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GE PGP976 Installation Instructions Manual

36" sealed gas cooktop
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I stallatio
I structio s
36" Sealed Gas Cooktop
PGP976, PGP986, CGP650
Questions? Call 800.GE.CARES (800.432.2737
or Visit our Website at:
In Canada, call 1.800.561.3344
or Visit our Website at:
. This product
must be installed by a licensed
or gas fitter.
, When using ball-type gas shut-off
valves, they
shall be the T-handle type.
, A flexible gas connector,
when used, must not
exceed 3 feet.
Read these instructions
and carefully.
- Save these
for local inspector's
, IMPORTANT - Observe all
g overning
codes and ordinances.
, Note to Installer-
Be sure to leave these
with the Consumer.
, Note to Consumer
- Keep these instructions
future reference.
, Product failure due to improper
is not
covered under the Warranty.
- Thisappliancemust be
properly grounded.
- Leak testing of the
applianceshall be conducted accordingto the
, Proper installation
is the responsibility
of the
installer and product failure due to improper
is NOT covered under warranty.
WARN ING - Disconnect
all electrical
power at the main circuit breaker
or fuse box before installing.
- Iftheinformation inthis
is not followed
a fire, explosion
or gas leak may result causing
or death.
Do not store or use gasoline
or other flammable
vapors and liquids
in the vicinity
of this or any
other appliance!
Do not try to light any appliance.
Do not touch
any electrical
do not use any phone in
your building.
call your gas supplier
from a
phone. Follow the gas supplier's
, If you cannot
reach your gas supplier,
call the
fire department.
and service must be performed
a qualified
service agency or the gas
This cooktop
has been certified
by UL. You'll find
safety precautions
in your Owner's Manual. Read
them carefully.
of this cooktop
must conform
local codes or in the absence of local codes with
the National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223.1/NFPA
Be sure your cooktop
is installed properly by a
installer or service technician.
To eliminate
reaching over surface burners,
cabinet storage above burner should be avoided.
Do not install the unit near an outside door or
where a draft may affect its use.



  Summary of Contents for GE PGP976

  • Page 1 I stallatio 36" Sealed Gas Cooktop I structio s PGP976, PGP986, CGP650 Questions? Call 800.GE.CARES (800.432.2737 or Visit our Website at: In Canada, call 1.800.561.3344 or Visit our Website at: IN THE COMMONWEALTH FOR YOUR SAFETY: MASSACH USETTS:...
  • Page 2: Installation

    Installation Instructions IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS PARTS INCLUDED ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS This appliance must be supplied with the proper voltage and frequency and connected to an individual, properly grounded branch circuit, protected by a circuit breaker or fuse having 2 Screws Regulator amperage as noted on the rating plate.
  • Page 3: Pre-Installation

    Installation Instructions PRE-INSTALLATION CHECKLIST Remove Installation Instructions from When preparing cooktop opening, make sure the inside of the cabinet and the literature pack and read them carefully cooktop do not interfere with each other. before you begin. (See section on preparing the opening.) Be sure to place all literature (Owners Manual,...
  • Page 4: Preparing The Opening

    Recommended gas supply location NOTE: All gas cooktop models require 7/16" From Cutout Center Line free area below cooktop bottom to combustible material. PGP976 6" 2-1/4" 3-3/4" PGP986 12" 12" 3-3/8" CGP650 12" 12" 3-318"...
  • Page 5: Installing The Cooktop Unit

    Installation Instructions iNSTALLiNG THE COOKTOP UNiT LOCATE ELECTRICAL OUTLET AND ATTACH BRACKETS TO COOKTOP GAS SHUT-OFF VALVE BENEATH Remove the screw from the side of the cooktop CABINET and screw the hold-down bracket to the side of the cooktop unit. Repeat for opposite NEVER REUSE OLD side of cooktop.
  • Page 6 Installation Instructions INSTALLATION--GAS CONNECTIONS PROVIDE ADEQUATE INSTALL REGULATOR ONTO GAS SUPPLY BURNER BOX BOTTOM This cooktop is designed to operate on natural Screw the regulator gas at 5" of water column manifold pressure and onto the burner 7" of water column (W.C.) supply pressure. It is box bottom pipe shipped from the factory set for natural gas.
  • Page 7 Installation Instructions CHECK FOR LEAKS INSTALLATION OVER BUILT-IN OVEN LEAK TESTING OF THE APPLIANCE SHALL BE CONDUCTED ACCORDING TO THE HANUFACTURER'S See built-in oven installation for complete INSTRUCTIONS. installation instructions. Before testing for leaks, make sure all burner knobs are in the OFF position. After connecting the cooktop to gas, check system for leaks with a manometer.
  • Page 8 Installation Instructions INSTALLATION--ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS , WARNING - Disconnect all electrical power at the main circuit breaker or fuse box before installing. ELECTRICAL SUPPLY AND OUTLET An adequate electrical supply and outlet must be used to operate the electrical parts of your cooktop.
  • Page 9: Cooktop Burners

    Installation Instructions COOKTOP BURNERS ASSEMBLING THE COOKTOP BURNERS The electrode of the igniter is exposed. Be careful not to turn on any cooktop controls while the top of the burner is removed. Do not remove the top or touch the electrode of any burner while another burner is turned on.
  • Page 10 Installation Instructions COOKTOP BURNERS ICONT.} BURNER IGNITION BURNER GRATES The three cooktop grates are designed for specific Cooktop Spark Ignition-When you turn positions. For maximum stability, these grates the cooktop knob to LITE, the spark igniter makes a should only be used in their proper position with series of electric sparks (ticking sounds) which light the edges positioned on top of the black bumpers...
  • Page 11: Operation Checklist

    Installation Instructions OPERATION CHECKLIST When ordering parts, always include the serial Make sure all controls are left in the OFF number, model number and a code letter to position. Check to be sure the cooktop is in the ensure proper replacement parts. UNLOCKED position (on models so equipped).
  • Page 12: Making The Lp Conversion

    Installation Instructions MAKING THE LP CONVERSION TOOLS YOU WILL NEED SAFETY INFORMATION FOR LP CONVERSION SHOULD KNOW The pressure regulator and burner orifices are set 7mm Nutdriver for natural gas. To use LP gas, the regulator burner orifices must be converted. The LP orifice Safety Glasses spuds for the cooktop...
  • Page 13 ORIFICES (CONT.} FA1 Remove the grates, burner cops, and burner CENTER BURNER heads. 17,000 BTU/hr Extra Large Burner (PGP976 Models) Using a 7mm nut driver, remove the burner orifices. These may be accessed through burner holes in the cooktop. Inner...
  • Page 14 Installation Instructions [T_ CHANGE COOKTOP BURNER CHANGE COOKTOP BURNER ORIFICES (CONT.) ORIFICES (CONT.) CENTER BURNER LEFT FRONT BURNER 20,000 BTU/hr Tri-Ring Burner (PGP986 and CGP6SO (PGP986 and CGP650 Models) Models) Griddle Screw spuds located through these The griddle screw is marked with N openings.
  • Page 15 Installation Instructions MAKING THE LP CONVERSION (CONT.) ADJUST BURNER FLAMES Testing Flame Stability: Test 1 - Temporarily replace knobs. Turn the Turn all burners full on and check the flames. knob from "HI" to the lowest setting They should be blue in color with some yellow quickly.
  • Page 16 Notes.
  • Page 17 I structio s Ta le de cuisson scell d'i stallati au gaz de 91.4 cm (36") PGP976, PGP986, CGP650 Web 8 I'adresse : POUR VOTRE SI_CURITI_ AVANT DE COMMENCER Avant de commencer, lisez attentivement la totalit6 AAVERTISSEMENT de ces instructions.
  • Page 18 Instructions d'installation INSTRUCTIONS IMPORTANTES DE SI CURITI PII_CES COMPRISES Cette table de cuisson a 6t6 homologu6e UL. Vous trouverez des pr6cautions 6 prendre en mati6re de s6curit6 dons votre Guide d'utilisation et de soins. Lisez-les attentivement. . L'installation de votre table de cuisson dolt se conformer au×...
  • Page 19 Instructions d'installation DE VITRIFICATION AVANT INSTALLATION LISTE Enlevez les instructions d'installation de la Pour pr6parer I'ouverture de la surface de trousse de documentation et lisez-les cuisson, vous devez vous assurer que I'int6rieur de I'armoire ne touche pas la table soigneusement avant de commencer.
  • Page 20 1,1 cm (7/16 po) sous Io hauteur de Io surface 2.S cm (1") min. du mur arri_re pour Io moti_re combustible. Emplacement recommand6 de I'alimentation PGP976 9,5cm(3-3/4") 15,2 cm (6") 5,7cm(2-i/4") de gaz PGP986 30,5 cm (12") 30,5 cm (12") 8,6cm(3-3/8") CGP650 30,5 cm (12") 30,5 cm (12") 8,6cm(3-3/8")
  • Page 21 Instructions d'instollotion UNITE DE LA TABLE DE CUISSON INSTALLATION LA PLACEZ LA PRISE F41 FIXEZ LES SUPPORTS DE FIXATION D'ALIMENTATION A LA TABLE DE CUISSON I_LECTRIOUE ET LE ROBINET Enlevez la vis d'un c6t# de la table de cuisson, D'ALIMENTATION DE GAZ vissez un support de fixation _ un c6t# de la table de cuisson.
  • Page 22 Instructions d'installation INSTALLATION--BRANCHEMENT DU GAZ FOURNISSEZ UN BON INSTALLEZ LE RI_GULATEUR EN APPROVISIONNEP1ENT EN GAZ BAS DE LA BO/TE DE BRULEURS Cette table de cuisson est conque pour fonctionner Vissez le r6gulateur dans gaz naturel 6 une pression de tubulure d'admission le raccord du bas de de 4 po.
  • Page 23: Instructions D'installation

    Instructions d'installation VI_RIFIEZ QU'IL N'Y A PAS DE INSTALLATION SUR UN FOUR FUITE ENCASTRt_ LA VI_RIFICATION DE FUITES SUR L'APPAREIL DOlT Consultez I'installation du four encastr# pour y I_TREEFFECTUIeEEN CONFORIVlITI_ AVEC LES trouver les instructions d'installation. INSTRUCTIONS DU FABRICANT. Avant de v@ifier qu'il n'y a pas de fuite, assurez- vous que tous les boutons de br01eurs soient en position OFF (arr_t).
  • Page 24 Instructions d'installation INSTALLATION--RACCORDS ELECTRIOUES AVERTISSEMENT - D6branchez tout courant 61ectrique au niveau du disjoncteur de la maison ou de la boTte6 fusibles avant d'installer. ALIMENTATION I_LECTRIOUE ET PRISE Vous devez utiliser une bonne alimentation 61ectrique et une bonne prise pour faire fonctionner les 616ments 61ectriques de votre table de cuisson.
  • Page 25 Instructions d'installation BRULEURS DE LA TABLE DE CUISSON ASSEMBLEZ LES BRULEURS DE LA TABLE DE CUISSON L'61ectrode de I'allumeur est expos6e. Veillez 0 n'allumer aucun contr61e de la table de cuisson Iorsque le dessus du br01eur est enlev6. N'enlevez jamais le haut ct'un brOleur ou son 61ectrode quancl un autre br01eur est allure6.
  • Page 26 Instructions d'installation ALLUMAGE DES BRULEURS LES FLAMMES DU BRULEUR Allumage de la table de cuisson - Ouand vous Allumez chaque brOleur. Les flammes doivent 6tre mettez le bouton de la table de cuisson en position bleu sans trace de jaune. Les flammes du brOleur LITE (allumage), I'allumeur fair une s@ie d'6tincelles ne doivent pas scintiller ou s'6carter du brOleur.
  • Page 27 Instructions d'installation LISTE DE VITRIFICATION DE FONCTIONNEMENT Assurez-vous que tous les contr61es restent en q)uand vous commandez des pi_ces, indiquez position OFF (arr6t). V6rifiez que la table toujours le num6ro de s6rie, le num@o de de cuisson soit en position UNLOCKED mod61e et les lettres de code pour obtenir les (d6verroui%e) (sur les modules ainsi 6quip6s).
  • Page 28 Instructions d'installation CONVERSION AU GAZ PROPANE (LP) RENSEIGNEMENTS RELATIFS A LA AJUSTEZ VOTRE PLAQUE DE CUISSON #, UN USAGE AU GAZ LP SI_CURITI_ QUE VOUS DEVEZ CONNA/TRE D6branchez tout le courant 61ectrique, au niveau du disjoncteur principal ou de la boTte Les diaphragmes du r6gulateur de pression et 6 fusibles.
  • Page 29 BRULEUR CENTRAL A I'aide d'un tourne 6crou de 7 mm., enlevez les BrOleur grond formot de 17 000 Btu/h (ModUles PGP976) diaphragmes du br01eur,Vous pouvez les atteindre en Capuchon passant par le trou de la table de cuisson.
  • Page 30 Instructions d'installation CHANGEZ LES DIAPHRAGMES CHANGEZ LES DIAPHRAGMES BRULEURS DE LA TABLE DE BRULEURS DE LA TABLE DE CUISSON {SUITE} CUISSON {SUITE} BROLEUR CENTRAL BRULEUR AVANT GAUCHE BrOleur 6 trois anneaux de 20 000 Btu/h (ModUles IMod_les PGP986 et CGP650) PGP986 et CGP650) Vis de plaque ecteurs 6 orifice situ6s...
  • Page 31 Instructions d'installation CONVERSION AU GAZ PROPANE (LP)(SUITE) , Si les flammes sont trop petites ou si elles AJUSTEZ LES FLAMMES DES clignotent, ouvrez le robinet davantage BRULEURS dans le r6glage original. Allumez tous les brOleurs au maximum , ISi les flammes s'61oignent du br01eur, v6rifiez les flammes.
  • Page 32 Notes.
  • Page 33 Estufa o Gas Sellodo de 36" stel ci" PGP976, PGP986, CGP650 j r_l FPreguntos? Llame a 800.GE.CARE5 (800.432.2737) o visite nuest:ro sit:io web en: En Canadd, Ilame al 1.800.561.3344 o visite nuest:ro sit:io web en: EN EL COMMONWEALTH...
  • Page 34: Instrucciones Importantes

    Instrucciones d e Instalaci6n INSTRUCCIONES IMPORTANTES DE SEGURIDAD REOUISITOS ELI_CTRICOS PARTES INCLUIDAS Este electrodom6stico deber6 ser suministrado con la frecuencia y el voltaje adecuados, y set conectado a un circuito derivado individual correctamente conectado a tierra, protegido par un 2 Tornillos Regulador disyuntor o fusible con el amperaje...
  • Page 35: Instrucciones De Instalaci6N

    Instrucciones d e Instalaci6n LISTA DE CONTROL DE PRE-INSTALACION AI preparar la abertura de la estufa, Retire las instrucciones de instalaci6n asegOrese de que el interior del gabinete y paquete de instrucciones y lea las mismas de la estufa no interfieran uno con otro.
  • Page 36 NOTA: Todos los modelos de estufas a gas requieren Ubicaci6n del un 6rea libre de 7/16" debajo del fondo de la estufa suministro Desde hasta el material combustible. de gas la Lhea recomendada X- Central de Corte PGP976 3-3/4" 2-2/4" 6" PGP986 12" 12" 3-3/8" CGP650 12" 12"...
  • Page 37 Instrucciones d e Instalaci6n INSTALACION DE LA UNIDAD DE LA ESTUFA ADHIERA LOS SOPORTES A LA UB!QUE EL TOMACORRIENTE ELECTRICO V LA VALVULA DE CIERRE ESTUFA DE GAS DEBAgO DEL GABINETE Retire el tornillo del costado de la estufa y atornille el soporte al costado de la unidad de la estufa.
  • Page 38 Instrucciones d e Instalaci6n INSTALACION -CONEXIONES DE GAS BRINDE EL SUMINISTRO DE GAS INSTALACI6NDELREGULADOR EN LA ADECUADO PARTE INFERIOR DELA CAJADELOS gUEMADORES Esta estufa fue diseflada para funcionar con gas natural con una presi6n de admisi6n de columna Atornille el regulador de agua de 5"y una presi6n de suministro en la conexi6n de columna...
  • Page 39 Instrucciones d e Instalaci6n PI_RDIDAS [][] CONTROLE LAS INSTALACI6N SOBRE EL HORNO INCORPORADO EL CONTROL DE PERDIDAS DEL ELECTRODOMESTICO SE DEBERA REALIZAR DE ACUERDO CON LAS Para acceder a instrucciones de instalaci6n INSTRUCCIONES DEL FABRICANTE completas, consulte la instalaci6n del homo incorporado.
  • Page 40 Instrucciones d e Instalaci6n INSTALACION - CONEXIONES ELECTRICAS ,tkADVERTENCIA - Desconecte todas las fuentes el6ctricas del disyuntor principal o de la caja de fusibles antes de realizar la instalaci6n. SUIvlINISTRO V TOIACORRIENTE ELECTRICO Se deber6 usar un suministro y tomacorriente el6ctrico adecuado para utilizar las partes el6ctricas de su estufa.
  • Page 41 Instrucciones d e Instalaci6n QUEMADORES DE LA ESTUFA ENSAP1BLE DE LOS Q)UEHADORES DE LA ESTUFA El electrodo del encendido est6 expuesto. AsegOrese de no encender ningOn control de la estufa mientras se retira la porte superior del quemador. No retire la porte superior ni toque el electrodo de ningOn quemador mientras...
  • Page 42 Instrucciones d e Instalaci6n OUEMADORES DE LA ESTUFA (CONT.) ENCENDIDO DE LOS QUEMADORES PARRILLAS DE LOS QUEMADORES Las tres parrillas de los quemadores fueron Encendido a Chispa de la Estufa - AI girar la dise_adas para posiciones especificas. Para una perilla de la estufa a la posici6n LITE,el encendido mdxima estabilidad, estas parrillas s61odeberian produce una serie de chispas el6ctricas (sonidos...
  • Page 43 Instrucciones d e Instalaci6n LISTA DE CONTROL DE FUNCIONANIENTO combustible y presi6n adaptados para la estufa AsegOresede que todos los controles queden en al salir de fdbrica. la posici6n OFF (Apagado). AsegOrese de que la estufa se encuentre en la posici6n UNLOCKED AI ordenar piezas, siempre incluya el n0mero de (Desbloqueada) (en modelos con este serie, n0mero de modelo y un c6digo de letra...
  • Page 44 Instrucciones d e Instalaci6n C6MO REALIZAR LA CONVERSI6N A LP HERRAMIENTAS OUE NECESITAR/_ PARA FT] INFORMACI6N DE SEGURIDAD LA CONVERSI6N A LP OUE DEBERIA CONOCER Los orificios del quemador y el regulodor de presi6n est6n configurodos poro gas natural. Poro usar Llave de tuercas de gas LP, los orificios del quemador y el regulador...
  • Page 45 (I, II, III, IV o V) ubicadas en la parte superior. Estas marcas denotan la ubicaci6n de cada orificio con el quemador de la estufa. Para Modelos PGP976 Para Modelos PGP986y CGP6B0 Consulte las instrucciones quemador central...
  • Page 46 Instrucciones d e Instalaci6n COMO REALIZAR LA CONVERSION A LP (CONT.} CAMBIE LOS ORIFICIOS DEL CAMBIE LOS ORIFICIOS DEL 0UEMADOR DE LA ESTUFA (CONT.) QUEMADOR DE LA ESTUFA (CONT.) QUEMADOR CENTRAL Quemador Frontal Izquierdo Quemador de Tres Anillos de 20,000 BTU/hr (Modelos PGP986 y CGP650) (Modelos PGP986 y CGP650)
  • Page 47 Instrucciones d e Instalaci6n C6MO REALIZAR LA CONVERSION A LP (CONT.} Prueba de Estabilidad de la Llama: AJUSTE LAS LLAMAS DEL QUEMADOR Perillas de reemplazo temporario. Prueba 1- Gire todos los quemadores al m6ximo y controle las llamas. Deberian ser azules con Gire la perilla de "HI"...
  • Page 48 Notas.

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