Electrolux Mini Trim Instruction Manual

Electrolux trimmer instruction manual
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  Summary of Contents for Electrolux Mini Trim

  • Page 1 For all customer enquiries or for replacement parts, contact:- ☎ ☎ 01325 300303 www.electrolux.com eop.customer.services@electrolux.co.uk...
  • Page 2: Carton Contents

    The operator is responsible for following the warning and safety instruc- tions in this manual and on the trimmer. Explanation of Symbols on the Mini Trim/MT21 The use of eye protection is recommend- ed to protect against objects thrown by Warning the cutting line.
  • Page 3 • If the plug supplied is cut off it should be sion cable is available from all Electrolux Outdoor destroyed. There is an electric shock hazard if a Products Approved Service Centres which can be cut off plug is inserted into a 13 amp socket.
  • Page 4: Starting And Stopping

    The unit is correctly assembled when the gap between the upper and lower shaft has been closed. Mini Trim/MT21 Mini Trim Auto/ Auto +/MT25 Safety Guard Assembly (B) & (C) 1. Locate the safety guard (B1) over the cutting head (B2).
  • Page 5: Manual Line Feed System

    Cleat Spool latches (K1). To replace nylon line Replacement line is available from most Electrolux Outdoor Products stockists. You can buy it either as Latches spool and line complete or as nylon line only. Spoolholder To replace spool and line complete 1.
  • Page 6: Automatic Line Feed System

    • Remember ! Your Trimmer is designed to use only Cleat nylon line with a maximum diameter of 1.5mm. Use only genuine Electrolux Outdoor Products nylon line. 1. IMPORTANT - Always wind the line onto the upper section of the spool first.
  • Page 7: Maintenance

    6. Wind cable carefully to avoid kinking. 7. Store in a cool, dry place and out of reach of chil- dren. Environmental Information Electrolux Outdoor Products are manufactured under an The symbol on the product or on its packaging Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) using,...
  • Page 8: Service Recommendations

    The Electrolux Group. The world’s No.1 choice. The Electrolux Group is the world’s largest producer of powered appliances for kitchen, cleaning and outdoor use. More than 55 million Electrolux Group products (such as refrigerators, cookers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, chain saws and lawn mowers) are sold each year to a value of approx.

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