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Haier HWD1500 User Manual

Front load clothes washer & dryer combo.
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Front Load Clothes Washer & Dryer Combo
Co~nbi laveuse ~ chargernent, frontal &
Combo de Lavadora y Secadora de Ropa
con Carga Frontal
User Manual
Model # HWD1500
Guide de I'Utilisateur
ModUle # HWD1500
Manual del Usuario
Para Modelo de # HWD1500


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  • Page 1

    Front Load Clothes Washer & Dryer Combo Co~nbi laveuse ~ chargernent, frontal & S~cheuse Combo de Lavadora y Secadora de Ropa con Carga Frontal User Manual Model # HWD1500 Guide de I’Utilisateur ModUle # HWD1500 Manual del Usuario Para Modelo de # HWD1500...

  • Page 2: Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Warning- To reduce the risk of fire,.electric shock, or injury to persons when using your appliance, follow basic precautions, including the following: 1. Read all instructions before using the appliance. 2. Use this appliance only for its intended purpose as described in this use and care guide.

  • Page 3

    DO NOT CUT OR REMOVE THE GROUNDING PLUG. If you do not have a three-prong electric receptacle outlet in the wall, have a certified electrician install the proper receptacle. The wall receptacle MUST be properly grounded.. 20. Hydrogen gas may be produced if the water heater has not been used in more than 2 weeks.

  • Page 4: Operational Instructions

    Risk of child entrapment. Before you throw away your old appliance, take off the door so that children may not easily get trapped inside. Thank you for purchasing our Haier product. This easy-to-use manual will Model number guide you in getting the best use of your washer and dryer combo.

  • Page 5: Electrical Connecting

    GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONS This appliance must be grounded. I.n the event of an electrical short circuit, grounding reduces the risk of electric shock by providing an escape wire for the electric current. This appliance is equipped with a cord having a grounding wire with a grounded plug.

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ..............1 ELECTRICAL CONNECTING ..............4 Grounding Instructions ................4 PARTS AND FEATURES ...............6 Front ....................... 6 Back ......................INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ............8 Tools and Materials Required ..............8 Unpacking Your Washer ................9 INSTALLATION .................. 11 Power Supply ..................12 Unit Dimensions ..................

  • Page 7: Parts And Features

    Fron 1. Cycle Selector Dial 8. Spin Speed Selection Button 9. Temperature Selection Button 2. Start/Pause Button 3. Dry Cycle Selector Button 10. See Through Glass Window Door 4. Extra Rinse Selection Button 11. Button Trap (not shown) 5. Prewash Function Button 12.

  • Page 8: Back

    1. Water Inlets (Hot/Cold) 5. Drainage Hose Clips (3) 2. Power Supply 6. Back Plate (120V/6OHz, 15 Amps) 7. Back Plate Screws (3) 3. Drain Hose 8. Transportation Bolts (3) 4. Rear Adjustable Leveling Legs 9. Metal Bracket (not shown)

  • Page 9: Installation Instructions

    Warning - Risk of Fire ¯ Washer/Dryer Combo installation must be performed by a qualified installer. ¯ Install the Combo according to the manufacturer’s instructions and local codes. ¯ To reduce the risk of severe injury or death, follow all installation instructions. ¯...

  • Page 10: Unpacking Your Washer

    Unpacking Your Appliance ¯ Remove all packing materials including transportation bolts. ¯ Inspect and remove any remains of packing, tape orprinted materials before using the washer. ¯ Transportation Bolts must be removed before using the machine. Once removed, save them so when moving you can reinstall to protect the machine from damage during shipping.

  • Page 11

    As shown in figure1, remove all the packing materials (including Fig. 1 the foam base). Upon opening of the package, water drops may be seen on the plastic bag and the porthole. This is a normal phenomenon resulting from water tests in the factory. Water tests are conducted to check for leakage.

  • Page 12: Installation

    Connection of water inlet hose and welshing machine (use new hose sets, old hose sets should not reused) ¯ Connect the straight coupling of the inlet hose to the water tap and make sure to tighten it. ¯ Connect the elbow coupling of the inlet hose to each inlet valves of the unit and make sure to tighten it.

  • Page 13: Power Supply

    Power Supply ¯ Unit should be connected to a regular 120V~60 Hz 15A grounded outlet. Make sure local city codes are followed. Y Adapter Connection Note: "Y Adapter" shown in below figure is only for illustration. It is not provided in the box as an accessory. If you need to utilize this type of hookup, you can purchase a "Y Adapter"...

  • Page 14: Control Panel

    Warning-To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons, read the IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS before operating this appliance. Control Panel Functions 1. Cycle Selector To set a desired wash program, turning the knob will light the cycle selected on the control panel.

  • Page 15

    6. Extra Rinse Button Press this button to add an additional rinse cycle to your wash load. A light on the display screen will alert you that the option has been activated. Before the wash cycle goes in the softening mode an additional rinse cycle will be added. 7.

  • Page 16: Operational Selection

    Detergent Se!~tion outo d~.m ~$hl~ m~hl~s. - Sod ou~ clothes oc¢o~d~ng k~ ~pe. acid ext~nt of.: dld~ There ace three ~fpes ~ clothes: coffon, synfheti~c ond Tre~tmen~ - Se~ocote whi~e, clothes fcom cobrs. ¯ R~mo~ a~ obiect~ from I:~ckels. ~h~ may cause z;ppers hefor¢~ ’~shing, ond no~ kH’decL This washing machine is.

  • Page 17: Program Selection

    Suitable Load (Ibs) Program Program Name Option Condition below Time cotton clothes wash 13.22 2:37 washing cotton cotton clothes wash+dry washing 4:37 synthetic clothes wash 1:16 washing synthetic synthetic clothes wash+dry 2:16 washing wool clothes wool wash 1:00 washing silk clothes silk wash 0:59...

  • Page 18: Loading

    Loading ¯ Load each item loosely. ¯ Seperate the white and colored clothes. Separate heavy clothes from light clothes. ¯ Carefully check all pockets and cuffs for small items. They can easily slide into the tub and damage the tub. ¯...

  • Page 19: Washing Methods

    Using Your Washer Turning the "Cycle Selector" dial will allow you to select a wash cycle. The selected cycle will be illuminated on the control panel. The spin speed and the wash/rinse temperature are preset for each of the cycles. Now you could select the "Drying" program and press the "Start/Pause"...

  • Page 20: Normal Operating Sounds

    Energy and Water Saving-During Wash Process 1. Collect clothes for one ~ull wash load. 2. Do not overload the washing machine. 3. Prewash heavily soiled clothes. 4. Choose Quick cycle for lightly soiled clothes. 5. Choose a proper spin speed. 6.

  • Page 21: Care And Cleaning Guide

    Warning: Always unplug your appliance to avoid electric shock before cleaning. Ignoring this warning may result in death or injury. Before using cleaning products, always read and follow manufacturer’s instructions and warnings to avoid personal injury or product damage. Cleaning and Maintenance Use a damp or sudsy cloth for cleaning control panel.

  • Page 22: Moving And Vacationing

    Moving & Vacationing ¯ Turn off water supply faucets and disconnect hoses. Drain water from all hoses. This will prevent from damaging due to water leakage if the hoses accidentally get ruptured or they become loose. ¯ Unplug the electrical cord from the wall outlet. ¯...

  • Page 23: Warning Codes

    Action to Solution Warning Reason Problem coda take Warning and Err1 Door Lock Can not lock the door after 20s Need Service stop running Clear the pump The water can not drain the set Warning and Err2 Pump water level within 4 minutes stop running Need Service Check if the water pressure...

  • Page 24: Troubleshooting

    Washer does not operate: * Check if unit is plugged in. The plug may have come loose. ¯ Check if the electrical wall outlet is of proper voltage. ¯ Check if the circuit breaker needs to be reset or if the fuse needs to be replaced. ¯...

  • Page 25

    ¯ Spots or stains on your clothes: This is due to incorrect use of fabric softener. You may need to read proper instructions on the detergent container and follow proper directions for using the softener. ¯ Clothes are grayed or yellowed: This is due to not pouring enough detergent for large loads.

  • Page 26: Technical Specification

    HWD 1500 Power Supply 12OVAC 60Hz Max working current(A) Water pressure(PSI) 0.05~ 1MPa Washing power(W) Spinning power(W) Spinning speed(RPM) 1000 Size (High,Depth,Width) 33-7/16" x 23-5/8" x 23-7/16" Weight (Ibs) Net: 196 Gross: 209 Wash Capacily (IEC) 1.8 cu. ft.

  • Page 27: Warranty

    MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A center. All service must be performed b~, PARTICULAR PURPOSE a Haier authorized service center. For the name and telephone number of the nearest The remedy provided in this warranty is authorized service center please call 1-877- exclusive an~] is granted in lieu of all 337-3639.

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