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Note Before Installing - LG FREEZER Owner's Manual

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1. Note before installing

Product must be installed in a location away from heat sources such as heaters and
hot-water systems. Must also be installed in a location away from direct sunlight.
Installation location must have adequate ventilation.
Prepare cabinetwork in accordance with the instructions to assure adequate
ventilation. Be sure that the installation has unobstructed air flow into front air vent.
If ventilation is not adequate the normal performance of the product may be
impaired or prohibited.
Install the product in such a way to prevent the ingress of rodents and vermin as
damage caused by them may result in fire.
Install the cabinet door to the refrigerator in such a way to maintain a 5mm gap
between the edge of the cabinet door and any adjacent wall.
Use the specified dimensions for the Integrated door panels. Oversized integrated
door panels may sag or cause interference with the correct operation of the
Check there is no lean on the product door after attaching the Integrated door
panels. Check to see that the gasket of the fridge/freezer is properly attached.
Use Integrated panel material of sufficient strength to maintain integrity of support
screw/bolts under the weight of the panels. i.e. don't use material that will allow the
screws to be pulled out easily from the weight of the panels.
Use Cabinet material that is sealed and won't warp or twist from the heat generated
by the product or from the moisture produced by opening and closing the
refrigerator doors.
Make sure surrounding cabinet work is square (within 1mm of horizontal or
vertical). Make sure the base plate that the product is placed on is of sufficient
strength to not bow or warp under constant weight of the product. Bowing or
warping may result in the product not being square with surrounding cabinet work
causing interference with the opening and/or operation of the product.
Installation or removal of this product will require the cooperation of two persons.
For safety reasons keep children away from the installation location and all
installation materials during installation.
Be sure to keep the installation location neat and tidy, keep screws in a single
location and take them only as needed to prevent injury from screws laying around.
Do not connect product via an extension cord or multi adapter due to risk of fire.
Test run product prior to installation to assure its correct operation.


Table of Contents

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