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PANASONIC CQ-4400U Operating Instructions Manual

High power auto reverse cassette / receiver with changer control.
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High Power Auto Reverse Cassette / Receiver
With Changer Control

Operating Instructions

Please read these instructions carefully before using this product and save this manual for future use.


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   Summary of Contents for PANASONIC CQ-4400U

  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    High Power Auto Reverse Cassette / Receiver With Changer Control CQ-4400U Operating Instructions Please read these instructions carefully before using this product and save this manual for future use.

  • Page 3: Use This Equipment Safely

    Find the model number and serial number on either the back or bottom of the unit. Please record them in the space below and retain this booklet as a permanent record of your purchase to aid in identification in case of theft. MODEL NUMBER CQ-4400U SERIAL NUMBER DATE PURCHASED FROM...

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents Use This Equipment Safely ..............Page 2 ❏ Power and Sound Controls ..............4 How to adjust the volume, mute, balance, and tone for best listening ❏ Radio Basics....................6 Mode selection, manual and automatic tuning, band selection, preset stations ❏ Cassette Tape Player Basice..............9 How to load, wind, play, and eject a cassette tape ❏...

  • Page 5: Power And Sound Controls

    Power and Sound Controls Power If the vehicle is not running yet, turn the key in the ignition until the accessory indicator lights. Press [PWR] to switch on the power. Volume Press the knob to select the volume mode and then turn it clockwise or counterclockwise to increase or decrease the volume.

  • Page 6

    Balance Press the knob to select the BALANCE mode and then turn it clockwise or counterclockwise to shift the sound volume to the right or left speakers. or L 1 to 15 Balance Center (R: RightL, : Left) Fader Press the knob to select the FADER mode and then turn it clockwise or counterclockwise to shift the sound volume to the front or rear speakers.

  • Page 7: Radio Basics

    Radio Basics Mode Selection Press [MODE] to change the operation mode as follows. Radio Cassette CD changer (when connected) To change to the tuner mode In case of CD changer mode or Tape mode, press [MODE]. Selecting a Band Press [BAND] to change the band setting as follows. (Weather Band) "ST"...

  • Page 8

    Station Preset FM1, FM2, and AM can save maximum 6 stations each in their preset station memories. Caution: To ensure safety, never attempt to preset stations while you are driving. Manual Station Preset Press [BAND] to select a desired band. Use manual or seek tuning to find a station which is to be preset in the memory.

  • Page 9

    Radio Basics (continued) Tuning in a Weather Band Station Press any of the buttons [1] to [6] to tune in the station preset by the previous page. The frequency (162) remains unchanged. Weather Band Frequency(channel) Number Note: The weather band (CH1-6) has been preset in advance. CH7 is selected by pressing [ j j ] or [ i i ].

  • Page 10: Cassette Tape Player Basice

    Cassette Tape Player Basics Tape Insert Insert the cassette with the exposed tape side facing to the right. Play will start automatically. Playing Side Indicator Exposed Tape side Rewind and Fast Forward Press [ i i ] (REW) or [ j j ] (FF) to activate rewind or fast forward of the tape.

  • Page 11: Dolby Noise Reduction

    Cassette Tape Player Basics (continued) Tape Eject u ] to eject the tape, and the previous mode of operation will Press [ be resumed. Notes: Always remove the cassette tape from the unit when the cassette tape player is not being used. If power is switched off before [ u ] is pressed, the cassette will not be ejected.

  • Page 12

    TPS Operation (Tape program Search) Press [4 TPS] to activate the tape program search mode. To select a desired program, press [ i i ] or [ j j ] corresponding times to go backward (up to 8) or forward (up to 9). (Rewind:) (Fast forward:) Ex1.

  • Page 13: Repeat Play

    Cassette Tape Player Basics (continued) Repeat Play Press [3 REP] to repeat the current program. REPEAT Press [3 REP] again to cancel. Blank Skip Press [1 SKP] to skip unrecorded portions on the tape. B•SKIP Press [1 SKP] again to cancel. Notes: When repeat is on, the blank skip does not work because the repeat has priority over the blank skip.

  • Page 14: Cd Changer Basics

    CD Changer Basics Note: CD changer functions are designed for an optional CD changer unit. Start the CD Changer Once the CD changer has been connected, press [MODE] to change to the CD changer mode. When a disc magazine is inserted, CD play starts automatically.

  • Page 15: Track Scan

    CD Changer Basics (continued) Track Repeat Press [3 REP] (REP: REPEAT) to repeat the current selection. "REPEAT" indicator lights. REPEAT Press [3 REP] (REP: REPEAT) again to cancel. Track Random Press [6 RAND] (RAND: RANDOM). All the available tracks on all discs in the magazine will be played in a random sequence.

  • Page 16: Clock Basics

    Clock Basics (The clock system is 12-hours.) Initial Time Press and hold Press and hold [CLK] until you have set the time. "AM 12:00" blinks, and the time setting mode is activated. Press [ i i ] to set the hour. Press [ j j ] to set the minute.

  • Page 17

    Clock Basics (continued) Alarm Time Setting Press and hold [ALM] until you have set the alarm time. "AM 12:00" blinks, and the alarm time setting mode is activated. Press [ i i ] to set the hour. Press [ j j ] to set the minutes.

  • Page 18: Casette Head Cleaning Warning

    Cassette Head Cleaning Warning The display will show "TAPE " to warn you to clean the Press and hold cassette head for maintaining its top condition after accumulated 100 hours tape playing. Press and hold [ ] for more than 2 seconds again to clear "TAPE "...

  • Page 19: Installation Guide

    Installation Guide WARNING This installation information is designed for experienced installers and is not intended for non-technical individuals. It does not contain warnings or cautions of potential dangers in attempting to install this product. Any attempt to install this product in a motor vehicle by anyone other than qualified installer could cause damage to the electrical system and could result in serious personal injury or death.

  • Page 20

    Installation Guide (continued) ❏ Installation Procedures When bending the mounting tab of the mounting collar with a screwdriver, be careful not to injure your hands and fingers. We strongly recommend you to wear gloves for installation work to protect yourself from injuries. Note: Disconnect the cable from the negative (–) battery terminal.

  • Page 21

    Installation Guide (continued) To Remove the Unit from the vehicle's dashboard Insert Dismounting Pins and pull both pins. Dimounting Pin (U-shaped) Note: Do not lose Dismounting Pins. They will be needed to remove the unit from the vehicle's dashboard.

  • Page 22: Electrical Connections

    Do not insert the power connector into the unit until the wiring is completed. Be sure to insulate any exposed wires from a possible short-circuit from the vehicle chassis. Bundle all cables and keep cable terminals free from touching any metal parts. Cassette Receiver CQ-4400U Wired Remotoe Control Connector (Connect to CA-RC350U) Antenna...

  • Page 23: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting ❏ Maintenance ❏ Notes on Cassette Tapes Your product is designed and manufactured to ensure a minimum of maintenance. Use a Tape Slack: soft cloth for routine exterior cleaning. Never Use a pencil or similar object to take up the use benzine, thinner, or other solvent.

  • Page 24

    Troubleshooting (continued) ❏ Troubleshooting Tips PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE PROBABLE SOLUTION Unit does not turn on. Dead vehicle battery Charge vehicle battery. Ignition or ACC is not on. Turn ignition to On or ACC. Bad power line connection Check connections. Fuse is blown. Replace fuse.

  • Page 25: Specifications

    Specifications General Power Supply : 12 V DC (11V-16V) Test Voltage 14.4V, Negative ground × 4 channels at 400 Hz, Volume Control maximum Maximum Power Output : 37 W Power Output : 18 W per channel into 4 ohms, 40 to 30,000Hz at 3% THD. Tone Action : Bass;...

  • Page 28

    Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company, Division of Matsushita Electric Corporation of America One Panasonic Way, Secaucus, New Jersey 07094 YFM284C335ZA TAMACO0900-0 Printed in Taiwan...

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