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Nokia Extra Power DC-11K User Manual


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Nokia Extra Power DC-11/DC-11K



Summary of Contents for Nokia Extra Power DC-11K

  • Page 1 Nokia Extra Power DC-11/DC-11K 9212420/2...
  • Page 2: Get Started

    DC-11 device. The DC-11 device can be used to This product may contain small parts. charge the battery in a Nokia device Keep them out of the reach of small that has a 2.0 mm charger connector children.
  • Page 3 DC-11 device, then from Warning: Use only chargers the power source. approved by Nokia for use The DC-11 device can also be charged with this particular model. through a USB port of a compatible PC The use of any other types may invalidate...
  • Page 4 ENGLISH Charge the battery of the other device You can use the DC-11 device to charge the DC-11 device, and press charge the battery in two devices at the power key to switch it on. the same time. If the DC-11 device cannot start The fully charged DC-11 device has charging the other device within enough power to fully charge a 950...
  • Page 5: Battery And Charger Information

    Unplug the charger from the electrical times, but it will eventually wear out. plug and the device when not in use. Recharge your battery only with Nokia Do not leave a fully charged battery approved chargers designated for this...
  • Page 6: Care And Maintenance

    ENGLISH connected to a charger, since particularly limited in temperatures well overcharging may shorten its lifetime. below freezing. If left unused, a fully charged battery Do not dispose of batteries in a fire as will lose its charge over time. they may explode.
  • Page 7 If the product is not working properly, your local Nokia representative. Check take it to the nearest authorised service how to recycle your Nokia products at facility for service., or if Recycle browsing on a mobile device, The crossed-out wheeled-bin

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