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Samson XP308i Owner's Manual

300 portable pa system with ipod dock expedition
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  • Page 1 XP308i 300 PORTABLE PA SYSTEM WITH iPod DOCK...
  • Page 2 Safety Instructions/Consignes de sécurité/Sicherheitsvorkehrungen WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this unit to rain or moisture. To reduce the hazard of electrical shock, do not remove cover or back. No user serviceable parts inside. Please refer all servicing to qualified personnel.The lightning flash with an arrowhead symbol within an equilateral triangle, is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated "dangerous voltage"...
  • Page 3 Copyright 2009 - Samson Technologies Corp. Printed March, 2009 v1.1 Samson Technologies Corp.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Recording Your Performance From The Xp308i ........
  • Page 5: Introduction

    In these pages, you’ll find a detailed description portable PA system from Samson! The XP308i of the features of the XP308i PA system, as well features a compact 8-channel mixer with 300 as a description of its front and rear panels, step-...
  • Page 6: Xp308I Features

    Here are some of its main features: the tone of the individual inputs. • The XP308i is a compact PA system with dual • To create a lush vocal effect, you can use the 2-way speakers, onboard mixer and 300 watt internal effects processor to add Digital Reverb power amplifier.
  • Page 7: Xp308I Speaker Layout

    Steel Grill – Durable steel grill provides Pole Mount – The XP308i has integral 1 3/8 protection for, and easy access to LF driver. (35mm) speaker stand receptacle allow- ing the speakers to be set on standard Bass Port–...
  • Page 8: Xp308I Quick Start

    • Remove the mixer by turning the quarter turn screw counter clockwise towards the RELEASE position. Using a Microphone Be sure that the XP308i’s Power switch is set to the off position. • Turn all of the channel VOLUME (VOL) controls fully counterclockwise to the “0” position.
  • Page 9: Speaker Placement

    One possible exception is when you are adjusting the sounds of the microphones, since • Be sure that the XP308i’s Power switch is set to the you want to listen in front of the speaker to hear OFF position.
  • Page 10: Xp308I Mixer Layout

    9. Stereo Inputs (channels 5 / 6) the “12:00” position. Rotating the knob towards The XP308i has a pair of 1/4-inch jacks for connect- the right will boost the channel’s high frequency ing stereo line level sources. For stereo inputs ,use...
  • Page 11: Xp308I Mixer Layout

    REVERB switch (see #6 above) pressed down. 16. iPod DOCK - connector 24. METER - LED indicators The XP308i has a built in iPod dock which can be used to connect most of the latest iPod models. This six-segment bar meter shows the XP308i’s output level.
  • Page 12: Operating The Xp308I

    XP308i, is turned off. Also, make sure that the VOLUME controls of each channel of the XP308i and the MASTER level control are turned all the way down.
  • Page 13: Using The Reverb Effect

    7. If you wish to adjust the tone of each channel, adjust the LF and HF equalizer controls as The XP308i’s mixer provides a MONITOR OUT on desired. If you add a lot of EQ, you may have to two ¼-inch phone jacks for connecting additional re-adjust the channel VOLUME.
  • Page 14: Using The Ipod Docking Station

    1. Before you connect your iPod, check to see if it came with a dock adapter. If your iPod player came with a dock adapter, fit it in the XP308i’s docking station. 2. Next, simply place the iPod player in the dock.
  • Page 15: Configuring The Xp308I For Carry Case

    Configuring the XP308i for Carry Case Configuring the XP308i for Carry Case You can easily carry your sound system using the XP308i’s “Slide and Lock” feature. The “Slide and • Slide the second speaker into the speaker on the Lock” speaker enclosures allow you to connect...
  • Page 16: Xp308I System Set-Up

    XP308i System Set-ups Live Band PA System With Monitors...
  • Page 17: Xp308I Wiring Guide

    XP308i Wiring Guide CONNECTING THE XP308i There are several ways to interface the XP308i to support a variety of applications. The XP308i feature balanced inputs and outputs, so connecting balanced and unbalanced signals is possible. Unbalanced 1/4” Connector Balanced TRS 1/4” Connector...
  • Page 18: Specifications

    Specifications Input Specifications Nominal Load Input Connector Input Impedance Rated Input Level Connector Type Impedance CH Mic 3.6K / 7.5K 50~600 / 600 -36dBu / -26dBu XLR Type Balanced / Phone Jack(TRS)T=Hot R=Cold S=GND CH Line 3.6K / 7.5K 50~600 / 600 -6dBu / +4dBu XLR Type Balanced / Phone Jack(TRS)T=Hot...
  • Page 19: Block Diagram

    Block Diagram...
  • Page 20 Samson Technologies Corp. 45 Gilpin Avenue Hauppauge, New York 11788-8816 Phone: 1-800-3-SAMSON (1-800-372-6766) Fax: 631-784-2201