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Panasonic TH-65PHD7E Operating Instructions Manual

High definition plasma display
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Operating Instructions

High Definition Plasma Display
Model No.
The illustration shown is an image.
Please read these instructions before operating your set and retain them for future reference.



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  Summary of Contents for Panasonic TH-65PHD7E

  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    PLASMA DISPLAY Operating Instructions High Definition Plasma Display TH-65PHD7E Model No. The illustration shown is an image. Please read these instructions before operating your set and retain them for future reference. English TQBC0929...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Dear Panasonic Customer Welcome to the Panasonic family of customers. We hope that you will have many years of enjoyment from your new Plasma Display. To obtain maximum benefit from your set, please read these Instructions before making any adjustments, and retain them for future reference.
  • Page 3: Important Safety Notice

    Important Safety Notice WARNING 1) To prevent damage which may result in fire or shock hazard, do not expose this appliance to dripping or splashing. Do not place containers with water (flower vase, cups, cosmetics, etc.) above the set. (including on shelves above, etc.) No naked flame sources, such as lighted candles, should be placed on / above the set.
  • Page 4: Safety Precautions

    • If water is spills onto the Plasma Display or foreign objects get inside it, a short-circuit may occur which could result in fire or electric shock. If any foreign objects get inside the Plasma Display, please consult your local Panasonic dealer.
  • Page 5 If water or foreign objects get inside the Plasma Display, if the Plasma Display is dropped, or if the cabinet becomes damages, disconnect the power supply plug immediately. • A short circuit may occur, which could cause fire. Contact your local Panasonic dealer for any repairs that need to be made.
  • Page 6: Cleaning And Maintenance

    Safety Precautions CAUTION When using the Plasma Display Do not bring your hands, face or objects close to the ventilation holes of the Plasma Display. • Heated air comes out from the ventilation holes at the top of Plasma Display will be hot. Do not bring your hands or face, or objects which cannot withstand heat, close to this port, otherwise burns or deformation could result.
  • Page 7: Accessories

    Accessories Accessories Supply Check that you have the accessories and items shown Operating Instructions Remote Control Batteries for the Remote Transmitter Control Transmitter (2 × R6 (UM3) Size) EUR646529 INPUT SURROUND PICTURE SOUND SET UP MULTI ZOOM SWAP SELECT MOVE PICTURE POS.
  • Page 8: Connections

    Connections When connecting the speakers, be sure to use only the optional accessory speakers. Refer to the speaker’s Installation Manual for details on speaker installation. Speakers (Optional accessories) SPEAKER Terminal (L) SPEAKER Terminal (R) – AC cord fixing Close Push until the hook clicks. Open 2.
  • Page 9: Pc Input Terminals Connection

    Connections PC Input Terminals connection COMPUTER AUDIO PC IN R - STANDBY INPUT MENU ENTER POWER ON Conversion adapter Less than Ferrite core (Large size) (if necessary) 10 cm (supplied) D-sub 15p PC cable Less than Ferrite core (Small size) 10 cm (supplied) Audio...
  • Page 10: Serial Terminals Connection

    • If an incorrect command is sent by mistake, this unit Zoom ZOOM will send an “ER401” command back to the computer. 16 : 9 FULL Just JUST Panasonic Auto SELF With the power off, this display responds to PON command only.
  • Page 11: Power On / Off

    Power On / Off Connecting the AC cord plug to the Plasma Display. Fix the AC cord plug securely to the Plasma Display with the clamper. (see page 8) Connecting the plug to the Wall Outlet Note: Main plug types vary between countries. The power plug shown at left may, therefore, not be the type fitted to your set.
  • Page 12: Basic Controls

    Basic Controls INPUT MENU ENTER STANDBY POWER ON Main Power On / Off Switch Enter / Aspect button (see page 14, 17) Power Indicator The Power Indicator will light. Volume Adjustment • Power-OFF ... Indicator not illuminated (The unit will still Volume Up “+”...
  • Page 13 Basic Controls Standby (ON / OFF) button The Plasma Display must first be plugged into the wall outlet and turned on at the power switch (see page 11). Press this button to turn the Plasma Display On, from Stanby mode. Press it again to turn the Plasma Display Off to Stanby mode.
  • Page 14: On-Screen Menu Displays

    On-Screen Menu Displays The MENU button on the unit can also To Picture adjust menu Press to select. be pressed. (see page 20) – Picture INPUT MENU ENTER Normalise Normal Normal Picture Mode Contrast Brightness Each time the MENU button is pressed, Colour [ from the unit ] Tint...
  • Page 15 Cinema reality P-NR Colour system P-NR Cinema reality P-NR H-Freq. 33.8 4 : 3 Panasonic Auto (4 : 3) H-Freq. 33.8 V-Freq. 60.0 P-NR V-Freq. 60.0 Note: “Signal” setup menu displays different setting condition for each input signals. (see page 16)
  • Page 16: Initial Selections

    Initial selections Selecting the input signal Select the input signals to be connected by installing the optional Terminal Boards. INPUT INPUT Press to select the input signal to be played back from the SURROUND equipment which has been connected to the Plasma Display.
  • Page 17: Aspect Controls

    “Component”,“RGB” and “DVI” input signal, the mode is set to “16:9” mode, and switching is not possible. • Panasonic Auto can be selected only during Video signal input. • The aspect mode is memorized separately for each input terminal (INPUT1, INPUT2, INPUT3 and PC IN).
  • Page 18: Adjusting Picture Pos. / Size

    This picture position movement cannot be H-Size controlled by the Picture Pos./Size function. V-Pos • If adjusting the Picture V-Pos/V-Size in Panasonic Auto with 16:9 mode, the V-Size adjustment is not memorized. When exiting the mode, the screen will return Clock Phase to a former adjustment.
  • Page 19: Multi Pip

    MULTI PIP MULTI INPUT Press repeatedly. Each time pressing this button main picture and sub picture will be displayed SURROUND as follows bellow. PICTURE SOUND SET UP MULTI ZOOM SWAP SELECT MOVE [Picture and Picture] [Picture out Picture] [Picture in Picture] Main picture Sub picture Main picture...
  • Page 20: Picture Adjustments

    Picture Adjustments PICTURE Press to display the Picture menu. INPUT SURROUND Select to adjust each item. Press to select the menu to adjust. PICTURE SOUND SET UP Select the desired level by looking at the picture MULTI ZOOM SWAP SELECT MOVE behind the menu.
  • Page 21: Advanced Settings

    Picture Adjustments Notes: Item Effect Adjustments • “Colour” and “Tint” settings cannot be Selects the proper brightness and adjusted for “RGB/PC” and “DVI” input Contrast density for the room. signal. Less More • You can change the level of each Adjusts for easier viewing of dark pictures Brightness function (Contrast, Brightness, Colour,...
  • Page 22: Sound Adjustment

    Sound Adjustment SOUND INPUT Press to display the Sound menu. SURROUND Select to adjust each item. Press to select the menu to adjust. PICTURE SOUND SET UP MULTI ZOOM SWAP SELECT MOVE Select the desired level by listening to the sound. PICTURE POS.
  • Page 23: Digital Zoom

    Digital Zoom This displays an enlargement of the designated part of the displayed image. Display the “Operation Guide”. ZOOM MOVE Exit Press to access Digital Zoom. The “Operation Guide” will be displayed. During Digital Zoom, only the following buttons can be operated. [Remote control] [Unit] SURROUND button...
  • Page 24: Present Time Setup / Set Up Timer

    PRESENT TIME Setup / Set up TIMER The timer can switch the Plasma Display On or Off. INPUT Before attempting Timer Set, confirm the PRESENT TIME and adjust if necessary. SURROUND Then set POWER ON Time / POWER OFF Time. SET UP Press to display the Setup menu.
  • Page 25: Set Up Timer

    PRESENT TIME Setup / Set up TIMER Set up TIMER Display the Set up TIMER screen. Press to select Set up TIMER POWER ON Time / POWER OFF Time. PRESENT TIME 00:00 Press to setup POWER ON Function POWER ON Time / POWER OFF Time. 0.00 POWER ON Time POWER OFF Function...
  • Page 26: Screensaver (For Preventing After-Images)

    Screensaver (For preventing after-images) Do not display a still picture, especially in 4:3 mode, for any length of time. If the display must remain on, a Screensaver should be used. SET UP Press to display the Setup menu. Setup Screensaver Press to select Screensaver.
  • Page 27: Setup Of Screensaver Time

    Screensaver (For preventing after-images ) Setup of Screensaver Time After selecting Time Designation or Interval, the relevant Time Setup will become available for selection and the Operating Time may be set. (Time cannot be set when “Mode” is “On” or “Off”.) Screensaver Screensaver Screensaver...
  • Page 28: Side Panel Adjustment

    Screensaver (For preventing after-images ) Side Panel Adjustment Do not display a picture in 4:3 mode for an extended period, side panel as this can cause an after-image to remain on the side panels either side of the display field. To reduce the risk of such an after-image, illuminate the side Screen Display panels.
  • Page 29: Reduces Power Consumption

    Reduces power consumption • Power save: When this function is turned On, luminous level of the plasma display is suppressed, so power consumption is reduced. • Standby save: When this function is turned On, power consumption of the microcomputer is reduced during power supply standby (see page 11-13), so standby power of the set is reduced.
  • Page 30: Setup For Multi Display

    Setup for MULTI DISPLAY By lining up Plasma Displays in groups of 4, 9 or 16 as illustrated below, an enlarged picture may be displayed across all screens. For this mode of operation, each plasma display has to be set up with a Display number to determine its location. group of 4 (2 ×...
  • Page 31: How To Set The Display Location Number For Each Plasma Display

    Setup for MULTI DISPLAY How to set the display location number for each Plasma Display Press to select Ratio (2nd step). MULTI DISPLAY Setup Press to select “2 × 2”, “3 × 3”, “4 × 4”. MULTI DISPLAY Setup 2 × 2 Ratio Location Press to select Location.
  • Page 32: Setup For Input Signals

    Press ACTION ( ) button Press to exit from adjust mode. [ AV ] Signal 3D Y/C Filter (NTSC) Colour system Auto Cinema reality Note: Panasonic Auto (4 : 3) 4 : 3 When On, this setting only affects NTSC input signals. P-NR...
  • Page 33: Colour System / Panasonic Auto

    M.NTSC NTSC Panasonic Auto Set to “4 : 3” to view 4:3 images in an unchanged format when Panasonic Auto is (4:3) selected. If you would like to view 4:3 images in Just format, set to “Just”. Cinema reality / P-NR...
  • Page 34: Sync

    Setup for Input Signals Sync Select Signal from the “Setup” menu during RGB input signal. Setup Press to adjust. Signal Component / RGB-in select Input label Power save Standby save Power management Auto power off English ( UK ) OSD Language Press ACTION ( ) button [ RGB ] Signal...
  • Page 35: Shipping Condition

    Shipping condition This function allows you to reset the unit to the factory setting. INPUT SET UP SURROUND Press to display the Setup menu. Press to select “OSD Language”. PICTURE SOUND SET UP MULTI ZOOM SWAP SELECT MOVE Press and hold till the SHIPPING menu is Setup displayed.
  • Page 36: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Before you call for service, determine the symptoms and make a few simple checks as shown below. Symptoms Checks Picture Sound Electrical Appliances Interference Noisy Sound Cars / Motorcycles Fluorescent light Volume Normal Picture No Sound (Check whether the mute function has been activated on the remote control.) Not plugged into AC outlet Not switched on No Picture...
  • Page 37: Input Signal Can Be Displayed

    Input signal can be displayed ∗ Applicable input signals for PC Input (D-sub 15P) ( Mark) Horizontal Vertical When Multi Screen Signal name frequency (kHz) frequency (Hz) and Digital Zoom ∗ ∗ 525 (480) / 60i 15.73 59.94 ∗ ∗ 525 (480) / 60p 31.47 59.94...
  • Page 38: Specifications

    Specifications TH-65PHD7E Power Source 220 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz Power Consumption Normal use 635 W Stand-by condition Save off 1.0 W, Save on 0.8 W Power off condition 0.3 W Plasma Display panel Drive method : AC type...
  • Page 40 Warranty Service purposes. Model Number Serial Number Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Web Site :  2004 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. MBS0904S0...

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