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Care And; General Information; To Reverse The Doors - LG REFRIGERATOR- FREEZER Owner's Manual

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Table of Contents
Care and Maintenance

General Information

Power Failure
• 1~2 hour power failure does no harm to the
foods stores. Try to avoid opening and closing
the door too frequently.
If You Move
• Take out foods from the fridge-freezer and firmly
fix the loose items with tape.
• Turn the leveling screws until they stop before
moving the fridge-freezer. Otherwise the screw
may scratch the floor or the fridge-freezer cannot
Anti Condensation Pipe
• The Anti-Condensation pipe is installed around
the front side of fridge and
freezer, only freezer as
well as on the partition
between fridge compartment
and freezer compartment to
prevent dewing.
• Especially after installation or
when ambient temperature is
high, the fridge-freezer may feel hot, which is
quite normal.

To Reverse the Doors

• Your fridge-freezer is designed with reversible
doors, do that they may open from either the left
of right hand side to suit your kitchen design.
Door Handles (2-tone models)
• If you have chosen a two-tone refrigerator and
would like to reverse the doors, you can either
re-attach the handles that come with the unit or
can purchase an alternative pair in the opposite
colour tone.
To purchase these handles please call LG
Customer Services at the telephone number
shown on your warranty card, or contact the
retailer where you bought the unit.
w w
However, When you want to reverse the doors,
you must call to service agent.
Reversing the doors is not covered by the

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents