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Charge The Battery Of The Other Device - Nokia Extra Power DC-11 User Manual

Nokia extra power


charger is properly connected
to the DC-11 device.
3. When the DC-11 device is fully
charged, the indicator light
stops flashing. Disconnect the
charger from the DC-11 device,
then from the power source.
The DC-11 device can also be
charged through a USB port of a
compatible PC using the Nokia
connectivity cable CA-100 or

Charge the battery of the other device

You can use the DC-11 device to
charge the battery in two devices
at the same time.
The fully charged DC-11 device has
enough power to fully charge a
950 mAh battery once.
1. If the charger plug you want to
use is inserted into the end of
the DC-11 device, pull the plug
CA-126 (sold separately). Connect
one end of the cable to the charger
connector on the DC-11 device
and the other end to a USB port on
the PC.
While charging the DC-11 device,
you can use it to charge the
battery in one or two devices.
Connect the device or devices to
the DC-11 device.
2. Connect the charger plug to
3. Press the power key of the
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out from the recess, and uncoil
the charging cable from the
side of the device.
the other device.
DC-11 device.
The indicator light flashes
during charging. If the light



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