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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 User Guide...
  • Page 2: User Guide

    Nokia 6590i User Guide Phone notes My Nokia 6590i phone Information source information My number Wireless provider Phone serial number (ESN) On back of your phone, beneath the International Mobile battery Equipment Identifier (IMEI) Voicemail number Wireless provider Wireless provider...
  • Page 3 Nokia, Nokia Connecting People, the Nokia Original Accessories logos, Nokia 6590i, 5190, 6190, 8290, 8390, 8890, 7160, 7190, 3320 and 3360 phone, X-press-on, Nokia Sugar Bowl, Snake II, Space Impact, and Bumper are trademarks or registered trademarks of Nokia Corporation.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Frequently asked quesitons......Nokia One-Year Limited Warranty ....
  • Page 5 NOTES...
  • Page 6 Contents Safety first ........1 Welcome.
  • Page 7 Use voice features ......61 About Voicemail .........61 Save the voice mailbox number.
  • Page 8 11. Manage phone security ......111 Lock the keypad (Keyguard) .......111 About Access codes .
  • Page 9 19. Frequently asked questions (FAQ) ....171 20. Nokia One-Year Limited Warranty ....174 Index .
  • Page 10: Safety First

    Safety first 1 Safety first Read these simple guidelines before you use your phone. Breaking the rules may be dangerous or illegal. Further detailed information is given in “Reference information” on page 155. SWITCH OFF WHERE PROHIBITED Do not switch on the phone when wireless phone use is prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger.
  • Page 11: Observe Infrared Precautions

    OBSERVE INFRARED PRECAUTIONS Do not point the IR beam at anyone’s eyes or allow it to interfere with other IR devices. QUALIFIED SERVICE Only qualified personnel may install or repair phone equipment. ACCESSORIES AND BATTERIES Use only approved accessories and batteries. Do not connect incompatible products.
  • Page 12: Welcome

    You will find that your Nokia 6590i phone has many useful features for everyday use, such as an FM radio, calendar, to-do list, text messaging, and alarm clock. And, the Nokia 6590i phone can be connected to a PC, or laptop. For more information, please refer to the PC Connectivity Guide.
  • Page 13: Notice Text Conventions

    Warning: Helps to avoid injury and phone or property damage. Look for updates From time to time, Nokia updates this user guide to reflect changes or corrections. The latest version may be available at the Nokia site on the World Wide Web:
  • Page 14: Learn About Accessibility Solutions

    Welcome • LEARN ABOUT ACCESSIBILITY SOLUTIONS Nokia is committed to making mobile phones easy to use for all individuals, including those with disabilities. For more information, visit the Nokia World Wide Web site: Alternate format user guides This user guide may be available in alternate formats, including: •...
  • Page 15: Understand Wireless Network Services

    A cable for connecting the TTY to your phone, usually supplied by the manufacturer of the TTY device • The Nokia TTY adapter HDA-8, which can be purchased as an accessory Accessible features The Nokia 6590i phone has many accessible features, including: •...
  • Page 16: Get Help

    • GET HELP Find your phone’s label If you ever need to call Nokia Customer Care Centre or your service provider, you will need to provide specific information about your phone. This information is provided on the phone’s label. We also recommend that you write down the following information on the inside cover of this guide (see “Phone notes”...
  • Page 17: Contact Nokia

    Identification (IMEI) Do not remove or deface the label. Contact Nokia When you need help, Nokia Customer Care Centre can provide information about Nokia products. Before calling, however, please read “Frequently asked questions (FAQ)” on page 171. HAVE THE RIGHT INFORMATION AVAILABLE...
  • Page 18 Whether you are calling about your phone or an accessory, have the equipment with you when you call. For example, if you are calling about a headset, please have it available. If a Nokia representative asks a specific question about the accessory, you will have it available for quick reference.
  • Page 19: Understand Your Phone

    • UNDERSTAND YOUR PHONE Keys and features Power key Volume keys Screen Up scroll key Left selection Right selection Talk key End key Down scroll Key pad Nibs key Microphone Charger connection Headset/car kit/loopset connection Note: When any key is pressed, the keypad and display lights stay on for up to 15 seconds.
  • Page 20: Tips On Efficient Operation

    Welcome BACK Antenna IR port Back cover release Tips on efficient operation Your phone has a built-in antenna. As with any other radio transmitting device, do not touch the antenna unnecessarily when the phone is switched on. Contact with the antenna affects call quality and may cause the phone to operate at a higher power level than otherwise needed.
  • Page 21: Install The Sim Card

    Install the SIM card Important: Before you begin, you need to prepare your phone for use by installing the SIM card and charging the battery. Switch off the phone before installing the SIM card. 1 With the back of the phone facing you, press and hold the back cover release button.
  • Page 22 Welcome 6 Lift the SIM card door. 7 Install the SIM card; beveled corner on the left, gold contact area face down. 8 Lower SIM card door and gently slide to lock into place. NOTES ABOUT SIM CARDS • Keep all miniature SIM cards out of the reach of small children. •...
  • Page 23: Install The Battery

    Install the battery 1 Place the battery in the compartment with the label side facing up and the gold contact area aligned with the contact prongs. 2 Lower the battery into place. 3 Replace the back cover. Charge the battery 1 Plug the charger into a standard wall outlet.
  • Page 24: Remove The Battery

    Welcome 2 Connect the plug from the charger to the bottom of the phone. The battery power indicator (or battery bar) appears on the screen and starts scrolling. If the phone is on, Charging appears also. 3 When the battery bar stops scrolling, the battery charge is complete. Battery full appears also, if the phone is on.
  • Page 25: Important Battery Information

    Important battery information • Recharge your battery only with a charger approved by Nokia. • You can switch the phone on and use it for calls while the battery is charging. • If the battery is completely empty, it may take a few minutes before the battery indicator appears on the screen.
  • Page 26: Dynamic Memory Use

    Welcome Dynamic memory use Some features in your Nokia 6590i phone, including Calendar notes, To- do list, WAP cache, WAP bookmarks, and WAP security cache and certificates use a common pool of memory (storage capacity) called dynamic memory. When any of these features are used, there is less available memory for other features which are also dependent on dynamic memory.
  • Page 27: Quick Guide

    Quick guide Make a call Enter phone number, press Answer a call Press Answer a call with Press or Options and select Answer call. call waiting End a call Press Ignore a call Press Silence when your phone rings. Redial Press twice.
  • Page 28: Menu Shortcuts

    Welcome Menu Shortcuts Full list of shortcuts on page 27. 1 MESSAGES 4 Tone settings ... . 4-4 5 Accessory settings ..4-5 1 Write message .
  • Page 29: Basic Operations

    3 Basic operations • SWITCH ON YOUR PHONE Press and hold the power key for two seconds. The phone may ask for a Personal Identity Number (PIN) or security code. See “About Access codes” on page 112. Warning: Do not switch on the phone when wireless phone use is prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger.
  • Page 30: About The Start Screen

    Basic operations • ABOUT THE START SCREEN When you turn on your phone, the first screen that appears is the Start screen. In the middle of the Start screen, you may see information indicating which wireless network your phone uses. This information can vary between phones.
  • Page 31: Text Entry

    • REVIEW PHONE SYMBOLS These icons indicate status, alert you of a message or meeting and more. Icon Indicates... Icon Indicates... You are in an active call The Silent profile is active You are in a secure Keyguard is active connection on-line You have a call waiting Encryption is on...
  • Page 32: Make And Answer Calls

    Basic operations • MAKE AND ANSWER CALLS Use the table below as a quick guide for basic functions. Press and hold the power key on top of the phone for 2 seconds. Switch the Warning: Do not switch on the phone when phone on wireless phone use is prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger.
  • Page 33: Use The Phone Book

    Make an international call See “Make an international call” on page 110. Make a call with voice dialing See “Use voice dialing” on page 64. Make a 1-touch dial call See “Use 1-touch dialing” on page 108. Make an emergency call See “Emergency calls”...
  • Page 34: Use The Menu

    Basic operations • USE THE MENU Your phone offers many functions that are grouped in menus and submenus. Access these menus with the scroll method, or a shortcut. Use the scroll method • At the Start screen, press Menu, then page (or scroll) through the menus using the scroll key ( THE MENU NUMBER AND SCROLL BAR As you page through menus, the...
  • Page 35 Use a menu shortcut You can also go to almost any feature, option, or submenu directly from the Start screen using a “shortcut”. Press Menu, and within 3 seconds, enter the first number of the menu function you would like to access. Keep going until you have entered all the numbers.
  • Page 36: List Of Menu Shortcuts

    Basic operations List of menu shortcuts Here is an abbreviated list of menu items and their menu shortcuts. Later chapters tell you how to work with the menus and explain their functions. Note: Some items may not appear due to SIM card configuration and service availability.
  • Page 37 2 Data received in last 3 Phone settings ... 4-3 session ....2-7-2 1 Language ... .4-3-1 3 All sent data .
  • Page 38 Basic operations 5 RADIO 10 SERVICES The following menu items depend on 6 ORGANIZER network availability. Contact your 1 Alarm clock....6-1 service provider for more information 2 Calendar .
  • Page 39: Set Up Your Phone

    Keep the phone in its case when you are not actively using it for calls. Change Xpress-on™ color covers To personalize your Nokia 6590i phone, you can change the front and back covers. Nokia Xpress-on covers are available in several fashion colors.
  • Page 40 Basic operations REMOVE THE BACK COVER 1 With the back of the phone facing you, press and hold the back cover release button. 2 Slide the cover off. REMOVE THE FRONT COVER AND KEYPAD 1 With the back of the phone facing you, grasp the phone body and gently separate it from the front cover.
  • Page 41: Replace The Back Cover

    REPLACE THE NEW FRONT COVER 3 Align the top of the phone with the top of the front cover. Make sure both sets of plastic tabs line up with their slots, as shown at right. 4 Align the cover and snap it shut all the way around the edge of the phone.
  • Page 42: Text Entry

    Text entry 4 Text entry You can enter letters and numbers into your phone for a person’s name and phone number, a text message, and so on. There are two ways to do this: • ABC mode, for making entries in the phone book, entering calendar notes, and renaming caller groups •...
  • Page 43 Depending on the selected display language, the following characters may be available. Characters Characters . , ’ ? ! ” 1 - p q r s 7 a b c 2 t u v 8 d e f 3 w x y z 9 g h i 4 space, 0 j k l 5...
  • Page 44: Enter Numbers

    Text entry Enter numbers To enter numbers, you can press and hold and switch to 123 mode. Press the appropriate number key to enter a number. Or, while in ABC mode, press and hold the corresponding number key until the number appears. As with the ABC mode, if you make a mistake: •...
  • Page 45 IN 123 MODE You can access the following special characters only in 123 mode. There are two places you can use these characters: • At the Start screen, when you dial a phone number • At the number prompt, when you add a new entry to the phone book You can use these characters to automate dialing your Voicemail.
  • Page 46: Predictive Text Input

    Your phone uses a built-in dictionary to predict or guess what you are writing. You can also add new words to the dictionary. For example, to write “Nokia” with the English dictionary selected, press: (for N)
  • Page 47 Tip: Your key presses must be quick! Press two times in about 1.5 seconds. Write words using predictive text • Press the number key that corresponds to the letter you want to enter. For example to write “hello” press: • If the displayed word is correct, press to accept the word and add a space.
  • Page 48 Text entry Use predictive text shortcuts Press Menu 01-1 (Messages > Write message) to write messages using the following shortcuts. Use letter keys for word entry. Press each key only once for each letter. Press to view the next matching word if the underlined word is not the word you intended.
  • Page 49: Insert Symbols

    Insert symbols 1 Press and hold until the symbol screen appears. Press Options and scroll to Insert symbol. 2 Scroll to the desired symbol and press Insert. Insert numbers 1 To add a number to the message, press and hold The 123 mode icon ( ) appears.
  • Page 50: Use The Phone Book

    Use the phone book 5 Use the phone book One of the most useful features in the Nokia 6590i phone is its powerful Phone book. You can store up to 500 contacts with multiple phone numbers and text entries per contact.
  • Page 51 Memory specific information Feature Phone Phone and SIM Names capacity Up to 500 Up to 250 Up to 750 names (Depends on names (both SIM and number of (Depends on phone entries are characters SIM card; displayed) per entry) Check with you service provider) Phone numbers...
  • Page 52: View The Phone Book

    Use the phone book Select a memory 1 At the Start screen, press Names, scroll to Settings, and press Select. 2 Scroll until Memory in use appears in the display and press Select. The following options are available: Phone and SIM Data is saved to Phone memory, but SIM and Phone entries appear in the display.
  • Page 53 Phone book menu Edit name Edit an existing name in your Phone book. Erase Erase names and numbers in your Phone book one by one or all at once. Copy Copy entries from SIM card to Phone or vice versa. You have the option to copy entries one by one or all at once.
  • Page 54: Add A Number To A Phone Book Entry

    Use the phone book Add an entry to the Phone book 1 At the Start screen press Names, scroll to Add entry, and press Select. 2 Enter a name for the entry and press OK. 3 Enter the area code and number for the entry and press OK. The name and number are saved to the memory in use (SIM card or phone memory;...
  • Page 55 Important: If you plan on using Nokia PC Sync to synchronize your phone book and your PC’s PIM (Personal Information Manager) application, make sure all phone numbers are assigned the correct number type. PC Sync uses this information to synchronize contacts correctly between phone and PC.
  • Page 56 Use the phone book Save a number (only) 1 At the Start screen, enter the area code and number you would like to save. 2 Press and hold Options. The number is saved to your Phone book as a stand-alone entry. Scroll through Phone book entries Display entries in your Phone book with a press of the scroll key ( ) at the Start screen.
  • Page 57 5 Scroll to an option. Press Select to activate an option or to enter its submenu. Options while displaying a Phone book entry Add voice tag Add a voice tag to the highlighted entry Edit number Edit the highlighted number Erase number Erase the highlighted number Copy number...
  • Page 58: Edit Names

    Use the phone book Edit names 1 At the Start screen, press Names and scroll to Edit name. 2 Press Select and scroll to the name you wish to change. 3 Press Edit, modify the name as desired, and press OK once you have finished.
  • Page 59 Assign a primary number For phone book entries containing more than one number, you can assign the number you dial the most as the primary number. 1 At the Start screen, press to display a list of Phone book entries. 2 Scroll to a name containing multiple numbers and press Details.
  • Page 60: Copy Phone Book Entries

    Use the phone book Copy Phone book entries 1 At the Start screen, press Names, scroll to Copy, and press Select. 2 Scroll to From phone to SIM card or From SIM card to phone and press Select. The following options appear in the display: One by one Select and copy entries one by one Copies all entries from the SIM card or Phone...
  • Page 61: View Service Numbers

    View service numbers Your wireless provider may have saved service numbers to your SIM card. To view these numbers: 1 At the Start screen, press Names, Scroll to Service nos. and press Select. A list of numbers, if any are available, appear in the display. 2 To view details of a number, scroll to the number and press Details.
  • Page 62 Use the phone book 5 Scroll to the tone you want to hear when anyone from this group calls you and press Select. Tip: You can set your phone to ring only when people from certain caller groups call you, and to be silent for all other call groups. See “Customize a profile”...
  • Page 63: Check Call Log

    6 Check call log Your phone provides a call log that registers information about calls you make and receive. The call log keeps track of the following: • Missed calls • Numbers from which you have received calls • Numbers you have dialed •...
  • Page 64: Check Received Calls

    Check call log At any time 1 Press Menu 2-1 (Call log > Missed calls). 2 Scroll to the number you want to see. 3 To dial the number, press 4 For other options, press Options. • CHECK RECEIVED CALLS Your phone saves the phone numbers of the 10 most recent calls you have answered, if the caller’s number was available.
  • Page 65: Clear Call Lists

    Choose options in call lists When you view the missed calls, received calls, or dialed calls list and press Options, the following choices appear on your phone’s screen: Choice What it does Shows the date and time of the last call. Use the scroll key Call time to view up to five recent call dates/time for the displayed phone number.
  • Page 66: Use Call Timers

    Check call log • USE CALL TIMERS Your phone automatically tracks the amount of time you have spent on calls. Note: The actual invoice for calls and services from your service provider may vary, depending upon network features, rounding off for billing, taxes, and so forth.
  • Page 67 2 Scroll to the information you are interested in viewing. Your options include the following: • Data sent in last session • Data received in last session • All sent data • All received data Clear the data counter 1 Press Menu 2-7 (Call log > GPRS data counter). 2 Scroll to Clear counters, then press Select.
  • Page 68: Manage Call Costs

    Check call log • MANAGE CALL COSTS This network service allows you to check approximate call costs. You can view the last call cost or the total cost of all calls made or received since the counters were reset. Check with your service provider for availability. Note: The actual invoice for calls and services from your service provider may vary, depending upon network features, rounding off for billing, taxes, and so forth.
  • Page 69 1 Press Menu 2-6-3 (Call log > Call costs > Call cost settings). 2 Scroll to Show costs in, then press Select. 3 Enter your PIN2 code, then press OK. 4 Scroll to Currency or Units, then press Select. If you select Currency, your phone prompts you to enter a home unit price and a currency name.
  • Page 70: Use Voice Features

    Use voice features 7 Use voice features The voice features in your phone make communication more convenient. You can check messages from friends or business associates, record a voice memo, and use voice dialing and voice commands for handsfree operation. •...
  • Page 71: Save The Voice Mailbox Number

    • SAVE THE VOICE MAILBOX NUMBER Your wireless provider may have already saved your voice mailbox number to your phone. If so, the number will appear in the display in step 2. Press OK to leave the number unchanged. 1 Press Menu 01-11-2 (Messages > Voice messages > Voice mailbox number).
  • Page 72: Automate Voicemail With Dialing Codes

    Use voice features • AUTOMATE VOICEMAIL WITH DIALING CODES You can insert special characters called “dialing codes” into phone numbers such as Voicemail and then save the number to a 1-touch dialing location. Dialing codes instruct the receiving system to pause, wait, bypass, or accept the numbers that follow them in the dialing string.
  • Page 73: Use Voice Dialing

    Set up voicemail with dialing codes 1 At the Start screen, press Menu 01-11-2 (Messages > Voice messages > Voice mailbox number). The Mailbox number box appears. 2 Refer to the dialing codes table above and enter any codes as necessary along with the information that you wrote down earlier.
  • Page 74: Notes About Voice Tags

    Use voice features The phone automatically stops recording, then saves and replays the voice tag. If the recording is not successful, your phone displays Voice system error. Press Options, scroll to Add voice tag, and repeat steps 3 - 5. Warning: Do not rely only on a voice tag for dialing emergency numbers.
  • Page 75: Use Voice Commands

    VOICE DIAL WITH THE HEADSET After you have assigned voice tags to those entries you wish to dial, you can also voice dial a number using a headset. (See “Accessories” on page 162.) 1 At the Start screen, press and hold the remote button on the headset. Your phone beeps and Please speak now appears in the display.
  • Page 76 Use voice features View available functions To see which functions in your phone work with voice commands: Press Menu 7-3 (Extras > Voice commands) and scroll through the list of functions. Phone Use a voice tag to select a profile feature or activate a feature Normal...
  • Page 77: Activate A Voice Command

    3 Scroll to one of the available features, and press Options. Add command appears on the display. 4 Press Select. Press Start, then speak after tone appears on the display. 5 Press Start, and speak the voice tag clearly into the microphone. Note: Do not press Quit unless you want to cancel the recording.
  • Page 78 Use voice features PLAY BACK A VOICE COMMAND TAG 1 Press Menu 7-3 (Extras > Voice commands). A list of phone functions appears, with Profiles highlighted. 2 Scroll to the phone function containing the voice command you want to hear and press Select. For example, Profiles.
  • Page 79: Messages

    • SET UP MESSAGE PROFILES Choose a message sending profile Your Nokia 6590i phone can send and receive text messages in several formats: text, email, page, and fax. With message sending profiles, you can quickly select a profile that is compatible with different formats and different message centers.
  • Page 80 Messages 1 Press Menu 01-14-1-1(Messages > Message settings > Text messages > Sending profile). Sending profile appears followed by Default profile. Tip: Use the Default profile for the message format you use most often. 2 Press Select to begin setting the features for the Default profile. Save the message center number Messages sent by your phone are routed through your wireless provider’s message center.
  • Page 81 Choose other message settings Choice What it does Default recipient This number is used to control text messages. number Contact your wireless provider for details. This number is used to control e-mail messages. *Email server Contact your wireless provider for details. Allows you to ask the network for a report *Delivery reports about message delivery.
  • Page 82: Write A Message

    Messages 4 After saving the message center number, scroll to Messages sent as and press Select. 5 Scroll to the message format you want and press OK. For example, E-mail. 6 Scroll to E-mail server and press Select. Note: Check with your wireless provider for the e-mail server number.
  • Page 83 Send a message as text SEND TO ONE 1 When you are finished writing, press Options. Send appears highlighted. 2 Press Select. 3 Enter the recipient’s phone number, or press Find to retrieve a number from your phone book, and press OK. Sending message appears.
  • Page 84: Save Messages In The Outbox

    Contact your service provider for more information. Send a text message as a fax Your Nokia 6590i phone can operate as a fax modem. See the PC Connectivity Guide at for details. Save messages in the outbox When you write a message, you can save it in the outbox.
  • Page 85: Resend A Message From The Outbox

    2 Scroll to Save message, then press Select. 3 Scroll to Outbox, then press Select. Resend a message from the outbox 1 Press Menu, then press Select. 2 Scroll to Outbox, then press Select. 3 Scroll to the message you want to resend, then press Select. The message appears on the screen.
  • Page 86 Messages Send a message from the phone book You can send text and e-mail messages directly from the phone book. CHOOSE A NAME 1 Press The name list appears. 2 Scroll to the name you want and press Details. The name and any information stored with it appears. Tip: To skip ahead quickly in the list, press the number key that matches the first letter of the name.
  • Page 87: Read Text Messages

    3 Enter a subject for the e-mail and press OK. The message screen appears. 4 Write your message using the keypad. 5 Once you have finished writing, press Options. Send e-mail appears again. 6 Press Select. If the E-mail server number box appears, enter the number for your service provider’s e-mail server (also known as “e-mail gateway,”...
  • Page 88 Messages Choose text message options While viewing a message, you can choose one of the following options: Choice What it does Erase Allows you to delete the message. Allows you to choose templates, use standard replies Reply “Yes,” “No,” “Thank you,” or compose your own reply from a blank screen.
  • Page 89: Store Messages

    Read linked messages Your phone can receive one long message (up to 600 characters) in sequences. You can start reading the first part before the phone has received the entire message. While viewing the message, you may see *some text missing* on the display. This is normal, and the message content will be updated as soon as the missing sequence arrives.
  • Page 90 Messages INBOX FOLDER Messages are automatically stored in the inbox after they have been read or if you press Exit when Message received appears on the Start screen. OUTBOX FOLDER You can use the Outbox to store saved messages. ARCHIVE FOLDER To make sure that certain messages will not be overwritten when memory becomes full, move some of your messages to the Archive folder.
  • Page 91: Chat With Other Phone Users

    Move a message to a folder 1 While viewing the message, press Options. 2 Scroll to Move and press Select. 3 Scroll to the destination folder and press Select. The message is moved. • CHAT WITH OTHER PHONE USERS You can have a conversation with another person using text messages. Chat is designed for fast message sending through a connection between the sender and receiver.
  • Page 92: Change Your Nickname

    Messages 6 Press OK to clear the screen and reply to the message. Note: You can start a chat session when replying to a regular text message as well. When reading the message, select Options, then select Chat. Use predictive text for quick replies When you are in a chat session, you can use the phone’s dictionary to help speed up text entry.
  • Page 93: Use Picture Messages

    • USE PICTURE MESSAGES Your phone offers you 10 picture message templates under Messages > Templates. You can use these templates to send pictures to your friends and family. You can also save new pictures in the Templates folder. Notes about picture messages •...
  • Page 94: Receive Picture Messages

    Messages 2 Enter your message, then press Options. 3 Scroll to Attach picture, then press Select. 4 Scroll to the picture you want to send, then press View. 5 After viewing the picture, select Attach. 6 Select Options, scroll to Send. 7 Enter the phone number or recall a number from your phone book, then press OK.
  • Page 95: Use A Template

    b) Change picture - Takes you back to the picture list. Scroll to highlight a new picture, press View and then press Attach to replace the previous picture in your message. c) Erase picture - Press OK to erase the picture from your message, or press Back to return to the list of options.
  • Page 96: Receive Multimedia Messages (Mms)

    Messages a) Press Options, scroll to Edit instead of Send and press Select. As text msg. and As e-mail appear. b) Scroll to your choice, press Select, and edit the message. c) Press Options. Send appears highlighted. d) If you want to save the template before sending, scroll to Save message (instead of Send), and press Select.
  • Page 97 Message receiving limitations Your phone can receive a multimedia message if: • the message size is under 30 KB, and • the message type and settings allow reception. Define MMS settings Before you can use the multimedia message feature, you need to first define the way you want to receive the messages.
  • Page 98 Messages 3 Scroll to Multimedia msg., then press Select. 4 Scroll to Allow multimedia reception, then press Select. 5 Scroll to No, then press Select. ALLOW ADVERTISEMENTS 1 Press Menu, then press Select. 2 Scroll up to Message settings, then press Select. 3 Scroll to Multimedia msg., then press Select.
  • Page 99: Use The Info Message Service

    Choose multimedia message options 1 While viewing a message, press Options. 2 Scroll to one of these choices listed below, then press Select. Note: The order and number of options in this menu may vary. Choice What it does Save Allows you to save the multimedia message in the message Multimedia inbox...
  • Page 100: Personalize Your Phone

    Personalize your phone 9 Personalize your phone • PROFILES Profiles define how your phone reacts when you receive a call or a message, the sounds your keypad makes whenever you press a key, and more. Ringing options, keypad tones, and other settings for each of the 5 available profiles can be left at their default setting, or customized to suit your needs.
  • Page 101 Option What it does Allows you to choose a ringing style. Your Ringing options choices include Ring, Ascending, Ring once, Beep once and Silent. Allows you to choose from 20 pre-programmed tones. You can also download up to 10 ringing Ringing tone tones, see “Download ringing tones”...
  • Page 102: Set A Timed Profile

    The profile you have set for expiration is now active and appears in the Start screen along with a small “clock” icon. Accessory profiles This feature lets you select which profile is activated when you attach one of these Nokia-approved accessories to your phone: • Headset •...
  • Page 103 This profile sets your phone to answer incoming calls automatically. Note: This profile is available only after your phone has been connected to a Nokia approved headset, loopset or car kit. This feature applies only to voice calls. 1 Press Menu 4-5 (Settings > Accessory settings).
  • Page 104: Choose The Display Language

    SET UP CAR PROFILE If you are using your phone with a Nokia-approved car kit, you can set lights to On (lights stay on) or Automatic (after 15 seconds, lights turn off until the next key is pressed or the phone rings).
  • Page 105: Set Up The Clock

    • SET UP THE CLOCK Your phone has an internal clock that can be displayed on the Start screen. It also features an alarm clock (see “Use the alarm clock” on page 127). Set the time 1 Press Menu 4-1-1 (Settings > Time settings > Clock). 2 Scroll to Set the time, then press Select.
  • Page 106: Download Ringing Tones

    Personalize your phone Set automatic update of date and time If this feature is supported by your wireless service provider, it automatically updates the clock in your phone in accordance with the current time zone. This may be helpful if you are traveling from Newfoundland to British Columbia, for example, and want to receive the local time from the wireless network.
  • Page 107: Use A Screen Saver

    Save received ringing tones 1 After listening to the ringing tone, press Quit. Playback appears highlighted. 2 Scroll to Save tone, then press Select. The tone is saved to your list of ringing tones. Discard received ringing tones If you do not want to save the ringing tone, press Exit without saving it, or scroll to Discard, then press Select, confirm with OK.
  • Page 108: Restore Factory Settings

    Personalize your phone • RESTORE FACTORY SETTINGS You can use Menu 4-8 (Settings > Restore factory settings) to reset some of the phone settings to their original values. You must enter the security code. Caution: Restoring factory settings does not erase your phone book. However, it does erase all customized settings you may have entered.
  • Page 109: Advanced Calling Features

    10 Advanced calling features • ACTIVE CALL OPTIONS Use call waiting This network service lets you receive an incoming call when you are already in a call. (Contact your service provider for availability.) The phone beeps to let you know of the incoming call. ACTIVATE/CANCEL CALL WAITING 1 Press Menu 4-2-5 (Settings >...
  • Page 110 Advanced calling features END THE ACTIVE CALL Press The held call becomes active. 1 Press Options and scroll to End call. 2 Press Select. THIRD CALL WAITING If you have both an active and a held call and a third call is waiting, you must end the active or held call to answer the waiting call.
  • Page 111: Make A New Call

    Put a call on hold 1 To put a call on hold, press Hold. 2 To return to the call, press Unhold. Make a new call 1 Enter the second phone number, or recall it from the phone book. 2 Press 1 Press Options.
  • Page 112: End All Calls

    Advanced calling features SAVE TOUCH TONE STRINGS Store touch tone strings the same way you save phone numbers (see “Add an entry to the Phone book” on page 45). For frequently used strings of numbers, you can save an entire sequence of digits in your phone book and send it as a touch tone string.
  • Page 113: Make A Conference Call

    Mute/unmute the microphone You can mute and unmute your phone’s microphone while a call is in progress. The difference between mute and hold is that mute lets you hear the other caller. 1 Press Options. 2 Scroll to Mute, then press Select. 3 To unmute the microphone, press Unmute.
  • Page 114: Use Call Forwarding

    Advanced calling features 4 To rejoin the conference call, press Options. 5 Scroll to Conference, then press Select. DROP A PARTICIPANT FROM THE CONFERENCE CALL 1 While in a conference call, press Options. 2 Scroll to Private call, then press Select. A list of the participants appears.
  • Page 115: Activate Call Forwarding

    Activate call forwarding 1 Press Menu 4-2-1 (Settings > Call settings > Call forwarding). • Forward all voice calls • Forward if busy • Forward if not answered • Forward if out of reach • Forward when not able to take calls •...
  • Page 116: Use Anykey Answer

    Advanced calling features Check call forwarding status 1 Press Menu 4-2-1 (Settings > Call settings > Call forwarding). 2 Scroll to the call forwarding option you want to check, press Select. 3 Scroll to Check status, then press OK. Note: Status is not available for Forward when not able to take calls.
  • Page 117: Send Your Own Number In Caller Id

    Activate automatic redial 1 Press Menu 4-2-3 (Settings > Call settings > Automatic redial). 2 Scroll to On, then press Select. 3 Press and hold Back to return to the Start screen. If the number you dial is busy, your phone immediately redials the number. If it is still busy, your phone will redial the number up to nine more times.
  • Page 118 Advanced calling features Activate 1-touch dialing 1 Press Menu 4-2-4 (Settings > Call settings > 1-touch dialing). Scroll to On, then press Select. Assign a number to a 1-touch dialing key 1 Press Names and scroll to 1-touch dialing. 2 Press Select. 2 (empty) appears.
  • Page 119: Make An International Call

    Erase 1-touch dialing numbers 1 Press Names. 2 Scroll to 1-touch dialing and press Select. 3 Scroll to the key that you want to erase and press Options. 4 Scroll to Erase and press Select. 5 Press OK to confirm. •...
  • Page 120: Manage Phone Security

    Manage phone security 11 Manage phone security Your phone is equipped with different security features that allow you to do the following: • Avoid making accidental calls • Prevent unauthorized use of your phone • Restrict outgoing or incoming calls •...
  • Page 121: About Access Codes

    The security code The security code controls access to features such as the security level and is supplied with the phone. The preset code is 12345. Nokia recommends that you change this code. Note: If you enter the wrong security code five times in succession, you will not be able to enter a code for five minutes, even if you power off the phone between incorrect entries.
  • Page 122: The Pin Code

    Manage phone security CHANGE YOUR SECURITY CODE Once you change the security code from its preset of 12345, keep the new code secret, and in a safe place separate from your phone. 1 Press Menu 4-7-6-1 (Settings > Security settings > Access codes > Change security code).
  • Page 123 CHANGE YOUR PIN CODE Before you can change your PIN code, you will need to enable PIN code request. See “PIN code request” immediately preceding this section. 1 Press Menu 4-7-6-2 (Settings > Security settings > Access codes > Change PIN code). 2 After a brief pause, you are prompted to enter the current PIN code.
  • Page 124: Use Call Restrictions

    Manage phone security Personal unblocking key (PUK) codes PUK and PUK2 codes are used to restore blocked PIN and PIN2 codes. Both PUK and PUK2 codes are eight characters in length and cannot be changed. PUK and PUK2 codes must be obtained from your wireless provider. Important: If you enter an incorrect PUK or PUK2 code 10 times in succession, the message SIM rejected appears in the display and the SIM card can no longer be used.
  • Page 125: Restrict Calls

    • RESTRICT CALLS This network service lets you restrict the calls your phone can make and receive. Check with your service provider for details. Note: When calls are restricted, calls may be possible to certain emergency numbers in some networks (such as 911 or other official emergency number).
  • Page 126: Set Up A Closed User Group

    Manage phone security About your restriction password Contact your service provider for the restriction password. Change your restriction password 1 Press Menu 4-7-6 (Settings > Security settings > Change access codes). 2 Scroll to Change restriction password, then press Select. 3 Enter your new password, then press OK.
  • Page 127: Your Wireless Internet Browser

    12 Your wireless Internet browser Your phone has a built-in browser you can use to connect to selected services on the wireless Internet. You can view weather reports, check news or flight times, view financial information, make online purchases and much more. Warning: Do not switch on the phone when the use of a wireless phone is prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger.
  • Page 128: Set Up For Browsing

    Your wireless Internet browser GPRS General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is a technology used to send and receive data via short bursts or packets over the wireless network. GPRS allows you to stay connected to the Internet. This feature allows for faster downloads of information and no time spent completing a dial-up connection.
  • Page 129: Use Browser Options

    1 Press Menu 10 (Services). Home appears highlighted. 2 Press Select. Your phone connects to the Internet and to your service provider’s home page. If you see the message Check service settings, the phone may not be set up for browsing. Contact your service provider to make sure that your phone is configured properly.
  • Page 130: Navigate The Wireless Internet

    Your wireless Internet browser • NAVIGATE THE WIRELESS INTERNET Since your phone’s screen is much smaller than a computer screen, WAP content is displayed in a different format than you may be used to seeing. This section shows simple guidelines for using the phone’s keys to navigate a WAP site.
  • Page 131: Use Bookmarks

    Examples of wireless Internet sites The following illustrations show most of the elements you may find on a wireless Internet site. These are examples only. Header line (1): shows the page currently active. Inactive link (2): appears as an underlined word. Active link (3): appears as a highlighted word.
  • Page 132: Disconnect From The Internet

    Your wireless Internet browser 4 Scroll to New bookmark, then press Select. 5 Enter address, then press OK. 6 Enter a title, then press OK. • DISCONNECT FROM THE INTERNET To close your connection, simply press twice. The Start screen appears when you are disconnected.
  • Page 133: Notes About Gprs

    VIEW THE LIST OF CERTIFICATES 1 Press Menu 10 (Services). 2 Scroll to Settings, then press Select. 3 Scroll to Certificates, then press Select. • NOTES ABOUT GPRS When connecting to the Internet, you are making a data connection. The following icons appear on the screen to show you the status of your connection.
  • Page 134: Receive A Call While Online

    Your wireless Internet browser You can choose one of the following options from the Services settings menu: • Always online: the connection is established when you turn your phone on. The connection continues in the background even after you are finished browsing, depending on network coverage.
  • Page 135: Make A Call While Online

    Make a call while online When you are browsing a WAP page and want to make a call, you can select Use number. Your phone then searches the information on the WAP page for a string of numbers. You can then choose from the number or numbers displayed to place the call.
  • Page 136: Your Personal Digital Assistant

    Your personal digital assistant 13 Your personal digital assistant Your Nokia 6590i phone has many useful features for organizing your everyday life, including a calendar, to-do list, and alarm clock. In this chapter, you will learn how to use your phone as a digital assistant.
  • Page 137: Use The Calendar

    PHONE OFF The phone switches itself on at alarm time, and then the alarm sounds. If you press Stop, the phone displays Switch the phone on? Press Yes to keep it on or No to switch it off. Turn off the alarm clock 1 Press Menu 6-1 (Organizer >...
  • Page 138 Your personal digital assistant 3 Press Select. The date appears in mm-dd-yyyy format for English. (Date format for other languages may vary). 4 Enter the date and press OK. Set the date format 1 While in the Monthly view screen, press Options. 2 Scroll to Settings and press Select.
  • Page 139 Make a note for a specific date You can choose from four types of notes; Meeting, Call, Birthday, and Memo. Your phone asks for further information depending on which note you choose. You also have the option to set an alarm for any note that you select. 1 Jump to a date as outlined in the previous section.
  • Page 140 Your personal digital assistant Options while viewing the notes list 1 Press Options while viewing the day’s notes to display the options listed in the following table. 2 Scroll to an option. Press Select to activate the option or enter its submenu. Calendar note options View View the full note...
  • Page 141: Send A Calendar Note To Another Device

    2 Scroll to an option. Press Select to activate the option or enter its submenu. Send a Calendar note to another device SEND A NOTE VIA INFRARED OR SMS Note: If sending via IR (infrared), ensure the other device is set to receive data via IR.
  • Page 142: Make A To-Do List

    Your personal digital assistant VIEW RECEIVED CALENDAR NOTES 1 When your phone displays Calendar note received, press Show. 2 The text of your note appears in the display. Use the scroll keys to view the entire message, if necessary. SAVE RECEIVED CALENDAR NOTES 1 After viewing the Calendar note, press Options.
  • Page 143: Use The Calculator

    Choose other to-do options When you view a to-do note, you have the following options: To-do note options View View the selected note Create a note Erase Delete a note Edit Modify the contents of a note Edit priority Change the priority of a note. Your choices are high, medium, and low Go to priority View notes for a certain priority level, such as all of your High priority notes...
  • Page 144 Your personal digital assistant Calculator options Equals Displays the sum of your calculation Adds numbers in the calculation Subtract Subtracts numbers in the calculation Multiply Multiplies numbers in the calculation Divide Divides numbers in the calculation Square Squares numbers in the calculation Square root Square root of the numbers in the calculation Change sign...
  • Page 145: Use The Voice Recorder

    4 Press Select to edit your choice. Enter the exchange rate and press OK. The exchange rate is saved. MAKE CONVERSIONS You can convert foreign currency to domestic, or vice versa directly from the Start screen. 1 At the Start screen, enter a currency amount to convert. 2 Press Options, scroll to one of the following and press Select: To home Converts foreign currency to domestic currency...
  • Page 146: Record A Phone Conversation

    Your personal digital assistant 4 Key in a name for the recording and press OK to save it. Recording saved appears on the screen. If you do not want to save the recording, then follow these steps: 1 Press Clear to erase the name. Then press Back. Recording will not be not saved.
  • Page 147: Set An Alarm

    Listen to or edit a memo 1 To listen to or edit a recorded memo, press Menu 7-2-2 (Extras > Voice recorder > Recordings list). A list of recordings appears. 2 Scroll to the recording you want then press Options. A list of options appears: •...
  • Page 148: Use The Countdown Timer

    Your personal digital assistant • USE THE COUNTDOWN TIMER The countdown timer is like an egg-timer, or the timer on your microwave oven. You can enter a specified time, and when the time runs out, your phone sounds an alarm. Warning: Your phone must be switched on to use this function.
  • Page 149: Use The Stopwatch

    BEFORE THE ALARM SOUNDS 1 Press Menu 7-4 (Extras > Countdown timer), then press Select. 2 Scroll to Stop timer, then press Select. Timer stopped appears on the display. • USE THE STOPWATCH Your phone has a stopwatch that can be used to track time at sporting events or other occasions.
  • Page 150: Measure Lap Time

    Your personal digital assistant Measure lap time You can use the lap time function when you want to track how long it takes to complete each cycle or lap. 1 Press Menu 7-5 (Extras > Stopwatch). 2 Scroll to Lap timing, then press Select. 3 Press Start.
  • Page 151: Share Business Cards

    Choose other stopwatch options You can choose the following options when using the Stopwatch. Choice What it does Show last Allows you to view the last measured time. time View times Allows you to browse the saved times. Erase times Allows you to delete the saved times. You can delete the saved times one by one or all at once.
  • Page 152 Your personal digital assistant Send a business card as a short text message 1 Recall the name from your phone book. 2 Press Details, if shown, or skip to Step 3. 3 Press Options. 4 Scroll to Send bus. card and press Select. 5 Scroll to Via infrared or Via test msg.
  • Page 153: Fun And Games

    14 Fun and games • FM RADIO Warning: Your phone must be switched on to use this function. Do not switch the phone on when wireless phone use is prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger. Note: You must have a headset connected to the phone before using the radio.
  • Page 154 Fun and games MANUAL SEARCH 1 Scroll to Manual tuning and press Select. 2 Press until you hear the station you want. 3 Press OK. Frequency set appears. AUTOMATIC TUNING 1 Scroll to Auto-tuning and press Select. 2 Press The radio automatically seeks and stops on the next active frequency. 3 Press OK.
  • Page 155: Handle Calls While Listening To The Radio

    CHANGE CHANNELS With the keypad While in the Radio menu, press to select another station. Press the channel location number of the station you want to hear. With the headset Briefly press and release the headset button to move up to the next channel. Handle calls while listening to the radio INCOMING CALLS When you get an incoming call, the radio is muted.
  • Page 156: Game Rules

    Select. 2 Scroll to the desired setting and press Select. • NOKIA SUGAR BOWL Play the role of head coach. Select the plays for your team and watch the action unfold. Choose from a quick match, full game, or scenario.
  • Page 157: Space Impact

    • SPACE IMPACT Use your weapons to survive alien attacks. When you defeat all the enemies, you progress to the next level. Use to move up and down, to move left and right. Key fires the main weapons, and key fires bonus weapons.
  • Page 158: Advanced Features

    (for example, another phone, computer, or hand-held device). Your Nokia phone is a Class 1 Laser Product. Warning: Your phone must be switched on to use this function. Do not switch the phone on when wireless phone use is prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger.
  • Page 159: Infrared Basics

    • INFRARED BASICS You can use IR to send and receive phone book entries (business cards) and calendar notes. 1 Make sure the two devices are ready for the IR connection. 2 To receive information on your phone, press Menu 9 (Infrared) and then press Select.
  • Page 160: Send A Business Card To Another Device

    Advanced features Send a business card to another device First, make sure that the other phone or device is set to receive data via its IR port. Refer to the user guide for the receiving device for more information on setting up IR communications. 1 Recall the name from your phone book.
  • Page 161: Pc Connectivity

    • PC CONNECTIVITY You can make a serial connection between your Nokia phone and your Infrared-equipped laptop or desktop PC. Once you establish this IR connection, you can access your phone’s information from your PC, or use your phone as a wireless modem.
  • Page 162: Nokia Pc Suite

    Nokia PC Suite To download Nokia PC Suite at no charge go to You can use the various components of Nokia PC Suite to do the following: • Make a backup copy of personal data such as contacts and calendar information from your phone to another phone or PC (Content Copier).
  • Page 163: Gprs Dial-Up Connections

    • GPRS DIAL-UP CONNECTIONS You can use your Nokia phone as a wireless modem with your PC or laptop computer. For more information, see the PC/PDA connectivity guide. This document can be downloaded from the Nokia website
  • Page 164: Reference Information

    Reference information 16 Reference information • BATTERY STATEMENTS Charging and Discharging Your phone is powered by a rechargeable battery. Note that a new battery's full performance may be achieved only after two or three complete charge and discharge cycles! The battery can be charged and discharged hundreds of times but it will eventually wear out.
  • Page 165: Important Safety Information

    Do not dispose of batteries in a fire! Dispose of batteries according to local regulations (for example, recycling). Do not dispose of as household waste. • IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION This section provides additional safety information. A brief overview of safety can be found in “Safety first” on page 1. Traffic safety Do not use a hand-held telephone while driving a vehicle.
  • Page 166: Other Medical Devices

    Reference information • Should always keep the phone more than 6 inches (20 cm) from their pacemaker when the phone is switched on • Should not carry the phone in a breast pocket • Should use the ear opposite the pacemaker to minimize the potential for interference.
  • Page 167: Potentially Explosive Atmospheres

    Potentially explosive atmospheres Switch off your phone when in any area with a potentially explosive atmosphere and obey all signs and instructions. Sparks in such areas could cause an explosion or fire resulting in bodily injury or even death. Users are advised to switch off the phone when at a refueling point (service station).
  • Page 168: Emergency Calls

    Reference information • EMERGENCY CALLS IMPORTANT! This phone, like any wireless phone, operates using radio signals, wireless and landline networks as well as user- programmed functions. Because of this, connections in all conditions cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, you should never rely solely upon any wireless phone for essential communications (for example, medical emergencies).
  • Page 169: Certification Information (Sar)

    • CERTIFICATION INFORMATION (SAR) THIS MODEL 6590i PHONE MEETS GOVERNMENT REQUIREMENTS FOR EXPOSURE TO RADIO WAVES Your mobile phone is a radio transmitter and receiver. It is designed and manufactured not to exceed the limits for exposure to radio frequency (RF) energy set by Industry Canada.
  • Page 170: Care And Maintenance

    Reference information • CARE AND MAINTENANCE Your phone is a product of superior design and craftsmanship and should be treated with care. The suggestions below will help you to fulfill any warranty obligations and allow you to enjoy this product for many years. When using your phone, battery, charger, or any accessory: •...
  • Page 171: Accessories

    • ACCESSORIES If you want to enhance your phone’s functionality, a range of accessories is available for you. You can select any of these items to help accommodate your specific communication needs. For availability of these and other accessories, contact your service provider.
  • Page 172: Battery Information

    Reference information • BATTERY INFORMATION This section provides information about the phone’s battery. Be aware that the information in this section is subject to change. Note: The phone has a lithium ion (Li-Ion) battery. Dispose of used batteries in accordance with any local regulations. The tables shown in this section provide information about the battery that is available for your phone, charging times with the Rapid Travel Charger (ACP-8U), the Standard Travel Charger (ACP-7U), the Travel...
  • Page 173: Chargers And Other Accessories

    • CHARGERS AND OTHER ACCESSORIES This section provides information about the phone’s chargers and accessories. Be aware that the information in this section is subject to change as the chargers and accessories change. The chargers and accessories that are described in this section are available for your phone.
  • Page 174 Reference information Travel Charger (ACP-12U) This charger is especially suitable for active travelers because it works with multiple voltages. Plug it into a standard 120V AC wall outlet, and connect the lead from the charger to the base of your phone. Rapid Cigarette Lighter Charger (LCH-9) You can charge your phone’s battery from your vehicle battery by using the Mobile Charger.
  • Page 175 Spare Battery Charger (DDC-1) Lightweight and stylish. this charger provides a convenient way to charge your spare battery. Compatible with Rapid Travel Charger (ACP-8U) or Standard Battery Charger (ACP-7U). Full Car Kit (CARK-132) Full Car Kit providing charging, handsfree functionality and external antenna connectivity via integrated inductive coupler in the cradle.
  • Page 176 64 for more information. HDD-1 Dual headset This dual headset combines comfortable, handsfree phone operation with the pleasure of enjoying music from the FM radio feature of the Nokia 6590i phone. Warning: Do not use while operating vehicle. [ 167 ]...
  • Page 177 Loopset LPS-3 With the Nokia Loopset, people who use a T-coil equipped hearing aid have the freedom to talk on a digital mobile phone. The loopset goes around your neck - so it can be worn comfortably and discreetly. Also available: Phone Adapter for TTY/TDD (HDA-9) and Headsets (HDE-2) and boom headset (HDB-5).
  • Page 178: Technical Information

    Technical information 17 Technical information Weight 3.0 oz. Size Length 97mm Width 43 mm Depth 21 mm Transmitting power GSM 850, 2 W nominal GSM 1900, 1 W nominal Operating voltage 3.6V DC 12V DC for car kit Networks GSM 850, 1900 Frequency band GSM 850 824 to 849 MHz (TX)
  • Page 179: Troubleshooting

    18 Troubleshooting This section provides a table that lists some of the most commonly encountered problems and provides possible causes and solutions. Problem Possible cause Possible solution My phone is not The charger and the Securely connect the charging. phone are not properly charger to the phone.
  • Page 180: Frequently Asked Quesitons

    Frequently asked questions (FAQ) 19 Frequently asked questions (FAQ) This section lists and answers the questions that you most frequently ask. Where necessary, the answers refer you to the appropriate section within this guide. Note: Some of the answers tell you to use menu shortcuts. For a complete listing of these shortcuts, refer to “List of menu shortcuts”...
  • Page 181 Q. How do I lock the keypad? A. To lock the keypad: • Press Menu Refer to “Lock the keypad (Keyguard)” on page 111 for details. Q. How do I unlock the keypad? A. To unlock the keypad: • Press Unlock and Refer to “Lock the keypad (Keyguard)”...
  • Page 182 Frequently asked questions (FAQ) Q. How do I find my phone’s model number? A. Turn off your phone, then remove the battery from the back of the phone. Read the sticker that is inside and you will find, after the word Model, your phone’s model number.
  • Page 183: Nokia One-Year Limited Warranty

    Nokia will void the warranty; 2 This warranty covers normal consumer use and does not cover defects or damage to any product which, in the sole opinion of Nokia, has been subject to: improper storage, exposure to moisture or dampness, exposure to fire, sand, dirt, windstorm, lightning, or earthquake;...
  • Page 184 In order to obtain warranty performance, return the defective unit to the Nokia Service Centre with transportation charges prepaid (Shipping of the repaired unit may be paid by Nokia, in which case Nokia shall have risk of loss or damage during this shipment).
  • Page 185 For products being returned to Nokia or its authorized service centres, the service provider/retailer/dealer shall prepay shipping charges, taxes, duties, insurance. Nokia shall have no risk for loss or damage during this shipment. NOTE: As warranty is automatically registered, no further action is required by the consumer.
  • Page 186: Index

    Index allow multimedia reception 88 answer call with any key 107 answer waiting call 100 antenna Numerics contact 11 1-touch dialing how to hold the phone 11 assigning a number 108 location 11 change a 1-touch number 109 performance 11 erase a 1-touch number 110 anykey answer 107 assign a number type 46...
  • Page 187 calls ignoring 18 cache memory 123 redial last 18 calculator car profile 95 currency conversion 135 care and maintenance 161 options 135 using 134 carrying case 30 calendar 128 certification information 160 4-way scrolling 129 change birthday note 130 memory in use 43 call note 130 number types 46 date notes 130...
  • Page 188 129 Internet 123 display language 95 downloading ringing tones 97 games 147 Bumper 148 Nokia Sugar Bowl 147 e-mail address Snake II 147 save 50 Space Impact 148 e-mail message GPRS 119 send 75...
  • Page 189 in-call options access menus 103 label 8 access the phone book 103 language 95 conference calls 104 English 95 end all calls 103 French 95 make a new call 102 phone support 95 mute the microphone 104 Spanish 95 put a call on hold 102 large print 5 record a call 101 lights...
  • Page 190 7 search 47 request alternate format 5 phone label 8 TTY number 5 phone security Nokia PC Suite 153 security code 112 Nokia website 154 phone size 169 number types 45 phone usage and hearing aids 157 phone usage and medical...
  • Page 191 phone weight 169 receive multimedia messages 87 picture messages record voice memo 136 modifying 85 redial a call 24 sending with text 84 remove battery 15 viewing 85 restore factory settings 99 PIN 2 code 114 restrict calls 116 PIN code ringing tones changing 114 download 97...
  • Page 192 copying entries 51 touch tones 102 handling 13 send pause 36 if rejected 115 track install 12 online usage 57 PIN code 113 wireless internet usage 57 selecting memory 43 troubleshooting 170 service numbers 52 TTY 5 SIM card feature fixed dialing 115 speed-dial 108 update date and time 97...
  • Page 193 153 set alarm 138 wireless network services 6 start tone 137 write messages voice recorder 136 with built-in dictionary 37 volume 154 decrease 24 5 increase 24 WAP 118 WAP broswer 120 use phone keys 121 WAP page...

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