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Sony HDC-3300R User Manual

Hd super motion color camera; hd super motion camera control unit
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HD Super Motion Color Camera
HD Super Motion Camera Control Unit
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  • Page 1 HDC-3300R HD Super Motion Color Camera HDCU-3300R HD Super Motion Camera Control Unit High Definition Video System
  • Page 2 The reputable HDC-3300 was developed to meet this which is achieved thanks to its signal-processing LSI (Large Scale Integration) that’s dedicated to normal- demand. Today, it has evolved into the HDC-3300R - a next-generation model with stunning picture quality by speed capturing. This simultaneous output can be...
  • Page 3 The HDC-3300R camera allows captured data to be transferred as high-quality wideband signals to its The design of the HDC-3300R camera is based on the companion HDCU-3300R Camera Control Unit up to 8200 proven HDC1500 Series Multi-format HD Portable Camera feet (2500 meters)* at an amazingly high data rate of that provides a high level of operability.
  • Page 4: Creative Versatility

    Simulated image Triple Skin Tone Detail Control The HDC-3300R comes equipped with a triple skin tone detail control function, which allows for independent detail control over three specified colors. This enhances the capability of skin tone detail correction - enabling one color selection to be used for reducing the detail level of skin color, and two other selections to be used for either increasing or decreasing the detail level of two other objects.
  • Page 5 HDVF-C950W, HDVF-C730W, HDVF-700A, HDVF-550, and HDVF-EL100 HKC-T3300 CCD Block Extension Adaptor The HKC-T3300 CCD Block Extension Adaptor is a unique accessory for the HDC-3300R HD Super Motion Color Camera. It allows the CCD block to be extended from the camera body by up to 12.5 m. This allows more creative camera shooting angles to be achieved, along with the freedom to place the imaging assembly in areas where a full- size camera would be restricted.
  • Page 6: System Configurations

    System Configurations CRT B/W VIEWFINDER HDVF-550 Viewfinder HDVF-20A/C35W/C30WR Multi-format LCD Color Viewfinder HDVF-C950W/C730W Portable Lens CCD Block Adaptor SMPTE Fiber HDC-3300R Cable Adaptor Camera Control Unit Portable Lens CCD Block HD CCD Block Adaptor HDCU-3300R HD SDI x3 HKC-T3300 HDD Server...
  • Page 7: Optional Accessories

    Optional Accessories HDLA1500 HDLA1505 HDLA1507 RCP-920/921 RCP-700/701 RCP-750/751 Large Lens Adaptor Large Lens Adaptor Large Viewfinder Adaptor Remote Control Panel Remote Control Panel Remote Control Panel (for attachment of the HDVF-EL100/700A) (for attachment of the HDVF-C950W/C730W/550) (for attachment of the HDVF-EL100/700A) (Photo shows RCP-920) (Photo shows RCP-700) (Photo shows RCP-750)
  • Page 8: Specifications

    (for entire camera system control) * 1080/180i mode Ethernet RJ-45 x1, 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX ** When the HDC-3300R camera is not connected to the HDCU-3300R camera control unit, the HD-SDI output signal is for Trunk A 12-pin x1 maintenance purpose only. Trunk line...

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