Techniques For Use; Environmental Information - Electrolux Trimmer Instruction Manual

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Cutting techniques
During the cutting operations, keep the
engine running at high speed. After every
cutting stage, decelerate the engine to minimum
speed as running it at top speed without a load
can damage the engine severely.
Wait until the engine is running at minimum
speed before moving the machine from one
section to another.
The machine is ideal to complete the work of the
lawnmover. In fact, it can reach places where a
normal lawnmower is unable to go.
Cutting and trimming grass borders with the
nylon string head
Cutting with the nylon string head is suitable for
light jobs like trimming borders and cutting the
grass around trees.
To prevent damage to your lawn or the cutting
mechanism, keep the string parallel to the ground
but avoid contact with the terrain.
Trimming borders
Angle the nylon string head keeping it a short dis-
tance from the ground. Cut using the end of the
string. Do not press the string against the material
to be cut.
I1. Drawing out the string (A)
During cutting, the nylon string wears naturally
causing an increase in the speed of the engine
and a reduced cutting capacity. When this hap-
pens, to bring out more string bump the head
against the ground: release the throttle trigger to
reduce the engine speed to less than 8000 rpm.
This section contains information useful for main-
taining the characteristics of eco-compatibility
included in the origin design of the machine, and
as regards proper use and disposal of oil and
In the design stage, care was taken to develop an
engine with reduced consumption and low emis-
sions of noise and pollutant exhaust fumes.
Use of machine
The operations of filling the tank with the fuel mix-
I. Techniques for use
L. Environmental information
Tap gently on the ground with the button (A) as
shown in the figure and the string will come out
automatically. Accelerate again. If the string does
not come out make sure there is still some left
and try again.
I2. Drawing out the string (B)
In order to extend the nylon line as it wears down,
pull the mower gauge downwards and turn it in a
clockwise direction to feed out the desired length
of line.
I3. Thinning grass with the grass cutter blade
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The grass is cut with swinging motions from side
to side, maintaining the blade parallel to the
ground. During the right to left swing the grass is
cut, while the backswing must be made without
using the blade.
KICKBACK can occur when cutting is done with
the risk sector of the blade; we recommend cut-
ting with the rest of the blade. Take care that the
cup supporting the blade just grazes the ground.
This will prevent the blade from touching the
Use of sawtooth blade
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Do not attempt to cut trees with a larger
than recommended diameter, to prevent
the risk of kickback or damage to the blade.
The sawtooth blade serves to cut bushes and
small trees, with maximum diameter of seven
centimeters. Rest the left side of the special
shield on the trunk while cutting to limit the risk of
losing control of the machine.
ture should be carried out in such a way as to
avoid spilling fuel and contaminating the soil and
Periods of prolonged disuse
Always empty the fuel tank with the same precau-
tions used in filling it.
Do not dispose inappropriately of the machine
when it is no longer usable. Deliver it to an
authorized organization for proper disposal in
compliance with the regulations in force.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents