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LG Freezer User Manual

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NO.12 Ying Bin Road,Hai Ling District,Tai Zhou,Jiang Su,China


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  • Page 1 NO.12 Ying Bin Road,Hai Ling District,Tai Zhou,Jiang Su,China P/NO.3828JS8034Q...
  • Page 2 FREEZER User's Guide Please read this User's Guide carefully before operating and keep it handy for reference at all times. CONGELADOR Guía Del Usuario Lea por favor la guía de usuario cuidadosamente antes de funcionar y manténgala práctica para la referencia siempre.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Introduction Important safety Instruction Disposal of the old appliance & packing of new appliance Identification of Parts Installation Location Electrical Connection Operation Starting Suggestion on Storing food food storage Making Ice Care and Defrosting maintenance Cleaning General Information Tips for saving Energy Trouble shooting Trouble shooting...
  • Page 4: Introduction

    Never damage, severely bend, pull out, or twist the power cord because power cord damage may cause a fire or electronic shock. Never place glass products in the freezer because they may be broken when their inner contents are frozen. Don't use an...
  • Page 5 Introduction This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
  • Page 6: Disposal Of The Old Appliance & Packing Of New Appliance

    Introduction Disposal of the old appliance & packing of new appliance Disposal of the old The old appliance whose life has expired should be destroyed in order to make it safe prior to disposal. Take appliance out power plugs, separate connection wires and remove or destroy all springs, latches or bolting, to prevent children from being trapped during play.
  • Page 7: Identification Of Parts

    Identification of Parts NOTE This is a basic model. The shape of refrigerator is subject to change.
  • Page 8: Installation

    +16°C and +38°C. If the ambient temperature drops below +16°C, it is possible that the freezing foods in the freezer compartment are thawed because the temperature of the freezer gets warm. We recommend that the refrigerator be installed at a dry and well ventilated place.
  • Page 9: Electrical Connection

    Installation Electrical connection This appliance should be connected to the mains AC 220~240V , 50 Hz. You must connect this appliance only to the power socket with grounding complying with the related regulations and only an approved expert should install this appliance. Operation Starting Before switching it on, leave the appliance standing for...
  • Page 10: Suggestion On

    Before sealing, get rid of air from packing bags and foil. The remained air makes the storing foods dry. You can freeze foods quickly when packing is level. Do not store bottles in freezer compartment. They may break when frozen. Making Ice...
  • Page 11: Care And

    Care and Maintenance Defrosting Defrosting the fridge compartment When the freezer is working, frost is formed at the rear wall of the fridge compartment and melts automatically when the compressor stops. Defrosting the freezer compartment Humidity forms frost or ice in the freezer compartment while the appliance is working or when the freezer door is opened.
  • Page 12: Cleaning

    • The freezer compartment should be cleaned at least once a month. • The most appropriate time for cleaning of the freezer compartment is a time after defrosting. • Clean refrigerator including inside devices with clothes or lukewarm water. You may use commercial detergent for tableware.
  • Page 13: General Information

    Anti-condensation • The Anti-condensation pipe is Anti-Condensation Pipe installed around the front side pipe of fridge-freezer to prevent dewing. • Especially after installation or when ambient temperature is high, the fridge-freezer may feel hot, which is quite normal.
  • Page 14: Tips For Saving Energy

    Care and Maintenance Tips for saving Energy - After moving the appliance, allow 2 hours to turn on again. - Do not place the appliance near radiator, stove, and heat sources. If ambient temperature is high, the compressor will run longer. - Place the appliance on a cool and well ventilated room.
  • Page 15: Trouble Shooting

    • House fuse has blown or circuit breaker has tripped. Check and/or replace fuse and reset circuit breaker. • Power cut. Check house lights. • The floor on which the fridge-freezer is installed Vibration or may be uneven or the fridge-freezer may be Rattling or unstable.
  • Page 16 Trouble Shooting Problem Possible Causes Fridge has odor • Foods with strong odors should be tightly covered or wrapped • Check for spoiled food • Interior needs cleaning • Refer to "Cleaning Section" Moisture forms on • This phenomenon is likely to occur in a wet space. Wipe it with a dry towel cabinet surface...
  • Page 17: To Reverse The

    To Reverse the Doors How to Reverse the Door Your refrigerator is designed with a reversible door, so you may open from either left or right. It is best to reposition the door hinge as necessary at the outset since it is inconvenient to do so later.
  • Page 18: Door Handle

    To Reverse the Doors How to Reverse the Door 6. After refitting the door, fix the Lower Hinge(L) in the opposite side by using 2xBOLTS. 7. Fix the Leg. 8. Carefully place the appliance in an upright position. Adjust the Leveling screw to make sure the appliance is steady and check that the door opens and closes properly.