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Toshiba D-VR16SB Owner's Manual

Dvd video recorder / video cassette recorder
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1VMN22711 / E9BA1BD


Table of Contents

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  • Page 2: Introduction

    Introduction Precautions WARNING: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE OR ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS APPLIANCE TO RAIN OR MOISTURE. The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol, CAUTION within an equilateral triangle, is intended to RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK alert the user to the presence of uninsulated DO NOT OPEN “dangerous voltage”...
  • Page 3: Declaration Of Conformity

    If it is necessary to change the fuse in a nonrewireable DVD VIDEO RECORDER / VIDEO CASSETTE plug the fuse cover must be refitted. If the fuse cover is RECORDER, Model D-VR16SB lost or damaged, the plug must not be used until a is in compliance with following Regulations.
  • Page 4: Installation Location

    Introduction Precautions (cont’d) Installation Location Accessories Supplied For safety and optimum performance of this unit: ● Remote control with two R6 (AA) batteries ● Install the unit in a horizontal and stable position. ● Do not place anything directly on top of the unit. ●...
  • Page 5 Maintenance ■ CLEANING THE UNIT ■ SERVICING ● Use a soft cloth slightly moistened with a mild ● If the unit becomes inoperative, do not try to correct detergent solution. Do not use a solution containing the problem by yourself. There are no user alcohol, spirits, ammonia or abrasive.
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Introduction Table of contents Introduction Recording ■ Precautions ......2 ■ Information on DVD recording ... . 38 ■...
  • Page 7 Playback Editing ■ Basic playback ......68 ■ Information on disc editing ....90 Playing back a DVD-RW / DVD-R .
  • Page 8: Features

    Introduction Features This unit not only plays back DVDs, CDs and VHS tapes but also offers features for you to record on DVD discs and edit them after that. The following features are offered with this unit. ■ Quick search: Recording You can easily find the part you want to watch using the search function.
  • Page 9 Compatibility DVD mode ■ Playing back discs recorded in Video mode on any regular DVD player: Discs recorded in Video mode can be played back on regular DVD players, including computer DVD drives compatible with DVD-Video playback. You will need to finalise the discs recorded in Video mode to play back in other DVD players.
  • Page 10: Choosing A Disc

    • Handle the disc according to the disc instruction manual. • Toshiba cannot guarantee that all discs bearing the DVD or CD logos will operate as expected. Additionally, Toshiba cannot guarantee that discs recorded in this device will operate properly in other DVD players, recorders and/or personal computer drives.
  • Page 11 • This player cannot play the DVD-R discs recorded in VR mode (Video Recording Format). • Toshiba is not liable for any damage or loss caused directly or indirectly by the malfunction of this recorder, including, without limitation, any one of the following: •...
  • Page 12 Because of problems and errors that can occur during the creation of DVD and CD software and/or the manufacture of DVD and CD discs, Toshiba cannot guarantee that product will play every feature of every DVD bearing the DVD logo and/or every CD bearing the CD logo. As one of the creators of DVD technology, Toshiba DVD players are manufactured using the highest standards of quality, and as a result, such incompatibilities are rare.
  • Page 13: Structure Of Disc Contents

    Structure of disc contents On handling discs Normally, DVD video discs are divided into titles, and ● Do not touch the playback side of the disc. the titles are subdivided into chapters. Video CDs/Audio CDs are divided into tracks. DVD video disc Title 1 Title 2 Chapter 1...
  • Page 14 Introduction Choosing a disc (cont’d) Discs and purposes The table shows main functions which are available on this recorder per disc category. This will help you choose discs. DVD-RW disc Video mode DVD-RW disc VR mode DVD-R disc Video mode Characteristics on this Suitable for saving data in Suitable for saving data in...
  • Page 15: Index To Parts And Controls

    Introduction Index to parts and controls Front Panel PROGRAM DUBBING VCR/DVD ON / STANDBY S-VIDEO VIDEO 1312 1. I/y ON/STANDBY button 13. DUBBING button (DVD / VCR) Press to turn on or off the unit. Press to start VCR to DVD (DVD to VCR) duplication which you set in the setup menu.
  • Page 16: Rear Panel

    Introduction Index to parts and controls (cont’d) Rear Panel DVD/VCR ANTENNA DIGITAL AUDIO S-VIDEO COMPONENT AV2(DECODER) AUDIO OUT VIDEO OUT COAXIAL AV1(TV) 1. Mains cable 7. COMPONENT VIDEO OUT jacks Connect to a standard AC outlet. Connect to the component video input jacks on your 2.
  • Page 17 1. OPEN/CLOSE A button* (DVD / VCR) Press to open or close the disc tray. Press to remove the tape from the unit. 2. Number buttons (DVD / VCR) Press to select channel numbers. Press to select a title / chapter / track on the display. Press to enter values for settings in the setup menu.
  • Page 18 Introduction Index to parts and controls (cont’d) 13. VCR button 21. DISPLAY button (DVD / VCR) Press to activate the remote control in VCR mode. Press to display the on-screen display. (See page 22.) 22. ZOOM button (DVD) Press to select the VCR output mode. During playback, press to enlarge the picture on the 14.
  • Page 19: Front Panel Display Guide

    Front Panel Display Guide 1. Current Status of the unit VCR :Appears when the timer recording is proceeding in VCR. :Appears when disc playback is paused. Appears when VCR is in the timer-standby Appears also during step by step playback. mode.
  • Page 20 Introduction Index to parts and controls (cont’d) ■ Display message The disc tray is opening. The disc tray is closing. A disc is loading. The PBC function of the Video CD is activated. Data is being recorded on a disc.
  • Page 21: Preparation Of The Remote Control

    Introduction Preparation of the remote control Installing batteries in the remote About the remote control control ■ Keep in mind the following when using the remote control: ■ Install two R6 (AA) batteries (supplied) into the remote control, carefully match with the ●...
  • Page 22 Introduction Preparation of the remote control (cont’d) VCR / DVD recorder Switching Because this product is a combination of a VCR and a DVD recorder, you must first select which component you wish to operate with [VCR/DVD] on the front panel. PROGRAM DUBBING VCR/DVD...
  • Page 23: On Screen Menu

    Introduction On Screen menu This unit uses the following On Screen menu for most operations: Setup menu, Title list, Playlist, Original and Display menu. They allow you to change the playing status of disc during playback. The Display menu also gives you information on the status of the disc. Display menu DVD mode VCR mode...
  • Page 24: Setup Menus

    Introduction On Screen menu (cont’d) <DVD-R, DVD-RW (Video mode)> Setup menus Disc Press [SETUP] to display the Setup menu, then press [ENTER] to display each menu, using [K / L]. Format These menus provide entries to all main functions of the Finalise unit.
  • Page 25: Connections

    Connections Connect your recorder to your TV or stereo system. ● Connections...
  • Page 26 Connections Connections Connect the unit to a TV after considering the capabilities of your existing equipment. Before installation, unplug your TV and this unit. To Aerial jack Antenna Cable Audio/Video cable (not supplied) Signal Scart/RCA cable (not supplied) Scart adaptor (not supplied) RF cable Scart cable (not supplied)
  • Page 27: Using The S-Video Out Or The Component Video Out Jacks And The Audio Out Jacks (Only For Dvd)

    Using the S-VIDEO OUT or the Connecting to external equipment COMPONENT VIDEO OUT jacks This unit has three input terminals, AV1, AV2 on the rear and the AUDIO OUT jacks (Only panel and AV3 on the front panel. Be sure that all the units are off before making connections.
  • Page 28: Digital Audio For Better Sound Quality

    Connections Connections (cont’d) Digital audio for better sound After you have completed quality connections ■ The connections illustrated below are optional Switch the input selector on your TV to an appropriate external input channel. For details, refer to the Owner’s for better sound.
  • Page 29: Basic Setup

    Basic Setup Read this chapter for necessary settings to get started. ● Initial setting ● Channel setting ● Setting the clock ● Selecting the TV aspect ratio...
  • Page 30: Initial Setting

    Basic Setup Initial setting You need to follow these steps when you turn this unit 4) After channel setting is finished, “Clock Setting” will appear. Then press [ENTER]. on for the first time. 1) Press [I/y ON/STANDBY]. Initial Setting Clock Setting 2) Turn the TV on.
  • Page 31: Channel Setting

    Basic Setup Channel setting Tuning of this unit to broadcast channels can be performed in two ways. 4) Press [SETUP] to exit. Auto tuning You can select only the channels memorised in this unit by using [PROG. Programme the tuner to scan only the channels you can receive in your area.
  • Page 32: To Select A Channel

    Basic Setup Channel setting (cont’d) 7) Press [K / L] to start scanning. To skip a Preset channel • The tuner will begin to search up or down automatically. When a channel is found, the unit You can set the unit to skip channels you can no longer will stop searching and the picture will appear on receive or seldom watch when you access channels the TV screen.
  • Page 33: Setting The Clock

    Basic Setup Setting the clock Notes Auto Clock Setting • If you want to cancel “Auto Clock Setting”, select “OFF” using [K / L] at step 4, and then press [ENTER]. Channel Tuning must be set before setting Auto Clock. •...
  • Page 34 Basic Setup 4) Enter the date (day / month / year) using [K / L]. Press [B] to move the cursor to the next field. If you wish to go back to the previous field, press [{]. VCR DVD Clock Setting 01 / 01 / 2006(SUN) 0: 00 “SUN / MON / TUE / WED / THU / FRI / SAT”...
  • Page 35: Selecting The Tv Aspect Ratio

    Basic Setup Selecting the TV aspect ratio You can select the TV aspect ratio to match the format Notes of the programme you are playing back with the unit and If you have a standard TV: that of your TV screen (4:3 standard or 16:9 wide screen •...
  • Page 37: Recording

    Symbols in this Section The following icons show the playable discs or tapes for each function described in this section. : Video mode DVD-RW disc : VR mode DVD-RW disc Recording : DVD-R disc : VHS tapes Use only cassettes marked VHS ( ) on Recording variations for many types of programmes Most instructions are based on the remote control...
  • Page 38: Information On Dvd Recording

    Recording Information on DVD recording Information ● This unit can record on DVD-R and DVD-RW. You can record on DVD-R only once. On DVD-RW, you can record and erase many times. ● It is possible to record on DVD-R only in Video mode. DVD-RW can record in the format you select from Video mode or VR mode.
  • Page 39: Restrictions On Recording

    Restrictions on recording You cannot record copy-protected video using this unit. Copy-protected video includes DVD-Video discs and some satellite broadcasts. If copy-protected material is detected, recording will pause or stop automatically and an error message appears on the screen. You can only record “Copy-once only” video using a DVD-RW disc in VR mode with Content Protection for Recordable Media (CPRM).
  • Page 40: Selecting The Recording Format

    Recording Selecting the Recording format Choosing the recording format of a blank disc When inserting a blank disc, the unit automatically starts to initialise the disc. You can also manually format a DVD- RW disc if you wish to reuse it. In stop mode, press [SETUP].
  • Page 41 Select “Format Mode” using [K / L], then press [ENTER]. Format Start Format Mode VR mode “VR mode” has been selected as the default. Select “Video mode” or “VR mode” using [K / L], then press [ENTER]. The recording format will be set. Format - Format Mode Video mode VR mode...
  • Page 42: Reformatting A Disc

    Recording Selecting the Recording format (cont’d) Reformatting a disc Setting Auto Chapter If you are using a DVD-RW disc, you can format the disc The unit inserts a chapter mark periodically (every 15 by performing “Format”. By default it will be in VR mode. minutes by default) during recording.
  • Page 43: Selecting The Sound Mode

    3) Select “Recording Audio Select (XP)” using Selecting the Sound mode [K / L], then press [ENTER]. This unit can receive bilingual broadcasts. Recording You can switch between modes by pressing [AUDIO] on 15 minutes Auto Chapter the remote control. Each mode is indicated on the TV Recording Audio Select (XP) Dolby Digital screen as follows.
  • Page 44: Setting External Input Audio

    Recording Selecting the Recording format (cont’d) Setting External Input Audio Setting Bilingual Recording Audio When the external input audio is a bilingual broadcast, You can select either “Main” or “Sub” audio to record a you can choose “Stereo” or “Bilingual” to record on a bilingual broadcast in Video mode.
  • Page 45: Basic Recording

    Recording Basic recording Follow the steps below to record a TV programme. Press [I/y ON/STANDBY] to turn on the unit. Turn on the TV and be sure to select the input to which the unit is connected. Start Press [DVD]. Press [OPEN/CLOSE A] to open the disc tray.
  • Page 46 Recording Basic recording (cont’d) Select the desired channel to record using [PROG. / ] or [the Number buttons]. Press [REC I] to start recording. The “I” mark will be displayed for 5 seconds. To pause the recording, press [PAUSE F]. Press [PAUSE F] or [REC I] again to resume the recording.
  • Page 47: One-Touch Timer Recording

    Recording One-touch Timer Recording Start This is a simple way to set the recording time in blocks of 30 minutes. Check that the disc you are recording onto has enough space remaining for the time you set. Turn on the unit and insert a recordable disc. Make sure that the TV input is set on the unit.
  • Page 48 Recording One-touch Timer Recording (cont’d) Press [REC I] repeatedly until the desired recording time (30 minutes to 8 hours) appears on the TV screen. One-touch Timer Recording will start. 0:30 0:30 (Normal Recording) 1:00 8:00 7:30 When the unit reaches the specified time, “Writing to Disc” will appear.
  • Page 49: Timer Recording

    Recording Timer Recording You can set the unit to record up to 8 programmes, up to a month in advance. Daily or weekly programme recordings are also available. • Be sure to set the clock before entering a timer programming. •...
  • Page 50 Recording Timer Recording (cont’d) Enter the date using [K / L], then press [B]. VCR DVD Timer Programming Date Start End Mode 1. 01/01 --:-- --:-- Each time you press [L] at the current date, the timer recording date will change as follows. <e.g.
  • Page 51 Select the channel number to record using [K / L], then press [B]. Timer Programming VCR DVD Date Start End Mode 1. 01/01 12:57 13:57 P08 To record from the external input, select “AV1”, “AV2” or “AV3”. Select the recording media (“DVD” or “VCR”) using [K / L], then press [B].
  • Page 52: Information

    Recording Timer Recording (cont’d) Select PDC to “ON” or “OFF” using [K / L]. (See page 54.) VCR DVD Timer Programming Date Start End Mode 1. 01/01 12:57 13:57 P08 DVD Press [ENTER] when all information required is entered. Your programme setting is stored. •...
  • Page 53: Checking, Cancelling, Or Correcting The Timer Programming Information

    If PDC is “ON”: Checking, cancelling, or • In the timer-standby mode, you can neither turn on the correcting the timer programming power nor use the component (VCR or DVD) which is not currently timer-programmed. information If PDC is “OFF”: In the following example, No.
  • Page 54: If The Timer Programming Did Not Complete Correctly

    Recording Timer Recording (cont’d) If the timer programming did not PDC (Programme Delivery complete correctly Control) The error number appears on the Timer Programming The Programme Delivery Control (PDC) assures that the list. TV programmes you have programmed for timer recording are recorded exactly from beginning to end, even if the actual broadcasting time differs from the VCR DVD...
  • Page 55: Hints For Timer Recording

    ■ If programming has been made at the end of Hints for Timer Recording the programming (PROG. 1) currently being recorded: ● If there is a power failure or the unit is unplugged for • The timer programming set first (PROG. 2) has more than 30 seconds, the clock setting and all timer settings will be lost.
  • Page 56: Satellite Link

    Recording Timer Recording (cont’d) 4) With start time, DVD/VCR and the recording Satellite Link mode highlighted, press [ENTER]. You can set the unit to start recording whenever it VCR DVD Satellite Link detects the scart control signal from the external tuner. Preparing for the Satellite Link Timer Recording: [Preparation of your set top box] Start...
  • Page 57 Notes • If you have not set the clock, the clock setting window will appear at step 3. In this case, press [ENTER]. Then continue from step 4 in “Manual Clock Setting” on page 34 before programming the timer recording. •...
  • Page 58: Settings For An External Equipment

    Recording Settings for an external equipment Connection to an external equipment Connect the external equipment using either the input jacks, AV1, AV2 (Rear) or AV3 (Front). However, for AV3 jacks, you have to select S-VIDEO input or VIDEO input jack depending on the connected devices. Use a commercially available Scart, S-Video or Video cable and an Audio cable for this connection.
  • Page 59: Recording From An External Equipment

    Recording from an external equipment Start Before recording from external equipment, see page 27 for connection instructions. Turn the TV and the unit on, and select the input of the TV to which the unit is connected. When you want to record to the disc: Press [DVD].
  • Page 60 Recording Settings for an external equipment (cont’d) Select a recording mode using [REC MODE]. Refer to “Recording Mode” on page 38 for DVD or page 128 for VCR. Press [I REC] on the unit to start recording. Press the PLAY button on the external recording component.
  • Page 61: Dubbing Mode

    Recording Dubbing Mode Note For VCR to DVD duplication: Dubbing Mode • After starting VCR to DVD duplication, the picture may be distorted because of the auto tracking function. This is not a malfunction. Be advised to play back the tape until the picture is stabilized, then set the starting point which you You can copy a DVD disc to a videotape or copy a wish to start recording, and start VCR to DVD duplication.
  • Page 62: Setting Disc Protection

    Recording Setting disc protection To prevent accidental over-recording, editing or erasing of recordings, you can protect them using the Setup menu. Insert a recordable disc. In stop mode, press [SETUP]. Select “Disc” using [K / L], then press [ENTER]. Disc menu will appear. Select “Disc Protect OFF ON”...
  • Page 63: Finalising Discs

    Recording Finalising discs You will need to fi nalise discs to play them back in other players. Finalising may take from several minutes up to an hour. (A disc recorded in Video mode can take up to 15 minutes. A disc recorded in VR mode can take up to 60 minutes.) A shorter recording period on the disc will require a longer time period for fi...
  • Page 64 Recording Finalising discs (cont’d) Select “Yes” using [K / L], then press [ENTER]. Finalise Finalise will start. Finalising is complete. Finalising 100% To cancel finalising (DVD-RW only): • After step 4, press [STOP C]. Select “Yes” using [{ / B], and then press [ENTER].
  • Page 65: Auto Finalise

    Auto finalise You can fi nalise discs automatically when the disc space runs out if you set this in the Setup menu. In stop mode, press [SETUP]. Select “Recording” using [K / L], then press [ENTER]. Recording menu will appear. Select “Auto Finalise”...
  • Page 67: Basic Playback

    Symbols in this Section The following icons show the playable discs for each function described on this section. : Video mode DVD-RW disc : VR mode DVD-RW disc Playback : DVD-Video disc : DVD-R disc Play your favourite contents. : Audio CD ●...
  • Page 68: Playing Back A Dvd-Rw / Dvd-R

    Playback Basic playback Playing back a DVD-RW / DVD-R Press [I/y y ON/STANDBY] to turn on the unit. Turn on the TV and be sure to select the input to which the unit is connected. Press [DVD]. Start Press [OPEN/CLOSE A] to open the disc tray. Place the disc on the disc tray with its label facing up.
  • Page 69 Press [TOP MENU] to display the Title menu. You can switch between the “Original” and “Playlist” in the VR mode using [MENU/LIST]. <Video mode> Title List 01/ 01/06 01:00 P12 XP <VR mode> Playlist 01/ 01/06 01:00 P12 XP [MENU/LIST] Original 01/ 01/06 01:00 P12 XP Press [TOP MENU] to resume playback.
  • Page 70 Playback Basic playback (cont’d) Select the desired title using [K / L/{ / B], then press [ENTER]. <Video mode> Title List 01/ 01/06 01:00 P12 XP Pop-up window will appear. Select “Play” using [K / L], then press [ENTER]. Playback will start. Press [STOP C] to stop playback.
  • Page 71: Playing Back A Dvd-Video / Video Cd / Cd

    Playing back a DVD-VIDEO / Video CD / CD Press [I/y y ON/STANDBY] to turn on the unit. Turn on the TV and be sure to select the input to which the unit is connected. Press [DVD]. Press [OPEN/CLOSE A] to open the disc tray. Start Place the disc on the disc tray with its label facing up.
  • Page 72: Playing Back An Mp3 / Jpeg Disc

    Playback Basic playback (cont’d) Playing back an MP3 / JPEG disc Follow steps 1 to 3 on page 71. The File List will appear. • If the disc is in stop mode, press [TOP MENU] to display the file list. File List DISC NAME 1 JPEG file1...
  • Page 73: Specifications

    Hints for MP3 and JPEG files: • Folders are known as Groups, files are known as Tracks. • Folders are shown with the icon. • MP3 files are shown with the icon. Playback will start from the selected track and continue with the next track.

Table of Contents