Dvd-Video Only)

  • Page 15: Disc Operations

    Disc Operations IMPORTANT! Pausing playback – If the inhibition icon ( or X) 1 During playback, press PAUSE (;). appears on the TV screen when a Playback is paused and the sound is button is pressed, the function for muted. that button is not available on the current disc or at the current time.
  • Page 16: Selecting The Various Repeat/Shuffle Functions

    Disc Operations Selecting the various repeat/ Operations for video playback shuffle functions (DVD/VCD/SVCD) Repeat and shuffle Using the disc menu • Each time you press REPEAT during Depending on the disc, a menu may appear playback, the front panel display changes on the TV screen once you load the disc.
  • Page 17: Zooming In

    Disc Operations Zooming in On-screen display (OSD) This function allows you to enlarge or The OSD menu shows disc playback lessen the picture on the TV screen and to information (e.g., the title or chapter pan through the enlarged picture. number, elapsed playing time or audio/ subtitle language).
  • Page 18: Special Dvd Features

    Disc Operations Title/Chapter/Track selection Repeat/Time Display (DVD/VCD) (DVD/VCD) 1 Press 3 / 4 to select [REPEAT] or [TIME 1 Press 3 / 4 to select [TITLE] or DISP.]. [CHAPTER] (DVD) or [TRACK] (VCD). 2 Press ENTER/OK to confirm the 2 Press ENTER/OK to confirm the selection.
  • Page 19: Audio

    Disc Operations Audio Preview function 1 Press SCAN. Changing the audio language and/or A list appears on the TV screen. format • Press AUDIO repeatedly to select an SELECT DIGEST TYPE: audio language. TRACK DIGEST DISC INTERVAL TRACK INTERVAL Subtitles •...
  • Page 20: Playing Data Discs (Mp3/Wma/Jpeg/Divx)

    Disc Operations Playing data discs (MP3/WMA/ JPEG/DivX) General operation 1 Load a disc. TYPE:TITLE • The disc reading time may exceed 30 SELECT(01-06):- - EXIT MENU NEXT seconds due to the complexity of the directory/file configuration. (Example of 6 thumbnails in the display) The data disc menu appears on the TV screen.
  • Page 21: Selecting A Folder And Track/File

    Disc Operations Selecting a folder and track/file Preview function This function displays the content of the 1 Press 3 / 4 to select a folder, and then current folder or the entire disc. press ENTER/OK to open the folder. 1 Press STOP (9) during playback. 2 Press 3 / 4 to select a track/file.
  • Page 22: Playback With Multi-Angles

    Disc Operations Playback with multi-angles Special DivX features • During playback, press 1 / 2/3 / 4 DivX files including DMF (DivX rotate the picture on the TV screen. Media Format) features only 1: rotates the picture counter-clockwise 2: rotates the picture clockwise Interactive menu 3: flips the picture vertically 4: flips the picture horizontally...
  • Page 23: Setup Menu

    Setup Menu Setup is carried out on the TV screen, UNLOCK enabling you to customize this unit to suit Select this to unlock the disc and allow your own particular requirements. future playback. 2 Press 3 / 4 to select a setting, and then press ENTER/OK to confirm your General setup menu selection.
  • Page 24: Osd Language

    Setup Menu To exit from program playback PROGRAM: TRACK (01-17) 9 Use to highlight [EXIT] on the 1 / 2/3 / 4 program menu, and then press 1 04 6 _ _ ENTER/OK. 2 10 7 _ _ 3 _ _ 8 _ _ 9 _ _ 4 _ _...
  • Page 25: Auto Standby

    NIGHT MODE LIP SYNC ® DivX VOD registration code ® Yamaha provides you with a DivX (Video On Demand) registration code that allows you to rent and purchase videos Setting the analog output ® using the DivX VOD service.
  • Page 26: Setting The Digital Output

    Setup Menu STEREO LPCM OUTPUT Select this to change channel output to Select this if you have connected this unit stereo, which only delivers sound from the to a PCM-compatible receiver via a digital two front speakers. terminal, such as the coaxial terminal. In this case, you may need to adjust “LPCM LT/RT OUTPUT”.
  • Page 27: Night Mode

    Setup Menu Lip synchronization Select this to disable CD-upsampling. This feature allows you to delay the sound 88.2kHz (X2) output in order to synchronize it with the Select this to convert the sampling rate of video image. This may be necessary when CDs to twice that of the original.
  • Page 28: Tv Type

    Setup Menu The relationship between the setting of TV type this unit and the TV display This menu contains the options for When the aspect ratio of your TV is 4:3: selecting the color system that matches Playback your TV. For details, see “Setting a TV type TV display Setting disc...
  • Page 29: Progressive

    COLOR MODEL 525P AND 625P DVD PLAYER, PLEASE CONTACT OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTER. This unit is compatible with the complete line of YAMAHA products, including the projectors DPX-1300, DPX-830 and the plasma monitor PDM-4220. TIPS: To return to the previous menu, press 1.
  • Page 30: Switching The Yuv/Rgb

    Setup Menu 4 Press 3 / 4 to select one of the following options. Select this for the component video connection. BRIGHTNESS Increase the value to brighten the picture or vice versa. Zero (0) is the average Select this for SCART connection. brightness setting value.
  • Page 31: Restricting Playback With Parental Control

    Setup Menu Note: Restricting playback with – Some DVDs are not encoded with a rating parental control though the movie rating may be printed on Some DVDs may have a parental level the disc cover. The rating level feature does assigned to the complete disc or to certain not work for such discs.
  • Page 32: Mp3/Jpeg Menu

    Setup Menu 6 Press 3 / 4 to highlight either [TITLE 8 Use to select a title or use the 1 / 2/3 / 4 DIGEST] or [TITLE INTERVAL]. numeric buttons (0-9) to input the title number next to [SELECT]. TITLE DIGEST •...
  • Page 33: Displaying Divx External Subtitle Files

    Setup Menu Notes: Displaying DivX external subtitle – Some discs cannot be played depending on files disc characteristics or recording conditions. The font sets listed below are available for – Some external subtitle files may be DivX external subtitle files. This setting displayed incorrectly or not at all.
  • Page 34: Pbc (Playback Control)

    Setup Menu 2 Press ENTER/OK to enter the Resetting the system “Password Change Page”. Setting the DEFAULT function resets all options and your personal settings to the initial factory settings, except your password for PARENTAL and DISC LOCK. OLD PASSWORD NEW PASSWORD 1 In “PREFERENCE PAGE”, press 3 / 4 to CONFIRM PWD...
  • Page 35: Language Codes

    Language Codes These codes can be used to select other languages. This does not affect the options in “AUDIO”, “SUBTITLE” or “DISC MENU”. Abkhazian 6566 German 6869 Afar 6565 Gikuyu; Kikuyu 7573 Afrikaans 6570 Greek, 6976 Albanian 8381 Guarani 7178 Amharic 6577 Gujarati...
  • Page 36 Language Codes These codes can be used to select other languages. This does not affect the options in “AUDIO”, “SUBTITLE” or “DISC MENU”. Maori 7773 Sotho, Southem 8384 Marathi 7782 South Ndebele 7882 Marshallese 7772 Spanish; Castilian 6983 Moldavian 7779 Sundanese 8385 Mongolian...
  • Page 37: Troubleshooting

    Refer to the chart below when this unit does not function properly. If the problem you are experiencing is not listed below or if the instruction below does not help, set this unit to the standby mode, disconnect the power cord, and contact the nearest authorized YAMAHA dealer or service center. Problem Solution No power –...
  • Page 38 Troubleshooting Problem Solution No audio at digital output – Check the digital connections. – If you are playing a DTS source, check that your receiver can decode DTS and “DIGITAL OUTPUT” is set to “ALL” (see page 24). – If you are playing an MPEG-2 source, check that your receiver can decode MPEG-2.
  • Page 39: Glossary

    Glossary Analog: Sound that has not been turned into DivX Ultra: DivX Ultra Certified products numbers. Analog sound varies, while digital sound provide enhanced playback of advanced media has specific numerical values. These jacks send features supported by the DivX Media Format. audio through two channels, the left and right.
  • Page 40 Glossary PCM (Pulse Code Modulation): A system for Video output jack: Jack on the back of the converting analog sound signal to digital signal for DVD System that sends video to a TV. later processing, with no data compression used VR (Video Recording) format: A format in conversion.
  • Page 41: Specifications

    Specifications PLAYBACK SYSTEM TV STANDARD (PAL/50 Hz) (NTSC/60 Hz) DVD Video Number of lines Video CD & SVCD Playback Multistandard (PAL/NTSC) PICTURE CD CONNECTIONS CD-R, CD-RW SCART Euroconnector DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD+R DL Y Output Cinch (green) DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-R DL Pb/Cb Output Cinch (blue) Pr/Cr Output...