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Honeywell CM907 User Manual

7 day programmable room thermostat
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Honeywell Control Systems Ltd.
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© 2005 Honeywell International Inc.
CM907 - User Guide
7 day Programmable
Room Thermostat
The Honeywell CM907 is a programmable room thermostat designed to
control your heating system efficiently, providing comfortable temperatures
when you are at home and energy savings when you are away. The following
instructions explain how to program and use the CM907 to provide the most
home comfort at the least cost.
Ergonomic User Interface features an 'OK-button' making the CM907 very
easy to use so you always stay in control.
Dynamic Text Display provides informative 'on-screen' feedback and
operational assistance to the user.
Extra Large LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Screen with Backlight provides
added user friendliness and clearer viewing – even in the dark.
7-day heating program lets you set the CM907 independently for each day of
the week to match your lifestyle, whilst maximizing energy savings.
6 independent temperature levels per day lets you set any 6 temperatures
you require (from 5 to 35°C) so you can enjoy economical comfort every day
Holiday button saves energy by letting you reduce the temperature for 1 to 99
days while you are away from home, resuming normal operation on your return.
Party button lets you temporarily maintain (or adjust) the current temperature for
1 - 23 hours. Useful when you have guests or leave the house for a short period.
Day Off button copies Sunday's program into any other day of the week, so that
you can make the CM907 follow this program if you have a day or days off.
Automatic Summer/Winter Time Change will adjust the clock automatically
for 'Daylight Saving Time'.
Built-in Memory holds the user program indefinitely so that it is never lost
– even if you remove the batteries.
Outside Temperature Sensor (optional accessory) can be fitted to the
CM907 to display the temperature outside your home.
Remote Temperature Sensor (optional accessory) can be fitted to the CM907
to control to the room temperature in another location, concealing the CM907.
Optimum Start option is an advanced feature which ensures that the optimum
temperature conditions are achieved at the required times.



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  Summary of Contents for Honeywell CM907

  • Page 1 Day Off button copies Sunday’s program into any other day of the week, so that you can make the CM907 follow this program if you have a day or days off. Automatic Summer/Winter Time Change will adjust the clock automatically for ‘Daylight Saving Time’.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Slider Switch Time Change Buttons Green OK Button Contents GETTING STARTED WITH THE CM907 STEP 1: Installing the Batteries... 3 STEP 2: Setting the Date and Time... 4 STEP 3: Running the Built-In Heating Program ... 4 PROGRAMMING THE CM907 The Built-in Heating Program...
  • Page 3: Step 1: Installing The Batteries

    This section shows you how to setup and run the thermostat in 3 simple steps: STEP 1: Installing the Batteries Note: Please follow the instructions in this section only if the thermostat screen is blank (no symbols or digits are displayed). If the screen displays some information move on to STEP 2: Setting the Date and Time.
  • Page 4: Step 2: Setting The Date And Time

    NOT be saved. STEP 3: Running the Built-in Heating Program The thermostat is now ready for operation. Move the slider switch to the AUTO position and the built-in heating program will start running. The built-in heating...
  • Page 5: Programming The Cm907

    The active period is highlighted by a flashing square symbol around the numbers at the bottom of the screen and the selected day is flashing in the top left hand corner of the screen. DATE PROG AUTO PROGRAMMING THE CM907 8:00 12:00 14:00 18°C 21°C 18°C...
  • Page 6 PROGRAMMING THE CM907 b. To adjust the period start time press the be displayed. Holding the button down will change the time quickly. Note: If you are pressing the change period, it means the next change will be pushed forward if you continue to press buttons).
  • Page 7: Disabling / Enabling Time Periods

    Disabling / Enabling Time Periods The thermostat has 6 periods each day that can be programmed, but you may not need all of these switch points for your heating requirements. Therefore, any period...
  • Page 8: Operating The Cm907

    • MAN (manual) mode Manual mode sets the thermostat to act as a simple thermostat with a fixed setpoint throughout the day. The setpoint can be adjusted from 5°C to 35°C by using the buttons. The thermostat will continue to maintain this temperature until another operating mode or temperature is selected.
  • Page 9: Temperature Override

    The thermostat will now control to the new temperature for the set number of days that your home is vacant. At midnight the holiday counter will be reduced by one until the selected number of days have passed.
  • Page 10: Party Function

    OPERATING THE CM907 • PARTY Function The party function allows you to extend your heating program by a specified number of hours at a particular temperature before resuming with the normal temperature program. This is especially useful when you want to maintain or increase the temperature during a special occasion such as a party or when entertaining guests.
  • Page 11: Day Off Function

    The thermostat will now control to the alternative heating program for the set number of days before resuming with the normal heating program. To cancel the DAY OFF mode or to exit the function at any time press the time or move the slider switch to a different position.
  • Page 12: Fine Tuning The Cm907

    FINE TUNING THE CM907 Changing the User Parameters The user mode allows you to modify some basic settings of the thermostat to meet your personal preferences. You can change the time display format (24hr or AM/PM), reset the heating program to the built-in settings and disable or enable the summer/ winter time change feature.
  • Page 13: Change The Time Format

    On) and the display will flash, indicating a change has been made. To confirm this change press the green d. To exit the user mode move the slider switch to the AUTO, MAN or OFF position. FINE TUNING THE CM907 button. button. button.
  • Page 14: Faq's & Troubleshooting

    FAQ’s & TROUBLESHOOTING How do I change the batteries on the CM907 when they run out? The thermostat constantly monitors the battery power level, which typically last for about 2 years before needing replaced. When the power is running low a flashing symbol will be displayed on the screen.
  • Page 15 Can I use my CM907 to control my air-conditioning system? Yes, if your system has been set up correctly you can use your thermostat to control the cooling. To switch the thermostat between heating and cooling modes press buttons together for 5 seconds in any of the product operating modes (AUTO, MAN or OFF).
  • Page 16 FAQ’s & TROUBLESHOOTING What other accessories can I buy that work with the CM907? 1. Outside Temperature Sensor Accessory The Outside Temperature Sensor accessory can be fitted to your thermostat to display the outside temperature. By pressing the displays the external temperature.
  • Page 18: What Is A Programmable Room Thermostat

    The way to set and use your programmable room thermostat is to find the lowest temperature settings that you are comfortable with at the different times you have chosen, and then leave it alone to do its job.

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