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Honeywell CM702 Product Specification Sheet

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Attractive slim, modern styling makes it ideal for
location in any type of home.
24-hour heating program.
Up to 4 daily independent time and temperature level
changes let you set 4 time and temperatures pairs to
suit your lifestyle.
Temporary programmed temperature override to
temporarily override the programmed temperature till
the next switch point.
Program button allows switching to an alternative
heating program whenever it's required with just one
button press. This alternative program can be
adjusted in exactly the same way as the normal
heating program.
Room Temperature Enquiry.
EEPROM memory holds the user program
OFF mode has an integral frost protection setting at
minimum 5°C (installer adjustable) so that pipes in
the house will never freeze in winter.
24...230V 5A resistive, 2A inductive SPDT relay
provides compatibility with most domestic central
heating systems reducing the need to stock many
different models.
Battery powered by 2 x AA size (LR6) alkaline cells.
Minimum battery life of 2 years with low battery
warning indicator.
Built-in default heating program.


The CM702 thermostat is designed to provide automatic time
and temperature control of heating systems in villas and
It can be used as part of a system in conjunction with combi
boilers, oil-burners and gas fired boilers, circulation pumps,
thermal actuators, zone valves and electric heat systems
The CM702 is designed with the installer in mind and
includes a moulded back-plate with trunking guides and
wiring breakouts to make installation quick and easy.
The CM702 large LCD display, button layout based on the
same simple programming philosophy used on our acclaimed
CM20 products and the introduction of an 'OK' button makes
it easier to install and more user friendly.
The CM702 features a unique programming function that
allows the user to select an alternative time & temperature
profile whenever their lifestyle requirements change (e.g.
weekend, bank holiday). The unit is ideal for consumers who
want reliable precise temperature control from a modern
looking, simple to program and easy to use product.
Surface or wall box mounting options, with trunking
guides and wiring breakouts to simplify installation.
No installer links or special installer switches on the
back of the unit mean no adjustment is required for
combi-boilers and most domestic central heating
User Set-Up Mode allows extra functions to be set at
the discretion of the user:
AM-PM or 24hr time display.
Resetting the heating profile to factory default.
Installer Set-Up Mode allows extra functions to be set
at the discretion of the installer to match the
consumers applications and needs:
Pump Exercise.
Upper / Lower Set point Limit Adjust.
Temperature offset.
Minimum ON time.
Cycle rate.
Proportional Band Width.
Diagnostic Mode to assist in fault finding.
EN0H 8545 UK07 R1 09/06



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  Summary of Contents for Honeywell CM702

  • Page 1: Programmable Thermostat

    (<5A). The CM702 is designed with the installer in mind and includes a moulded back-plate with trunking guides and wiring breakouts to make installation quick and easy.
  • Page 2: Specification

    CM702 CHRONOTHERM CONTROLS / DISPLAY LAYOUT PRODUCT LAYOUT: LCD Screen Battery Low Indicator Time Display Burner On Indicator Temperature Display Temperature Change Buttons Information Enquiry Button Operating Mode Buttons Green OK Button 10. Battery Compartment 11. Battery Cover 12. 1 / 2 Program Button 13.
  • Page 3: Installer Setup

    CM702 CHRONOTHERM INSTALLER SET-UP To enter the installer set-up mode: a) Press the OFF button. b) Press and hold the INFO button and the two program buttons ‘< >’ together. c) The unit will display the first parameter of installer parameter group category 1 (from n.1 to n.19).
  • Page 4 CM702 CHRONOTHERM Special Features Description What to do if we wish this feature AM-PM/ 24hr Display Change display format (default 24hr). Set parameter n.1, category 1 in the installer set -up mode to 12. Pump exercise When enabled the Pump Exercise will switch the relay Set parameter n.5, category 2 in the...
  • Page 5 CM702 CHRONOTHERM Parameter Installer Set-Up Factory Setting Optional Setting Installer Set- Number / Up Category Abbreviation (Press PROG (Press + or - keys ‘< or >’ to keys to select) select) Display Description Display/Setting Description Category 1: Thermostat Parameters AM-PM / 24hr...
  • Page 6: Installation

    DIMENSIONS INSTALLATION LOCATION The CM702 thermostat is the control element of the heating system and, therefore, MUST be located in a position with good air circulation, at average room temperature and on an inside wall, 1.5 metres above the floor level. Do not position...
  • Page 7 1+1 day programmable thermostat CMT702A1012 Honeywell Oct 06 ENOH8545 French, Dutch, Italian, with 6 switch points (instead of 4). Spanish, German, Portuguese. Honeywell Control Systems Limited Newhouse Industrial Estate Motherwell ML1 5SB United Kingdom EN0H 8545 UK07 R1 09/06...