D-Link DI-704P User Manual
D-Link DI-704P User Manual

D-Link DI-704P User Manual

Ethernet broadband router
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Ethernet Broadband Router
User's Manual
(Please refer to the Quick Install Guide for installation instructions.)


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Summary of Contents for D-Link DI-704P

  • Page 1 DI-704P Ethernet Broadband Router User’s Manual (Please refer to the Quick Install Guide for installation instructions.)
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Introduction ....................4 Functions and Features.................4 Introduction to Broadband Router Technology........6 Introduction to Firewalls ..............6 Introduction to Local Area Networking ..........7 Introduction to Virtual Private Networking..........7 Contents of Package ..................9 Panel Layout ....................10 Installation Requirements ..............11 Network Settings ..................12 Configuring the Ethernet Broadband Router..........14 Start- up and Log in ................14 Device Information................16...
  • Page 3 B.1 Install TCP/IP Protocol into Your PC ..........29 B.2 Set TCP/IP Protocol for Working with the DI-704P ....31 Technical Specifications ................38 Contacting Technical Support ..............40 D-Link Locations Worldwide ..............41 Limited Warranty..................43 Registration....................47...
  • Page 4: Introduction

    Instructions for installing and configuring the DI-704P can be found in the enclosed “Quick Install Guide.” Before you install and use the DI-704P, please read this manual carefully for more detailed information and to fully utilize its functions.
  • Page 5 User can define the attributes to support the special applications requiring multiple connections, like Internet gaming, video conferencing, Internet telephony and so on; then the DI-704P can sense the application type and open a multi-port tunnel for it. l DMZ Host supported Allows a networked computer to be fully exposed to the Internet;...
  • Page 6: Introduction To Broadband Router Technology

    Introduction to Broadband Router Technology A router is a device that forwards data packets from a source to a destination. Routers forward data packets using IP addresses and not a MAC address. A router will forward data from the Internet to a particular computer on your LAN. The information that makes up the Internet gets moved around using routers.
  • Page 7: Introduction To Local Area Networking

    Introduction to Local Area Networking Local Area Networking (LAN) is the term used when connecting several computers together over a small area such as a build ing or group of buildings. LAN’s can be connected over large areas. A collection of LAN’s connected over a large area is called a Wide Area Network (WAN).
  • Page 8 Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) PPTP uses proprietary means of connecting two private networks over the Internet. PPTP is a way of securing the information that is communicated between networks. PPTP secures information by encrypting the data inside of a packet IP Security (IPSec) IPSec provides a more secure network-to-network connection across the Internet or a Wide Area Network (WAN).
  • Page 9: Contents Of Package

    Contents of Package DI- - 704P 704P Ethernet Broadband Router Ethernet B roadband Router DI-704P Ethernet Broadband Router Installation CD-ROM Power cord and power adapter CAT-5 UTP Fast Ethernet Cable...
  • Page 10: Panel Layout

    Panel Layout Front Panel M1&M2 System status indicators, Orange. M1 is flashed once per second to indicate system is active. When system is busy, M2 is lighted. WAN & LAN Ethernet port indicators, Green. The LED flickers when the LAN or WAN port is sending or receiving data.
  • Page 11: Installation Requirements

    (LAN.) Installation Requirements The DI-704P can be positioned at any convenient place in your office or house. No special wiring or cooling requirements are needed. However, you should comply with the following guidelines: l Place the DI-704P on a flat horizontal plane.
  • Page 12: Network Settings

    Please check the following items in sequence: Is the Ethernet cable correctly connected between the DI-704P and your computer? The LAN LED of the DI-704P and the link LED of the network adapter card on your computer must be lighted. -12-...
  • Page 13 Is the TCP/IP of your computers properly configured? If the IP address of the DI-704P is, the IP address of your computer must be 192.168.0.X (where “X” is a number between 2 and 254. Each computer on your network must have a different IP address within that range where “X”...
  • Page 14: Configuring The Ethernet Broadband Router

    Activate your browser, and disable the proxy or add the IP address of the DI-704P into the exceptions . Then, type the IP address of the DI-704P into the Location (for Netscape) or Address (for IE) field and press “Enter.” For example:
  • Page 15 is ”admin”) in the System Password field and click on the Log in button. If the password is correct, the web appearance will be changed into administrator configure mode. As listed in its main menu, there are several options for system administration.
  • Page 16: Device Information

    Device Information This option allows you to observe the DI-704P’s working status: A. Modem Status B. Printer Status. The possible kinds of printer status include “Ready,” “Not ready,” “Printing…,” and “Device error.” When a job is printing, there may appear a “Kill Job” button on the “Sidenote”...
  • Page 17: Useful Tools

    At this window you can: View the system logs by clicking the View Log button. Restart the DI-704P by clicking the Reboot button. Backup your settings by clicking the Backup Setting button and save it as a bin file. Once you want to restore these settings, please click the Firmware Upgrade button and use the bin file you saved.
  • Page 18: Setup

    Setup Before you begin the Setup, you must choose the correct WAN type. 1. LAN IP Address: the DI-704P’s IP address. The default address is You can change the LAN IP Address if needed. 2. WAN Type: your ISP’s WAN Connection type. Click the Change button to choose from the following five options: A.
  • Page 19 Dynamic IP Address Host Name: optional. Required by some ISPs, for example, @Home. Renew IP Forever: this feature enables the DI-704P to renew the IP address automatically when the lease time is expired even if the system is in an idle state.
  • Page 20 PPTP Just follow steps below to configure the PPTP WAN type: Set My IP Address as the IP address that the ISP assigned to your PC, e.g. Set My Subnet Mask as the mask that the ISP assigned to your PC, e.g.
  • Page 21: Dhcp Server

    DHCP Server The DI-704P includes a DHCP Server. If you select “Enable” the DHCP Server, and you configure the computers on your network to “Obtain an IP Address automatically,” then when you turn your computer “ON,” it will automatically load the proper TCP/IP settings from the DI-704P.
  • Page 22: Virtual Server

    Virtual Server The firewall filters out unrecognized packets to protect your Intranet; so all computers networked with the DI-704P are invisible to the outside world. If you wish, you can make some of them accessible by enabling the Virtual Server Mapping.
  • Page 23: Special Applications

    Incoming Ports: when the trigger packet is detected, the inbound packets to the specified port numbers are allowed to pass the firewall. The DI-704P provides some predefined settings in the gray pad on the bottom of the web page. Select your application in the Popular applications pull-down menu and click Copy to in order to copy the predefined setting.
  • Page 24: Access Control

    Access Control Access Control allows you to assig n different access rights for different users. First, you have to divide users into different groups. Users are identified by their IP addresses. You can assign members to Groups 1, 2 and 3. The others are all members of the Default Group.
  • Page 25: Miscellaneous Items

    “Administrator” tasks from the remote host. If this feature is enabled, only the specified IP address can perform remote administration. If the specified IP address is, any host can connect to the DI-704P to perform “Administrator” tasks.
  • Page 26: Mac Address Control

    MAC Address Control MAC Address Control allows you to assign different access rights for different users and to assign a specific IP address to a certain MAC address. MAC Addre ss Control Check Enable to enable the MAC Address Control. All of the settings in this page will take effect only when Enable is checked.
  • Page 27: Configuring On Unix Based Platforms

    MAC Address Control function. Configuring on Unix based Platforms Please follow the traditional configuration procedure on Unix platforms to setup the print server of the DI-704P. The printer name is “lp.” -27-...
  • Page 28: Appendix A: Resetting The System Password Or The Ip Address

    Use a null modem cable (an RS-232 cable) to connect your computer and the DI-704P using the serial ports of both machines (the com port on the DI-704P is a serial port.) After you have made the connection, launch a terminal program, such as the Hyper Terminal of MS Windows 95.
  • Page 29: Appendix B Tcp/Ip Configuration For Windows 95/98

    (If you have not, please refer to your network card manual.) Section B.2 tells you how to set TCP/IP values for working with the DI-704P. B.1 Install TCP/IP Protocol into Your PC 1.
  • Page 30 5. Select Microsoft in the Manufacturers list. And choose TCP/IP in the Network Protocols list. Click OK to return to the Network window. 6. The TCP/IP protocol will be listed in the Network window. Click OK to complete the install procedure. Restart your PC to enable the TCP/IP protocol.
  • Page 31: B.2 Set Tcp/Ip Protocol For Working With The Di-704P

    Configuration tab of the Network window. 3. Click the Properties button to set the TCP/IP protocol for the DI-704P. 4. You have two ways of setting the TCP/IP. First, by obtaining an IP address...
  • Page 32 a. Select Obtain an IP address automatically in the IP Address tab. -32-...
  • Page 33 b. Don’t input any value in the Gateway tab. -33-...
  • Page 34 c. Choose Disable DNS in the DNS Configuration tab -34-...
  • Page 35 B. The second way to get an IP address is to input one manually as follows: a. Select Specify an IP address in the IP Address tab. The default IP address of the DI-704P is So please use 192.168.0.xxx (where xxx is between 2 and 254) for the IP Address field and for Subnet Mask field.
  • Page 36 In the Gateway tab, add the IP address of the DI-704P (the default IP is in the New gateway field and click the Add button. -36-...
  • Page 37 c. In the DNS Configuration tab, add the DNS values which are provided by the ISP into DNS Server Search Order field and click the Add button. -37-...
  • Page 38: Technical Specifications

    Technical Specifications Standards: IEEE 802.3 10BASET-T Ethernet IEEE 802.3u 100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet IEEE 802.3x Flow Control ANSI/IEEE 802.3 NWay auto-negotiation Management: Web-Based VPN Pass Through Function*: PPTP IPSec Ports: 4 x NWay 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet LAN (Media Auto Sensing) 1 x 10BASE-T WAN 1 x RS-232 (DB-9) 1 Printer Port (Female DB-25) LED’s:...
  • Page 39 Size: 300(W) x 142(D) x 40(H) mm Operating Temperature: 5C ~ 55C Humidity: 10% ~ 90% -39-...
  • Page 40: Contacting Technical Support

    D-Link provides free technical support for customers within the United States for the duration of the warranty period on this product. U.S. customers can contact D-Link technical support through our web site, by e-mail, or by phone. United States technical support is available Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m.
  • Page 41: D-Link Locations Worldwide

    D-Link Locations Worldwide D-Link Australia D-Link Middle East Unit 16, 390 Eastern Valley Way 7 Assem Ebn Sabet Street Heliopolis Roseville, NSW 2069, Cairo Australia Egypt TEL: 61-2-94177100 TEL: 20-2-6356176 FAX: 61-2-94171077 FAX: 20-2-6356192 URL: www.dlink.com.au URL: www.dlink-me.com D-Link Benelux...
  • Page 42 D-Link Italia D-Link South Africa via Nino Bonnet n. 6/b 102 - 106 Witchhazel Avenue 20154 ¡V Milano, Einstein Park 2 Block B Italy Highveld Technopark TEL: 39-02-2900-0676 Centurion FAX: 39-02-2900-1723 South Africa URL: www.dlink.it TEL: 27(0)126652165 FAX: 27(0)126652186 D-Link Japan...
  • Page 43: Limited Warranty

    (90) days after any repaired or replaced Hardware is delivered. If a material defect is incapable of correction, or if D-Link determines in its sole discretion that it is not practical to repair or replace the defective Hardware, the price paid by the original purchaser for the defective Hardware will be refunded by D -Link upon return to D -Link of the defective Hardware.
  • Page 44 D-Link in writing, the replacement Software is provided only to the original licensee, and is subject to the terms and conditions of the license granted by D-Link for the Software. The Warranty Period shall extend for an additional ninety (90) days after any replacement Software is delivered.
  • Page 46: Fcc Statement

    Trademarks Copyright 2001 D-Link Corporation. Contents subject to change without prior notice. D-Link is a registered trademark of D-Link Corporation/D -Link Systems, Inc. All other trademarks belong to their respective proprietors. -46-...
  • Page 47: Registration

    No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means or used to make any derivative such as translation, transformation, or adaptation without permission from D-Link Corporation/D -Link Systems, Inc., as stipulated by the United States Copyright Act of 1976.

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