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PHILIPS DVDR3365 User Manual

Dvd player/recorder.
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User Manual

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dvdr3365_75_eng_16752.indd 1
2005-11-02 2:21:03 PM
2005-11-02 2:21:03 PM


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: User Manual

    User Manual dvdr3365_75_eng_16752.indd 1 dvdr3365_75_eng_16752.indd 1 2005-11-02 2:21:03 PM 2005-11-02 2:21:03 PM...
  • Page 2 LASER Type Semiconductor laser InGaAlP (DVD) AIGaAs (CD) Wave length 658 nm (DVD) 790 nm (CD) Output Power 30 mW(DVD±RW write) 1.0 mW (DVD read) 1.0 mW (CD read) CAUTION Beam divergence 84 degrees (DVD) Use of controls or adjustments or 61 degrees (CD) performance of procedures other than herein may result in hazardous radiation...
  • Page 3: Index

    This product incorporates copyright protection technology that is protected by US patents. Use of this copyright protection technology must be authorized by Macrovision, and is intended for home and other limited viewing uses only unless other- wise authorized by Macrovision. Reverse engineering or disassembly is prohibited.
  • Page 4: Special Features

    Special Features Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. “Dolby” and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. DivX®, DivX Certifi ed, and associated logos are trademarks of DivX Networks, Inc and are used under license. This connection is also known as ‘FireWire’ and ‘IEEE 1394.’...
  • Page 5: Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions What kind of disc should I use for What are Titles and Chapters? A DVD disc contains Titles and Chapters, recording? which are similar to the Titles and Chapters of You can only record on DVD±R and a book.
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Contents Index ..........3 Remote Control ......18 Special Features ......4 Main Unit ........20 Jacks behind the fl ap ........20 Frequently Asked Questions ..5 Getting Started Care and Safety Information Step 1 : Inserting Batteries .....21 Using the remote control to operate Setup precautions ........8 the system ............21 Cleaning discs ..........8...
  • Page 7 Contents Playing your recordings (DVD±R) on DVD System Menu Options other DVD players ........35 Accessing System Menu - General ..49 About title editing ........36 Screen Saver ..........49 Accessing title editing menu ....36 Progressive/ Interlace .........50 Editing video ..........36 Video Output Format .........50 Rename title ..........37 Restore Factory settings ......50...
  • Page 8: Care And Safety Information

    Care and Safety Information CAUTION! Cleaning discs High voltage! Do not open the device. You run the risk of getting Some problems occur because the disc an electric shock. inside the recorder is dirty (frozen The machine does not contain any picture, sound disruptions, picture user-serviceable parts.
  • Page 9: General Information

    General Information Introduction Accessories supplied Your Philips DVD recorder allows you to – Remote control and batteries record the TV programs or duplicate – Audio/Video (AV) cables camcorder recordings to a DVD±RW or – RF coaxial cable DVD±R and play pre-recorded DVDs.
  • Page 10: Step 1: Connecting The Antenna Cables

    Basic Connections - DVD recorder ANT OUT ANT IN RF OUT RF IN Antenna/ cable TV signal VCR/Cable Box/ Satellite Receiver S-V ID E O AU D IO O U T V ID E O IN Connect the existing Antenna/Cable TV Step 1: Connecting the signal (or from the Cable Box/Satellite antenna cables...
  • Page 11: Basic Connections - Dvd Recorder

    Basic Connections - DVD recorder (continued) Option 3 Option 2 Option 1 S-V ID E O AU D IO O U T V ID E O IN Option 3 : Using a Component Step 2: Connecting the Video cable (best picture quality) video cable Use the component video cables (red/ blue/green - not supplied) to connect the...
  • Page 12: Step 3: Connecting The Audio Cables

    Basic Connections - DVD recorder (continued) Option 2 DIGITAL IN Option 1 S-V ID E O AU D IO O U T V ID E O IN AV amplifi er/ receiver Option 2: Using a Coaxial cable Step 3: Connecting the You can connect the DVD recorder to audio cables an AV amplifi er/receiver with a digital...
  • Page 13: Optional Connections

    Optional Connections Back of a Cable Box or Satellite Receiver VIDEO AUDIO S-VIDEO Antenna/ (Example only) cable TV signals AU D IO S-V ID E O O U T V ID E O IN Option 2 Connecting to a Cable Box or If your Cable Box/Satellite Receiver Satellite Receiver has video/audio output jacks,...
  • Page 14: Connecting To A Vcr Or Other Similar Device

    Optional Connections (continued) Back of a VCR VHF/UHF (Example only) RF IN VIDEO VIDEO AUDIO AUDIO Antenna/ VHF/UHF AUDIO AUDIO RF OUT cable TV signals S-V ID E O AU D IO O U T V ID E O IN Use the audio/video cables to connect Connecting to a VCR or the VIDEO/AUDIO IN-EXT on the...
  • Page 15: Connecting To A Vcr And Cable Box/satellite Receiver

    Optional Connections (continued) Back of a Cable Box or Satellite Receiver VIDEO AUDIO S-VIDEO (Example only) Antenna/cable TV signals VHF/UHF Back of a VCR RF IN VIDEO VIDEO (Example only) AUDIO AUDIO VHF/UHF AUDIO AUDIO RF OUT S-V ID E O AU D IO O U T V ID E O IN...
  • Page 16: Connecting A Camcorder To The Front Jacks

    Optional Connections (continued) DV OUT Option 2: Using S-VIDEO In or Connecting a camcorder to VIDEO In jack the front jacks Use S-VIDEO connection if you have a Hi8 or S-VHS(C) camcorder. It provides You can use the front jacks to copy better picture quality.
  • Page 17: Connecting A Usb Fl Ash Drive Or Usb Memory Card Reader

    Optional Connections (continued) USB extension cable (optional accessory - not supplied) Connecting a USB fl ash drive or USB memory card reader You can only view the contents of a USB fl ash drive / USB memory card reader through this DVD recorder. Editing the data and recording to a DVD±R/±RW is not possible.
  • Page 18: Remote Control

    Remote Control STANDBY-ON – Turns on the DVD recorder or to standby mode. TIMER – Enters/exits the timer recording menu. SYSTEM-MENU – Enters/exits the system menu. : Cursor buttons for moving to the left or right, do a forward/reverse search. : Cursor buttons for moving up/ down or changing the recorder’s TV tuner channel.
  • Page 19 Remote Control (continued) Numeric keypad – Selects a chapter/track number to play. – Selects the recorder’s preset TV tuner channel. REC SOURCE – Selects the recorder’s input source. DISC MENU – Access DVD disc menu or Index Picture screen of a DVD±R/±RW. –...
  • Page 20: Main Unit

    Main Unit Jacks behind the fl ap STANDBY-ON – Turns on or off the DVD recorder. Flip down the door as indicated by the OPEN label at the right hand corner. Disc tray OPEN CLOSE ç – Input for USB fl ash drive / USB memory –...
  • Page 21: Getting Started

    Getting Started Step 1 : Inserting Batteries Step 2 : Finding the viewing channel Press STANDBY-ON 2 on the DVD recorder to turn it on. Turn on the TV and set it to the correct video-in channel. You should see the blue DVD background screen.
  • Page 22: Step 3 : Tv Channel Programming

    Getting Started (continued) Automatic TV channel search Step 3 : TV channel This function will automatically scan all programming the receivable analog local TV channels and store these channels on the DVD Before the DVD recorder can start recorder. recording the TV channel programs, you need to search for the available TV Press SYSTEM-MENU on the remote channels and store them in the recorder.
  • Page 23: Modifying Channel Information

    Getting Started (continued) { TV System } Modifying Channel Information Set the TV system that produces the You can set a TV channel to your least distortion of picture and sound. preference and improve the reception – Use keys to select a suitable sound and the sound quality of the TV channel.
  • Page 24: Sorting The Tv Channels

    Getting Started (continued) Sorting the TV channels Step 4 : Setting the language You may not agree with the sequence in which the individual TV channels have You can select the language for subtitles been allocated to the program and audio for DVD playback. For some numbers.
  • Page 25: Step 5 : Setting The Time & Date

    Getting Started (continued) Step 5 : Setting the time & date If the DVD recorder has not set the time and date correctly, set the clock manually by following the steps below. Press SYSTEM-MENU. The system menu appears. keys to select { System Menu - Clock } and press to confi rm.
  • Page 26: Recording

    Recording IMPORTANT! Discs for recording Unrecordable pictures Different formats of DVD recordable Television programs, fi lms, video tapes, discs can be used with this DVD discs, and other materials may be recorder: copy-protected and therefore cannot be recorded on this recorder. DVD±RW (DVD ReWritable) Recording settings –...
  • Page 27: Auto Chapter Markers

    Recording (continued) { Front S-Video } Auto Chapter Markers Input source from the device connected to the You can insert chapter markers within a S-VIDEO and AUDIO L/R jacks on the front title during recording. This allows you to panel. access specifi c points on the recorded { Rear CVBS } disc as you would choose a chapter on...
  • Page 28: Manual Recording

    Recording (continued) { Rear CVBS } Manual recording Input source from the device connected to the VIDEO (CVBS)-IN-EXT and AUDIO L/R jacks on the back panel. Use this feature to start recording immediately (e.g., to record a TV show { Rear S-Video} already in progress).
  • Page 29: About Timer Recording

    Recording (continued) About timer recording Timer recording (manually) Use ‘Timer Recording’ to automatically Turn on the TV power. Select the correct Video In channel at the TV. start and stop a recording at a later date/ time. The DVD recorder will tune to the Press TIMER on the remote control.
  • Page 30: Setting A Timer Recording From An External Cable Box/ Satellite Receiver

    Recording (continued) { Source } Press STANDBY-ON to turn off the – Use keys to select the recording input DVD recorder. source. If the DVD recorder is not in standby mode, a warning message will appear { Rec Mode } –...
  • Page 31: Timer Recording (g- Code ® System)

    Recording (continued) ® To clear the G- programming CODE ® Timer recording (G- CODE number, press CLEAR on the remote System) control. ® To cancel the G- programming , CODE This is a simple programming system for keys to select in the CANCEL DVD recorders.
  • Page 32: Changing/ Deleting A Timer Recording

    Recording (continued) Changing/ Deleting a timer Watching another TV channel recording during recording You can watch another TV channel while Turn on the TV power. Select the recording is in progress by using the TV’s correct Video In channel at the TV. remote control to change the TV Press TIMER on the remote control.
  • Page 33: Editing/finalizing Recording

    Editing/Finalizing Recording About disc editing Accessing disc editing menu This DVD recorder offers various disc editing options for various disc types. You can change the disc content and settings of a recorded DVD±R/±RW via the disc editing menu. The edited contents may not be available when you play the disc on another DVD player.
  • Page 34: Rename Disc

    Editing/Finalizing Recording (continued) Rename disc Erase disc (DVD±RW only) The original disc name is generated This erases the content of the automatically by the DVD recorder. You DVD±RW including those that was not can change the disc name by following recorded on this DVD recorder.
  • Page 35: Make Compatible (dvd±rw Only)

    Editing/Finalizing Recording (continued) Make compatible (DVD±RW only) Playing your recordings The edited DVD±RW may still display (DVD±R) on other DVD the original titles or hidden scenes when players played back on other DVD players. This function ensures that the edited changes It is necessary to fi nalize a DVD±R disc on the DVD±RW remain when played before you can play it on another DVD...
  • Page 36: About Title Editing

    Editing/Finalizing Recording (continued) About title editing Accessing title editing menu You can change the individual title’s Insert a recorded DVD±R/±RW into the information or delete a title (recording) DVD recorder. on a recorded DVD±R/±RW. If a The Index Picture screen appears on DVD±R has been fi nalized, it cannot be the TV.
  • Page 37: Rename Title

    Editing/Finalizing Recording (continued) Rename title Overwrite title (DVD±RW only) The original title name is automatically This function allows you to record a new generated by the DVD recorder. You can title from the beginning of the current give a new name to the title by following title in the DVD±RW.
  • Page 38: About Video Editing

    Editing/Finalizing Recording (continued) About video editing Accessing video editing menu After a recording has been made, this DVD recorder allows you to edit the video content. You can add/delete chapter markers, hide unwanted scenes, change the picture in the index picture screen or split a title (recording) into two.
  • Page 39: Selecting A Title

    Editing/Finalizing Recording (continued) Selecting a title Creating chapter marker It shows the current title and the total You can create a chapter by inserting a number of titles in the disc. It also allows chapter marker at any point within a title you to select another title.
  • Page 40: Hiding An Unwanted Chapter

    Editing/Finalizing Recording (continued) Changing Index Picture Hiding an unwanted chapter The index picture is the picture of the You can choose to hide certain scenes title you will see when the DVD recorder from playback (e.g. skipping a commercial loads up the Index menu. Normally, the scene) or make it visible again.
  • Page 41: Playback

    Playback IMPORTANT! Playable discs – If the inhibit icon (Error) appears on the TV screen when a button is Using this DVD Recorder, you can play pressed, it means the function is not and record on the following discs: available on the current disc or at the current time.
  • Page 42: Starting Disc Playback

    Playback (continued) Playing a (Super) Video CD Starting disc playback (Super) Video CDs may feature the ‘PBC’ (Play Back Control). This allows you to Playback will begin automatically. If the play the video CDs interactively, disc has its own menu this will be loaded, following the menu on the display.
  • Page 43: Playing A Divx Disc

    Playback (continued) keys to navigate within the Playing a DivX disc menu and press OK to access the folder/ This DVD system supports the playback album. of DivX movies which you can copy from your computer onto a CD-R/RW, keys to select the track/fi le to DVD±R/±RW.
  • Page 44: Playing From A Usb Fl Ash Drive /usb Memory Card Reader

    Playback (continued) Playable JPEG picture disc To create a playlist, highlight the track/fi le and press SELECT. File format: The selected tracks/fi les will appear – The fi le extension has to be ‘.JPG,’ on the right screen. ‘.JPE’ or ‘.JPEG.’ To remove the track/fi le from the –...
  • Page 45: Additional Playback Features

    Additional Playback Features Changing to another title/ Searching forward/backward chapter/track You can fast forward or fast reverse a disc at two, four, sixteen or thirty two When a disc contains more than one times the normal playback speed. track, title or chapter, you can change to a different track, title or chapter as follows.
  • Page 46: Using T/c Options

    Additional Playback Features (continued) Selecting various repeat/shuffl e Using T/C options functions You can select various repeat play or random play mode during playback. During disc playback, press T/C on the remote control. The T/C menu appears. keys to select { Mode } and press OK.
  • Page 47: Programming Disc Tracks

    Additional Playback Features (continued) To start program play Programming disc tracks Press key to move to the right screen You can play the contents of the disc in and press OK. the order you want by programming the Playback will start from the selected tracks to be played.
  • Page 48: Changing Subtitle Language

    Additional Playback Features (continued) Changing subtitle language Time search This operation works only on DVDs with This option allows you to skip to a multiple subtitle languages, you can specifi c point in the current disc. change the language you want while Press T/C on the remote control.
  • Page 49: Dvd System Menu Options

    DVD System Menu Options Screen Saver Accessing System Menu - A screen saver prevents damage to the General TV screen by avoiding exposure to a static image for too long. In ‘System Menu-General’, use keys to highlight { Screen Saver } and press { On } SYSTEM MENU...
  • Page 50: Progressive/ Interlace

    DVD System Menu Options (continued) Progressive/ Interlace Video Output Format Progressive scan delivers a higher picture The colour system of the DVD system, quality than the standard interlaced TV DVD and TV should match. Only then channel scan. It only works when you will it be possible to play a DVD on this have connected the DVD recorder system.
  • Page 51: Accessing System Menu -playback

    DVD System Menu Options (continued) TV Aspect Ratio Accessing System Menu - Set the aspect ratio of the DVD recorder Playback according to the TV type you have connected. The format you select must also be available on the disc. If it is not, the setting for TV display will not affect the picture during playback.
  • Page 52: Parental Rating Level

    DVD System Menu Options (continued) Rating explanations Parental rating level { Off } Some DVDs may have a parental level – Parental Control is not active. assigned to the complete disc or to certain scenes on the disc. This feature { 1.
  • Page 53: Setting Or Changing The Password

    DVD System Menu Options (continued) Setting or changing the password Digital Audio Output You need to enter your four-digit After connecting the DVD recorder to password to play a prohibited disc or if your TV and other devices, you may need prompted for a pin code.
  • Page 54: Accessing System Menu - Record

    See page 25 on “Setting the time & date”. Accessing System Menu - Show DivX® registration code Language Philips provides you with the DivX® VOD (Video On Demand) registration See page 24 on “Setting the language”. code that allows you to rent and purchase videos using the DivX®...
  • Page 55: Specifi Cations

    Specifi cations Picture/Display Tuner/Reception/Transmission • Aspect ratio: 4:3, 16:9 • TV system: PAL, NTSC • D/A converter: 10 bit, 54 MHz • Aerial Input: 75 Ohm coaxial (IEC75) • A/D converter: 10 bit, 54 MHz • Picture enhancement: Progressive Scan Connectivity Rear Connections: Sound...
  • Page 56: Troubleshooting

    If a fault occurs, fi rst check the points listed below before taking the system for repair. If you are unable to remedy a problem by following these hints, consult your dealer or Philips for help. Problem Solution No power.
  • Page 57: Troubleshooting

    3) Switch on the DVD recorder and wait until the display panel shows ‘No DISC’. Then use the recorder’s remote control to enter the code “116811” and press OK. The blue Philips screen should appear on the screen. dvdr3365_75_eng_16752.indd 57 dvdr3365_75_eng_16752.indd 57...
  • Page 58: Glossary

    Glossary Analog: Sound that has not been turned into MP3: A fi le format with a sound data compression numbers. Analog sound varies, while digital sound system. “MP3” is the abbreviation of Motion has specifi c numerical values. These jacks send audio Picture Experts Group 1 (or MPEG-1) Audio through two channels, the left and right.
  • Page 59 dvdr3365_75_eng_16752.indd 59 dvdr3365_75_eng_16752.indd 59 2005-11-02 2:21:42 PM 2005-11-02 2:21:42 PM...
  • Page 60: Tv System Guide

  • Page 62 dvdr3365_75_eng_16752.indd 62 dvdr3365_75_eng_16752.indd 62 2005-11-02 2:21:42 PM 2005-11-02 2:21:42 PM...
  • Page 63 dvdr3365_75_eng_16752.indd 63 dvdr3365_75_eng_16752.indd 63 2005-11-02 2:21:42 PM 2005-11-02 2:21:42 PM...
  • Page 64 Meet Philips at the Internet DVDR3365 CLASS 1 LASER PRODUCT 3139 246 16752 dvdr3365_75_eng_16752.indd 64 dvdr3365_75_eng_16752.indd 64 2005-11-02 2:21:42 PM 2005-11-02 2:21:42 PM...

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