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Trouble Shooting - LG REFRIGERATOR- FREEZER Owner's Manual

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Table of Contents
Before calling for service, check this list.
It may save you both time and expense.
This list includes common occurrences that are not the result of defective workmanship or
materials in this appliance.
does not operate
Fridge or Freezer
Temperature too
Vibration or
Rattling or
Abnormal Noise
Frost or Ice
Crystals on frozen
Moisture forms on
Cabinet Surface
Moisture collects
Fridge has odor
Possible Causes
• Power plug may be unplugged from the electric outlet.
Plug it in securely.
• House fuse has blown or circuit breaker has tripped.
Check and/or replace fuse and reset circuit breaker.
• Power cut.
Check house lights.
• Temperature control not set on proper position.
Refer to Temperature Control section.
• Appliance is placed close to heat source.
• Warm weather-frequent door openings.
• Door left open for a long time.
• Package holding door open or blocking air duct in freezer
• The floor on which the fridge-freezer is installed may be uneven or
the fridge-freezer may be unstable.
Make it even by rotating the leveling screw.
• Unnecessary objects placed in the back side of the fridge-freezer.
• Door may have been left ajar or package holding door open.
• Too frequent or too long door openings.
• Frost within package is normal.
• This phenomenon is likely to occur in a wet space.
Wipe it with a dry towel.
• Too frequent or too long door openings.
• In humid weather, air carries moisture into fridge when doors are opened.
• Foods with strong odors should be tightly covered or wrapped.
• Check for spoiled food.
• Interior needs cleaning.
Refer to CLEANING section.

Trouble Shooting

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents