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plete, defective or has been altered by anyone other than
an Authorized Service Center. The risk of accidents
increases considerably if maintenance is not carried our
regularly in a professional way. In case of doubt contact an
authorized service center.
All operations of maintenance, assembly, disassem-
bly and fueling should be done with the machine on
a flat, solid surface so that the motor cannot turn over, in a
stable position with the motor off, the switch turned to
O/STOP , the cutting tool stopped and wearing adequate
protective gloves.
Dress suitably for the job; wear approved personal
protection gear:
• Closely fitting protective clothing (do not wear shorts or
loose clothing). Do not wear jewelry that could get
caught in moving parts of the machine.
• Safety boots with non-slip sole, crush-resistant toe cap
and protection against cuts (do not wear sandals or
work barefoot).
• Sturdy gloves resistant to cuts and vibrations.
• Safety visor or protective goggles. Remove the protec-
tive film if any.
• Hearing protection.
• Hard hat (if there is any risk of falling objects).
Health precautions
Avoid prolonged use. Noise and vibrations may be
dangerous. Prolonged use of the machine or other
equipment expose the operator to vibrations that can
cause the White Finger Syndrome (Syndrome of
Raynaud). This could reduce the sensitivity of the hands in
distinguishing different temperatures and cause a general
numbness. The operator should therefore check the con-
ditions of the hands and fingers if the machine is used
continuously or regularly. If one of the symptoms should
appear, consult a doctor immediately. Prolonged use of
the machine or other equipment can cause discomfort,
stress, fatigue, hearing damage. Wear suitable hearing
protection when using the machine. Correct and scrupu-
lous maintenance can also help to protect you further
from the risk of noise and vibration.
Avoid contact of the eyes and skin with any oil or
fuel. Do not inhale the gasoline fumes as they are
toxic. Do not start or run the motor in closed or poorly
ventilated places. The exhaust fumes are poisonous to
breathe and can be asphyxiating and even fatal.
Work zone
Examine the work area and be careful of any haz-
ards (such as roads, driveways, power lines, hang-
ing tree limbs, etc.). Take special care when working on
sloping terrain. Before use, remove any rubbish from the
work area such as rocks, broken glass, ropes, metal
parts, cans, bottles and any foreign body that could
become entangled with rotating parts or be projected
dangerously at a distance. Take account of possible haz-
ards that may not be perceived because of the noise of
the machine. Make sure there is someone in the vicinity
within safe calling distance in case of accident.
During use
During use and for a few minutes after switching off
the machine, the gearbox and zone near the shaft
on which the cutting device is fastened are very hot. The
muffler and its guard are very hot during use and after the
engine has been switched off, even with the engine run-
ning at minimum speed. Contact can cause burns. Do
not touch these parts if they are still hot.
Twigs or grass may jam between the safety guard
and the blade or nylon string head. Never try to
remove this material with the engine running and the
blade rotating. Watch out for the rotating parts and hot
surfaces of the machine. Contact between the blades
and any extraneous objects could cause serious injury to
the operator or other people or animals in the vicinity, and
could also damage the machine. Cut only the material
recommended for each accessory and take care not to
let the blades come into contact with rocks, metal parts,
etc. The blade is sharp, so be very careful when handling
it even with the engine off.
Keep any other persons or animals away from the
work zone (minimum distance 15 meters). Since
there is a danger when you are working that the blade or
nylon string head could throw out grass, dirt, rocks or for-
eign bodies, when someone approaches switch the
engine off or stop the blade or rotating head (see section
entitled "Starting and stopping the engine"). Fasten your
hair above shoulder length. Start the machine in a flat
place, in a stable position, making sure the cutting tool
does not touch any obstacles. Use the machine holding it
to the right of your body so that the exhaust fumes can
escape freely without obstruction from your clothing. While
working, grip the brush cutter firmly with both hands.
Stand in a stable position on your feet. Keep the grips
clean and dry. Do not use the brush cutter while standing
on a ladder or other unstable support. You should always
be able to control your balance. Never use the machine
under extreme weather conditions or in bad weather (very
low temperatures, very hot, humid climate, fog, rain, wind,
etc.). Keep all parts of your body and clothing away from
the blades during startup or when the engine is running.
During use, keep the work zone in front of you. Never cut
walking backwards as you cannot see possible hazards.
Do not put the machine down with the engine running.
Never leave the machine alone. Never raise the brush cut-
ter above knee level during cutting.
Adjust the shaft fastening buckle so that the blade
or line cutter head are parallel to the ground. The
connection point should be held in the original position so
as to avoid unbalancing the shaft.
Precautions for carrying the machine
Never carry the brush cutter, even for short
distances, with the engine running. Switch off
the engine and carry it with the blade or nylon
string head facing backward. For your safety, dur-
ing transport and storage, always protect the
blade with the guard supplied with the machine
(see "Protection for transport"). When you trans-
port the brush cutter in a motor vehicle, place it in
a stable fixed position so that no fuel leaks out. We

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents