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Siemens Gigaset AS200 User Manual

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Gigaset AS200/AS200A
The handset at a glance
1 Charge status of
the batteries
2 Answer machine icon
(AS200A only)
3 Display keys
4 Message key
Flashes: new messages
5 Directory key
6 Control key (u)
7 Talk key
8 End call and
On/Off key
9 Ringer on/off
(press and hold
in idle status)
10 Keypad lock on/off
(press and hold)
11 Recall key
- Consultation call
- Dialling pause
(press and hold)
12 Microphone
13 "Microphone off" key
The base station at a glance
AS200A base station
AS200 base station
1 Registration/paging key:
Search for handsets (press briefly, "Paging"
Register handsets (press and hold
2 On/Off key: activate and deactivate answer machine.
Lights up: answer machine is activated.
Flashes: there is at least one new message or message is in the process
of being recorded.
Flashes very quickly for about four seconds: memory is full.
3 Volume keys: (– = quieter; + = louder)
During message playback: adjust the speaking volume.
While phone is ringing: adjust ringer volume.
4 Play/Stop key:
Play back messages from the answer machine, or cancel playback.
During message playback:
5 Delete current message.
6 Skip to the start of the current message (press once) or go to the pre-
vious message (press twice).
7 Skip to next message.
Display keys on handset:
Pressing a key launches the function that
appears above that key in the display.
Function when pressed
Call other registered handsets
page 10.
Open main/submenu (see
Menu tree
page 16).
Go back one menu level.
Scroll up/down or adjust vol-
ume with u.
Move cursor to left/right
with u.
Backspace deletes one charac-
ter at a time from right to left.
Confirm menu function or save
page 10)
page 10).



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  Summary of Contents for Siemens Gigaset AS200

  • Page 1 Gigaset AS200/AS200A The handset at a glance 1 Charge status of Display keys on handset: the batteries Pressing a key launches the function that 2 Answer machine icon appears above that key in the display. (AS200A only) Display Function when pressed...
  • Page 2: Safety Precautions

    ECO DECT Do not use your phone in environments with a You are helping to protect the environment with potential explosion hazard, e.g. paint shops. your Gigaset AS200/AS200A. Reduced energy consumption ƒ If you give your Gigaset to someone else, make sure you also give them the user guide.
  • Page 3: First Steps

    First steps Check the pack contents ◆ one Gigaset AS200/AS200A base station, ◆ one mains adapter, ◆ one Gigaset AS200 handset, ◆ one phone cord, ◆ two batteries, ◆ one battery cover, ◆ one user guide. If you have purchased a model with multiple handsets, the package should contain two bat- teries, a battery cover and a charging cradle with mains adapter for each additional handset.
  • Page 4: Connecting The Charging Cradle (If Included)

    Connecting the charging cradle (if included) ¤ Connect the flat plug from the power supply 1. ¤ Plug the mains adapter into the plug socket 2. If you need to disconnect the plug from the charging cradle, press the release button and disconnect the plug 2.
  • Page 5: Registering

    Placing the handset in the base station and registering Before you can use the phone, you must first register the handset to the base station. Put into base MENU ¤ Place the handset with the display facing up in the base station. The handset registers automatically.
  • Page 6: Activating/Deactivating The Handset

    Please note ◆ After the first battery charge and discharge you may replace your handset in the base station or charging cradle after every call. ◆ Always repeat the charging and discharging procedure if you remove the batteries from the handset and reinsert them. ◆...
  • Page 7: Making Calls

    Making calls Using the directory and lists Making external calls and ending Directory calls To open the directory: press You can store up to 60 numbers (max. 32 digits) External calls are calls using the public telephone net- ¢ and associated names (max. 14 characters). work.
  • Page 8: Last Number Redial List

    ◆ Using shortcut keys calls recorded by the answer machine (AS200A only) You can assign directory entries to the keys 0 and 2–9: ¢ ¢ ¢ ¢ Depending on the type of list set, all numbers of the ¢ (select entry) MENU Shortcut last 25 incoming calls are saved or just the missed...
  • Page 9: Setting Up The Answer Machine

    Using other functions Stopping and controlling playback ¢ (select entry) MENU During message playback: The following functions can be selected with Stop playback. Press again to resume. Continue Resume paused playback. Go to the start of the current message. Volume Set the volume.
  • Page 10: Locating A Handset ("Paging")

    Remote operation when on the move You can register up to four handsets on your base sta- You can check and activate your answer machine tion (Gigaset AS200) recommended). from any other telephone (hotel, pay phone etc.). Please note: Requirements: ◆...
  • Page 11: Setting The Alarm Clock

    Phone settings Internal consultation call/connecting a call ¢ For details on how to set audio settings, see Menu tree page 16. You are in conversation with an external participant. ¢ For details on how to set the system PIN on the base Press the key and call one or all handsets.
  • Page 12: Entering Letters/Characters

    Operating the base station on Appendix the PABX Entering letters/characters The following settings are only necessary if your PABX Press the relevant key the number of times indicated. requires them, see the user guide for your PABX. Briefly press the hash key to switch from "Abc"...
  • Page 13: Questions And Answers

    Specifications Questions and answers If you have any queries about the use of your Recommended batteries telephone, visit our website at Technology: Nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) Size: AAA (Micro, HR03) for 24-hour support. The table below contains a list of Voltage: 1.2 V common problems and possible solutions.
  • Page 14: Customer Service & Assistance

    Customer Service & Assistance You have questions? As a Gigaset customer, you can take advantage of our comprehensive service offerings. You can find help quickly in this User Manual and in the service pages of our Gigaset online portal. Please register your phone right after purchase on thus enabling us to provide you even with better service in case of questions or in case of a warranty claim.
  • Page 15: Guarantee Certificate

    ◆ Authorisation Any claims that differ from or extend beyond these mentioned in this manufacturer’s warranty shall be excluded, except from cases expressly This device is designed for the analogic telephone specified in the applicable law. (In no event shall connection in the greek telephone net.
  • Page 16: Menu Tree

    Menu tree Your phone has an extensive range of features. These To return to idle status: press and hold the key. are offered in the form of menus. As an alternative to selecting functions using the To select a function while the phone is in idle status, buttons, you can also enter the digit combina- press MENU...
  • Page 17 3-6 Ring Delay 3-6-1 Immediately Call is answered immediately. 3-6-2 10 sec Call is answered after 10 seconds. 3-6-3 18 sec Call is answered after 18 seconds. 3-6-4 30 sec Call is answered after 30 seconds. 3-6-5 Auto If there are no new messages, the answer machine answers a call after 18 seconds.
  • Page 18 D-46395 Bocholt Rights of modification reserved. Manufactured by Gigaset Communications GmbH under trademark license of Siemens AG. As of 1 Oct. 2011 Gigaset products bearing the trademark "Siemens" will exclusively use the trademark "Gigaset". This user guide is made from 100 % recycled paper.

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