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DVD Player/ Recorder

User Manual


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: User Manual

    DVD Player/ Recorder DVDR3380 User Manual...
  • Page 2 See Copyright Act 1956 and The Performer’s Protection Acts 1958 to 1972. Italia DICHIARAZIONE DI CONFORMITA’ Si dichiara che l’apparecchio DVDR3380, Philips risponde alle prescrizioni dell’art. 2 comma 1 del D.M. 28 Agosto 1995 n. 548. Fatto a Eindhoven...
  • Page 3 EXPOSITION DANGEREUSE AU FAISCEAU For Customer Use: Read carefully the information located at the bottom or rear of your DVD Recorder and enter below the Serial No. Retain this information for future reference. Model No. DVD RECORDER DVDR3380 Serial No. _______________...
  • Page 4 This product complies with the radio interference requirements of the European Community. This product complies with the requirements of the following directives and guidelines: 73/23/EEC + 89/336/EEC + 93/68/EEC LASER Type Semiconductor laser InGaAlP (DVD) AIGaAs (CD) Wave length 658 nm (DVD) 790 nm (CD) Output Power 30 mW (DVD+RW write)
  • Page 5 This product incorporates copyright protection technology that is protected by US patents. Use of this copyright protection technology must be authorised by Macrovision, and is intended for home and other limited viewing uses only, unless otherwise authorised by Macrovision. Reverse engineering or disassembly is prohibited.
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents General Care and Safety Information ... 8 Setup precautions ...8 Cleaning discs ...8 About recycling ...8 Product Information ... 9 Introduction ...9 Accessories supplied ...9 Region codes ...9 Copyright notice ...9 Product Overview Remote Control ... 10 Using the remote control ...12 Main Unit ...
  • Page 7 Playback Playback ... 31 Playable discs ...31 Inserting a disc ...31 Starting disc playback ...32 Additional Playback Features ... 36 Changing to another chapter/track ... 36 Pausing playback and step play ... 36 Searching forwards/backwards ... 36 Using T/C options ...37 Edit Recordings Editing/ Finalising Recording ...40 About disc editing ...
  • Page 8: Care And Safety Information

    Care and Safety Information CAUTION! High voltage! Do not open the device. You run the risk of getting an electric shock. The machine does not contain any user-serviceable parts. Please leave all maintenance work to qualifi ed personnel. Setup precautions Finding a suitable location –...
  • Page 9: Product Information

    Introduction Your Philips recorder allows you to record the TV programmes or duplicate camcorder recordings to a DVD±RW or DVD±R and play pre-recorded DVDs. The recordings you make on the recorder will play on DVD players and DVD-ROM drives. The DVD±R discs have to be fi nalised before they can be played back on other DVD players.
  • Page 10: Remote Control

    Remote Control a STANDBY-ON – Turns on the recorder or switches to standby mode. b TIMER – Enters/exits the timer recording menu. c SYSTEM-MENU – Enters/exits the system menu. : Cursor keys for moving to the left/right or making a forward/reverse search.
  • Page 11 m Numeric keypad – Selects a chapter/track number to play. – Selects the recorder’s preset TV tuner channel. n REC SOURCE – Selects the recorder’s input source. o DISC-MENU – Access DVD disc menu or Index Picture screen of a DVD±R/±RW. –...
  • Page 12: Using The Remote Control

    Remote Control Using the remote control Open the battery compartment. Insert two batteries of type R06 or AA, following the indications (+-) inside the compartment. Close the cover. Aim the remote control directly at the remote sensor (IR) on the front panel. Select the source you want to control by pressing the REC SOURCE key on the remote control.
  • Page 13: Main Unit

    a STANDBY-ON – Turns on the recorder or switch to standby mode. b Disc tray c OPEN/CLOSE ç – Opens/closes the disc tray. d System display panel – Shows information about the current status of the recorder. (PREV) / (NEXT) >...
  • Page 14: Step 1: Basic Recorder Connections

    Step 1: Basic Recorder Connections ANTENNA EXT 2 TV-OUT ANTENNA-IN Connecting the aerial cables These connections enable you to watch and record TV programmes using the recorder. If the aerial signal is connected via a VCR, Cable Box or Satellite Receiver, ensure that these devices are turned on in order to watch or record the cable programmes.
  • Page 15: Connecting The Video Cable

    Step 1: Basic Recorder Connections EXT 2 AUX - I/O TV-OUT ANTENNA-IN Connecting the video cable This connection enables you to view the disc playback from the recorder. You only need to choose one of the options below to make your video connection.
  • Page 16: Connecting The Audio Cables

    Step 1: Basic Recorder Connections AUX - I/O TV-OUT ANTENNA-IN STEREO / TV Connecting the audio cables This connection enables you to listen to the sound. This connection is not required if the recorder is connected to the TV using the SCART cable. Option 1: Using an audio cable You can connect the recorder to a two channel stereo system or receiver in...
  • Page 17: Step 2: Optional Connections

    CABLE SATELLITE ANTENNA EXT 2 AUX - I/O TV-OUT ANTENNA-IN Connecting to a Cable Box or Satellite Receiver Option 1 If your Cable Box/Satellite Receiver has only an aerial output socket (RF OUT or TO TV), see the section “Step 1: Basic Recorder Connections –...
  • Page 18: Connecting To A Vcr Or Other Similar Device

    Step 2: Optional Connections ANTENNA CABLE SATELLITE EXT 1 EXT 2 AUX - I/O TV-OUT ANTENNA-IN Connecting to a VCR or other similar device This connection enables you to record from video tape to a DVD±R/±RW and allows the VCR to be used for playback if the recorder is turned off.
  • Page 19: Connecting To A Vcr And Cable Box/satellite Receiver

    Step 2: Optional Connections CABLE SATELLITE VHF/UHF RF IN VHF/UHF ANTENNA RF OUT EXT 2 AUX - I/O TV-OUT ANTENNA-IN Connecting to a VCR and Cable Box/Satellite Receiver Connect the Aerial/Cable TV signal to the aerial input (RF IN) socket on the Cable Box/Satellite Receiver.
  • Page 20: Connecting A Camcorder To The Front Sockets

    Step 2: Optional Connections DV OUT Connecting a camcorder to the front sockets You can use the front sockets to copy camcorder recordings. These sockets are located behind the fl ap on the right and provides convenient connections for a camcorder.
  • Page 21: Step 3: Installation And Setup

    Before you start... When you complete the connections and switch on the recorder for the fi rst time, it is advisable that you make several basic settings. Please see the following pages on using the system menu features to programme TV channels, menu language and system clock settings.
  • Page 22: Select The Country Of Your Residence

    Step 3: Installation and Setup Select the country of your residence Select the country of your area for auto channel tuning. Press SYSTEM-MENU on the remote control. The system menu appears on the TV. keys to highlight { System Menu - General } and press System Menu - General Screen Saver Country...
  • Page 23: Setting The Date & Time

    Step 3: Installation and Setup Setting the date & time If the recorder has not set the time and date correctly, set the clock manually by following the steps below. Press SYSTEM-MENU. The system menu appears. keys to select { System Menu - Clock } and press to confi rm.
  • Page 24: Recording

    Recording Discs for recording Several different formats of DVD recordable discs can be used with this recorder: DVD±RW (DVD Rewritable) – Discs that are rewritable can be used for multiple recordings once the existing data has been erased. DVD±R (DVD Recordable) –...
  • Page 25: Record Settings

    RECORD settings (underlined options are the factory default settings) Auto Chapter Automatically insert chapter markers within a title during recording. This helps you to access specifi c points on the Marker recorded disc as you would choose a chapter on other DVDs. This allows you access to specifi c points on the recording.
  • Page 26: Manual Recording

    Recording (continued) Manual recording Use this feature to start recording immediately (e.g., to record a TV show already in progress). SOURCE STOP Switch on the TV set. Select the correct Video In channel on the TV. Insert a DVD±R/±RW into the recorder. Press REC SOURCE on the remote control to select { Tuner }, then use keys to select the TV channel you...
  • Page 27: About Timer Recording

    About timer recording Use ‘Timer Recording’ to automatically start and stop a recording at a later date/ time. The recorder will tune to the right programme channel and start recording at the specifi ed time. With this recorder, you can pre- programme up to 8 recordings.
  • Page 28 Recording (continued) keys to select an entry in the menu and press to enter its options. { Source } – Use keys to select the recording input source. { Rec Mode } – Use keys to select your option. See the chapter “Recording – RECORD settings - Default Recording mode”.
  • Page 29: Timer Recording (video Plus+ System)

    Timer recording (VIDEO ® Plus+ System) This is a simple programming system for recorders. To use it, enter the PlusCode programming number associated with your television programme. You can fi nd this number in your TV listings magazine. All the information needed by the recorder for programming is contained in the programming number.
  • Page 30: Changing/ Deleting A Timer Recording

    Recording (continued) Changing/ Deleting a timer recording Switch on the TV set. Select the correct Video In channel at the TV. Press TIMER on the remote control. The timer schedule appears. Timer Schedule Source RecMode Date Start End CH003 14/01/06 11.00 12.30 CH010 25/01/06 02.00...
  • Page 31: Playback

    Playable discs Using this recorder, you can play and record on the following discs: Recording and Playback DVD±RW (DVD Rewritable); can be recorded on over and over again. DVD±R (DVD Recordable); can be recorded only once. Playback only: DVD Video (Digital Versatile Disc) CD-RW (CD-Rewritable) Audio/ MP3/ JPEG contents...
  • Page 32: Starting Disc Playback

    Playback (continued) Starting disc playback Playback will begin automatically. If the disc has its own menu this will be loaded, otherwise the recorder will launch an index screen. If the pin code entry dialogue appears on the TV, this means that the parental control was activated for the inserted disc (See the chapter “DVD System Menu Options –...
  • Page 33 Playing a DVD±R/±RW disc Insert a DVD±R/±RW disc. The Index Picture screen appears. keys to select a title and press PLAY to start playback. To stop playback, press STOP Helpful Hint: – If the message ‘BLANK’ appears on the display panel, this means that there are no recordings on this disc..
  • Page 34 Playback (continued) Playing a picture disc (or musical slide show) You can display JPEG pictures in the selected list automatically one after the other. Insert a JPEG picture disc (CD, CD-R/RW, DVD±R/±RW). The disc content menu appears. keys to navigate within the menu and press OK to access the folder/ album.
  • Page 35 ® Playing a DivX disc This DVD system supports the playback ® of DivX movies which you have copied from your computer onto a CD-R/RW, DVD±R/±RW. ® Insert a DivX disc. The disc content menu appears. If the DivX ® movie contains external subtitles, you have to fi rst select the subtitle fi le from the fi le list.
  • Page 36: Additional Playback Features

    Additional Playback Features Changing to another chapter/track When a disc contains more than one chapter or track, you can change to a different chapter or track as follows. During playback, Press to go to the next chapter/ > track. Press to return to the start of the previous chapter/track.
  • Page 37: Using T/c Options

    Additional Playback Features Using T/C options During playback, press T/C on the remote control. The T/C menu appears on the TV. Mode Normal Play Trick mode 02/05 Title Chapter 01/22 Audio 01/02 - OTH Subtitle 01/03 Angle Title 00:22:03 / 01:27:24 keys to select the setting you want to adjust.
  • Page 38 Additional Playback Features Creating a playlist You can play the contents of the disc in the order you want by programming the tracks to be played. Press T/C on the remote control. The T/C menu appears. Select { Mode } > { Program }. The programme menu appears.
  • Page 39 Additional Playback Features Changing subtitle language This operation works only on DVDs with multiple subtitle languages, you can change the language you want during playback of the DVD. During disc playback, press SUBTITLE repeatedly to toggle through the language options on the disc. Alternatively, Press T/C on the remote control.
  • Page 40: Editing/ Finalising Recording

    { Make Compatible } - DVD±RW only To ensure the edited changes remain when the disc is played back on another DVD player. (eg., hidden chapters to remain hidden). { Lock/Unlock Disc } - DVD±RW only Lock or unlock a disc to prevent accidental erasure or changes being made.
  • Page 41 Editing/ Finalising Recording Rename disc The original disc name is generated automatically by the recorder. You can change the disc name by following the steps below. Press TOP MENU, then use to select { Rename Disc } and press OK. The keyboard screen appears.
  • Page 42: Playing Your Recordings (dvd±r) On Other Dvd Players

    Editing/ Finalising Recording Make compatible (DVD±RW only) The edited DVD±RW may still display the original titles or hidden scenes when playbacked on other DVD players. This function ensures that the edited changes of the DVD±RW remain when played back on other players. Press TOP MENU, then use select { Make Compatible } and press OK to confi rm.
  • Page 43: About Title Editing

    Editing/ Finalising Recording About title editing You can change the individual title information or delete a title (recording) in a recorded DVD±R/±RW. If a DVD±R has been fi nalised, it cannot be edited. The displayed options in the title editing menu differ depending on the type of disc.
  • Page 44 Editing/ Finalising Recording Rename title The original title name is generated automatically by the recorder. You can give a new name to the title by following the steps below. In title editing menu, use select { Rename Title } and press OK. The keyboard screen appears.
  • Page 45: About Video Editing

    Editing/ Finalising Recording About video editing After a recording has been made, this recorder allows you to edit the video content. You can add/delete chapter markers, hide unwanted scenes, change the picture in the index picture screen and split a title (recording) into two. When you playback a recording in video edit mode, the entire recording will be played back including hidden scenes.
  • Page 46 Editing/ Finalising Recording Selecting a title This option shows the current title and the total number of titles on the disc. During playback, press EDIT to display the video editing menu, then use keys to select { Title } and press Use the numeric keypad 0-9 to key in a title and press OK.
  • Page 47 Editing/ Finalising Recording Hiding unwanted scenes You can choose to hide certain scenes from playback (e.g. skipping commercials) or make it visible again. Create a chapter marker at the start and end of the scene you want to hide. ( See previous page on “Creating Chapter Markers”).
  • Page 48: Dvd System Menu Options

    DVD System Menu Options Accessing the System Menu The system menu provides various options for you to adjust the recorder to suit your preferences. Press SYSTEM MENU on the remote control. The system menu appears on TV. keys to highlight a menu item and press to access its options.
  • Page 49: General Settings

    DVD System Menu Options GENERAL settings (underlined options are the factory default settings) Screen Saver A screen saver prevents damage to the TV screen by avoiding exposure to a static image for too long. Press OK to confi rm your selection. Country Select the country of your area for auto channel tuning.
  • Page 50: Playback Settings

    DVD System Menu Options PLAYBACK settings (underlined options are the factory default settings) Set the aspect ratio of the recorder according to the TV type you TV Aspect Ratio have connected. Press OK to confi rm your selection. Some DVDs may have a parental level assigned to the complete Parental Rating disc or to certain scenes on the disc.
  • Page 51 DVD System Menu Options PLAYBACK settings (underlined options are the factory default settings) Parental Rating Level 7. NC 17 8. Adult DVDs that are rated higher than the level you have selected will not play unless you enter your four-digit pin code. Helpful hints: –...
  • Page 52: Record Settings

    DVD System Menu Options RECORD settings Auto Chapter Insert chapter markers within a title during recording. Marker This allows you access to specifi c points on the recording. See the chapter “Recording – RECORD settings”. Default Recording Defi ne your preferred source of recording. The default source is Source selected when the recorder is switched on.
  • Page 53: Channel Setup Settings

    DVD System Menu Options CHANNEL SETUP settings Channel Search Automatically scan all the receivable analogue local TV channels and store these channels on the recorder. System Menu - Channel Setup Channel Search Search Modify Channel Information Edit several minutes. Once complete, the total number of channels found Sort Channels Sort and stored appears on the TV.
  • Page 54 DVD System Menu Options CHANNEL SETUP settings (continued) Modify Channel Information { Audio } Channel Name P001/Ch003 Scan mode Frequency Frequency 55.26MHz TV System PAL B/G NICAM Audio DUAL A Decoder Skip { Decoder } Fine-tune Cancel { Skip } { Fine-Tune } 3) To confi rm all settings, select Sort Channels...
  • Page 55: Clock Settings

    DVD System Menu Options CLOCK settings (underlined options are the factory default settings) Date (dd/mm/yy) select different entry fi elds, then press OK to confi rm. Time (hh:mm:ss) select different entry fi elds, then press OK to confi rm. Date-Time Setting You can choose to enable/disable the automatic setting of date and time.
  • Page 56: Firmware Upgrade

    The software installed in your recorder is continuously being refi ned for greater stability and compatibility of the set. Periodically, Philips will issue upgrades for the software which you copy onto a CD and install the software of your recorder.
  • Page 57: Specifi Cations

    Picture/Display • Aspect ratio: 4:3, 16:9 • D/A converter: 10 bit, 54 MHz • A/D converter: 10 bit, 27 MHz Sound • D/A converter: 24 bit, 192 kHz • A/D converter: 24 bit, 96 kHz • Signal to noise ratio: 106 •...
  • Page 58: Troubleshooting

    – Press CH +/– to search for the same TV channel which may have a clearer picture. – Exit from any on-screen menu until you see the Philips wallpaper – Press STOP to stop any playback or recording, then press...
  • Page 59 – Sometimes a small amount of picture distortion may appear. This is not a malfunction. – If a recording is too short, it is possible that a DVD player cannot detect it. Please observe the following ‘minimum recording times’. Recording mode : {HQ} – 5 mins, {SP} – 10 mins, {EP} –...
  • Page 60 Troubleshooting Problem (Recording) The wrong TV channel was decoded (recorded) after you programmed a recording ® using the VIDEO Plus+ system. Picture is fuzzy and brightness varies when copying DVD Video discs or prerecorded video cassettes. Recordings are not occurring as scheduled.
  • Page 61: Frequently Asked Questions

    This is only required for DVD±R discs. It will then be compatible with virtually any DVD player. To remove a disc without fi nalising it, simply stop recording and eject the disc. You will still be able to record on the disc if there is storage space for more recordings.
  • Page 62: Glossary

    Glossary Analogue: Sound that has not been turned into numbers. Analogue sound varies, while digital sound has specifi c numerical values. These sockets send audio through two channels, the left and right. Aspect ratio: The ratio of vertical and horizontal sizes of a displayed image. The horizon- tal vs.
  • Page 63: Display Panel Symbols/ Messages

    Display panel symbols/ messages The following symbols/ messages may appear on your recorder display: 00:00:00 Multifunction display/ text line – Title/ track number – Total/ elasped/remaining title/track time – Additional information regarding the disc – TV channel number or source of video –...
  • Page 64: Tv System Guide

  • Page 66 Meet Philips at the Internet DVDR3380 CLASS 1 LASER PRODUCT 3139 245 21311 Sgp-0613/05-1...

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