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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Quick SETUP GUIDE FOR DX-TL5000E Contents Introduction..............................2 DX-TL5000E Front View: ........................2 DX-TL5000E Back View:........................2 Jog/Shuttle Control:..........................2 Before Powering the Unit ON: ........................3 Various Recording Functions ........................4 Time Power Up & SETUP Wizard: ....................6 SETUP WIZARD Screens ........................

  • Page 3: Introduction

    Introduction The following procedure will allow you to quickly configure the DX-TL5000E. Please read this document before you turn the unit on or make any changes. Additional information is found in the Installer’s Manual DX-TL5000E Front View: 1. Power Indicator Remote Jack 3.

  • Page 4: Before Powering The Unit On

    Before Powering the Unit ON: Before you turn on the DVR and begin SETUP, ensure that all cameras and peripheral devices are connected and turned on. This will ensure that all connected cameras and hard disk space is available and recognized in the setup calculations. Please Note: This Quick Setup Guide has been written around the DX-TL5000E DVR.

  • Page 5: Various Recording Functions

    Various Recording Functions...

  • Page 7: Time Power Up & Setup Wizard

    Time Power Up & SETUP Wizard: When the DVR is Turned On for the first time a SETUP WIZARD is made available to help you quickly setup required areas like current time, hard disk configuration, recording requirements and checking for connected cameras.

  • Page 8

    1 Date and Time. 2 Daylight Saving. (902 000 000) Set Time and Date (902 000 000) Press A Auto Use Cam buttons 14 & 16 to navigate and camera Press C Numbers to change the values. 3 Daylight Saving Date and Times. 4 Hard Disk Drives Connection.

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    Press E Return Press E Return 9 HDD Connection 10 HDD Configuration. (903 000 000) Press D Next (904 000 000) Set to Normal if not using Alarm Press D Next Partition 11 Camera Check. 12 Camera Detection. (905 000 000) Press D Next (906 000 000)

  • Page 11

    13 Recording Cycle. (907 000 000) Set the Recording Cycle Example Press 1 to 14 Days, & Quality Press 2 to 24 Hours Press C Execute 15 Camera recording settings. 16 Camera recording settings overview. (908 000 000) Calculated Recoding Rate (908 500 000) The settings are calculated Press 5 View...

  • Page 12: Start Recording

    Start Recording Press the REC/STOP button. • The REC/STOP button lights up and recording starts. To stop recording, press the REC/STOP button for more than 2 seconds. • Recording stops and the light turns off. Menu structure • To ACTIVATE the MENU simply press the SETUP button on the DVR or if a mouse is being used (connected to a USB port) left click the mouse and the DVR menu screen will be displayed.

  • Page 13: Motion Alarm Recording

    MOTION ALARM RECORDING The Instructions for the SETUP Wizard have configured the DX TL5000E to record continuous; below we will now cover how to program Motion Alarm Recording. SETTING MOTION DETECTION AREA: Two patterns independent from each other are available. Pattern A and Pattern B.

  • Page 14: Changing Motion Area

    Changing Motion Area Red area is active and Blue area is inactive. (When setting by the mouse:) • To set the area one by one, left-click the desired area. The area switches between active and inactive each time you click the mouse. •...

  • Page 15

    Note: When change is detected continuously, some functions such as setting change are not available because alarm recording is also continuously performed. In this case, motion detection function can be forcibly stopped for five minutes by setting the “Alarm Input” option 6 in the Recording Setting menu to “Off.” You can change the settings by stopping recording during this time.

  • Page 16: Operation Example Motion Detection

    Operation Example Motion Detection Background Recording all cameras Recording Super Resolution @ 0.125pps 24hrs X 7days. Motion Recording Super Resolution @ 6.25pps 24hrs X 7days. Pre Alarm time 2 seconds, Post Alarm time 5 seconds. Note: Changes to Recording Settings can not be changed while the DX-TL5000E is Recording. STOP RECORDING To stop recording, press the REC/STOP button for more than 2 seconds.

  • Page 17

    4 Recording Setting A (Normal/Timer) 5 Recording Setting A (Manual) (211 000 000) Select D (211 2MD 000) Set Recording Rate 0.125 for all cameras Select D View 6 Recording Setting A-Normal 7 Recording Setting A-Normal (Manual) (211 2MD D00) Confirm settings are correct (211 2MD 000) Select E Return...

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    10 Recording Setting A- Alarm 11 Recording Setting A- Alarm (Manual) (211 300 000) Select D Change settings 12 Recording Setting A- Alarm (Manual) 13 Recording Setting A- Alarm (211 3MD 000) 1 Camera numbers (211 3MDD00) Check Settings 3 Recording Rate 6.25 Select E Return 4 Picture Grade Super...

  • Page 20

    16 Recording Setting A- Alarm (211 300 000) Select 4 Pre-Alarm time to 2 sec (211 300 000) Select E Return 18 Recording Setting A (Normal/Timer) 19 Alarm Trigger Setting A (211 000 000) Select 5 Alarm Trigger In/Out (211 500 000) Select 2 Change to MD-A for all cameras NOTE: When MD-A is turned ON the DVR...

  • Page 21: Testing Programming

    To Start Recording Press the REC/STOP button. • The REC/STOP button lights up and recording starts. Turn Alarm Input 6 to On, then Press E Return Press E Exit Press E Exit FINISHED PROGRAMING Testing Programming. It is Highly Recommended that the cameras programmed for Motion Recoding, are walk tested to activate the Motion detection.

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  • Page 23: Operation Example Timer Recording

    Operation Example Timer Recording • Set Recording Pattern A (Normal/Timer) from 08:00 to 18:00 on Monday to Friday. • Set Recording Pattern B (Timer) from 18:00 to 08:00 (alarm recording operation : motion detection B) on Monday to Friday. • Set Recording Pattern B (Timer) Saturday and Sunday. Recording settings Pattern A 2.5 pps Super Pattern B Motion 4.167 pps Super RECORDING Over view:...

  • Page 24

    5 Rec Setting A-Normal (Easy) (211 2ED 000) Set 2 to 2.5pps Press D Execute Set 3 to Super (211 2ED D00) Press E Return Note: All cameras are enabled go back to option 2 Manual Set, to recording rate of cameras to --- (not recoding).

  • Page 25: Pattern B Recording

    11 Recording Setting A-Normal Confirm settings for connected cameras Pattern A Set to 2.5pps Super Press E Return X 3 times Pattern B Recording 2 Recording Setting B (Timer) Press 2 Set Rec Pattern B (212 000 000) Press 2 Easy Press D 3 Recording Setting B-Normal (Easy)

  • Page 26

    5 Recording Setting B (Timer) 6 Recording Setting B-Alarm (Easy) (212 000 000) Press Alarm Rec 3 Setting Press 2 set to 4.167, Press 3 Super Press D Execute Press E Return X 3 10 Alarm Trigger Setting B Press 5 Alarm Trigger Setting Change 2 Trigger to MD-B for all cameras...

  • Page 27: Motion B Settings

    11 Alarm Trigger Setting B Check settings, Press E Return X 3 Motion B Settings SETTING MOTION DETECTION AREA: Two patterns independent from each other are available. Pattern A and Pattern B. Motion B Configuration Setup Menu (200 000 000) Select 3 Motion Det Select 2 Set Motion Detection Pattern B...

  • Page 28: Timer Programming

    TIMER Programming Setup Menu (200 000 000) Press 2 Timer Press 2 Configure Timer Program 1 Set the timer programming as follows Program Line 1 Press 13 to Everyday Enter times 00:00 – 00:00 Press A Program mode Record B Press B Motion Detection Active Press C Special Day...

  • Page 29

    Press 1 Program Selection and Program Overview (221 000 000) Press 2 Overview Confirm time and dates are correct for Rec A, Rec B profiles Record A Monday to Friday 08:00 – 18:00 Record B Monday to Friday 18:00 – 08:00 Record B Saturday and Sunday Press E Return X 4 times to exit the Menu...

  • Page 30

    If Recording does not start, there could be an error in the settings. To prevent such errors for timer recording, this unit notifies errors using methods shown below. If there is an error in the settings, please take the necessary procedures shown below. The referred page numbers are from the DX-TL5000E install manual.

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  • Page 32: Connecting 2 Dx-tl5000 Together (cascade)

    Connecting 2 DX-TL5000 together (CASCADE) Up to 16 DX-TL5000’s can be connected together to create a 256 camera system (see diagram page 32) Programming Cascade Contention Enter the System Menu: Press the SET UP Button on the front of the DVR From the User Menu screen (000 000 000), press the D NEXT button twice to display the...

  • Page 33

    Note: Last DVR must have the RS485 bus terminated.

  • Page 34: Network Configuration Lan B

    Network Configuration LAN B Rear Network connections of DX-TL5000 The LAN B connection is used to network the DVR for remote access via the inbuilt Web Server or PC55 and PC200 software from a remote PC. Default IP settings IP address Sub Net Mask

  • Page 35

    LAN B Settings (313 000 000) Press 1 Settings (313 100 000) The settings are Grey as they cant be changed while the DVR is Recording. STOP Recocrding To stop recording, press the REC/STOP button for more than 2 seconds. •...

  • Page 36: Remote Connections And Network Bandwidth Limits

    Remote connections and Network Bandwidth limits.

  • Page 37: Ptz Cameras

    PTZ CAMERAS Enter the System Menu: Press the SET UP Button on the front of the DVR From the User Menu screen (000 000 000), press the D NEXT button twice to display the SYSTEM MENU (300 000 000) (300 000 000) Press 2 PTZ Setting Press 1 PTZ Camera Configuration...

  • Page 38

    PTZ Configuration Overview Press 2 Configuration Check List (322 000 000) Check the settings PTZ Rear Connectors Press E Return Press E Exit twice to exit the SET UP menu. Test (Front Panel Buttons) – Press the PTZ button and press pan and tilt buttons to move the camera.

  • Page 39: External Storage Features

    EXTERNAL Storage Features Now 500GB HDD, 2TB internal...

  • Page 40: Password Settings

    Password Settings To change the settings enter the System Menu: Press the SET UP Button on the front of the DVR From the User Menu screen (000 000 000), press the D NEXT button to display the Setup Menu (200 000 000) Press 4 System Press 4...

  • Page 41

    PASSWORD LOCK There are 2 types of PASSWORD LOCK, “Operation control” and “Disk management.” “Operation control” has 3 levels of lock (level 1 to 3). “Disk management” locks the settings of <Data Clear> for main device (System Menu Data Clear). •...

  • Page 42: Disk Management Password

    • The Unlock Password Level 3 appears, Press A enter the password. Press E Unlock Disk management password This feature adds a password to Memory Clear function (Deleting of recordings). • In the System menu (300 000 000), Press 6 Data Clear Press 1 Main Storage Memory...

  • Page 43

    Press D Unlock • You can now Select D Execute to Delete the stored recording. WARNING – clearing the MAIN STORAGE MEMORY will erase all recorded data. Note: Data cannot be deleted while accessing to the HDD such as playback / recording / copying / restoring.

  • Page 44: Multiplex Setting Overview

    Multiplex Setting Overview...

  • Page 45: Multiplexer Setting

    Multiplexer Setting The multiplexer function of this unit can display the connected cameras on 2 Monitor outputs. Monitor A and Monitor B using split screens. It is also possible to change the position of the camera number to be displayed in the SPLIT modes. To change the settings enter the System Menu: Press the SET UP...

  • Page 46: Covert Camera Setting

    Alarm Display Setting A Select output A or output B. Off: Does not perform alarm display. Select the desired single screen display or split screen display which is set in the <Multiplexer Setting> to be displayed when the alarm signal present. (245 400 000) Press 2 Multi 4b Covert Camera Setting...

  • Page 47: Menu Data (saving Settings)

    Menu Data (Saving Settings) This menu is used to update and save the menu settings of this unit. Save Settings This is done by loading the menu settings which is copied from another DX-TL5000E via the external media such as USB memory, the DVD disc, or CD. •...

  • Page 48: Load Settings

    Load Settings This item is used to update the menu settings of the DX-TL5000E via settings copied to external media. NOTE: To load or change the menu settings stored on the external media, set the HDD settings (partition setting) of this unit to the same settings as the recorder which has been used for copying the menu settings.

  • Page 49: Firmware Upgrade

    Firmware Upgrade The Firmware File extension is DAM, the current firmware version is DAM11178 Contact Mitsubishi Electric Australia for the latest version. To Upgrade the firmware follow the instructions below; 1. Power down the unit. 2. Turn the power off completely, using the switch on the back.

  • Page 50: Dx-tl5000e Optional Parts

    DX-TL5000E Optional Parts...

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  • Page 52 348 Victoria Rd Rydalmere, NSW 2116 Phone: (02) 9684 7777 Fax: (02) 9684 7208...

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