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Troubleshooting; Service - Honeywell C7061M Product Data

Miniature dynamic selfcheck ultraviolet flame detector
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Electrical shock hazard.
Can cause serious injury or death.
Open the master switch to disconnect power before
removing or installing the detector or its cover. More
than one disconnect may be involved.
UV Sensor Tube Test
See "UV Sensor Tube Test" on page 8.
Inadequate Flame Signal
If a satisfactory flame signal (see Table 1) cannot be obtained
while adjusting the sighting position of the detector, follow
these procedures. If you encounter other problems in the
system, refer to the Troubleshooting section in the instructions
for the appropriate flame safeguard control.
NOTE: For instructions to replace the sensing tube, see
"Service" in next column.
1. Check for the proper line voltage. Make sure the master
switch is closed, connections are correct, and power
supply is of the correct voltage and frequency.
2. Check the detector wiring for defects:
a. Incorrect connections.
b. Wrong type or size of wire.
c. Deteriorated wire.
d. Open circuits.
e. Short circuits.
Leakage paths caused by moisture, soot, or dirt.
3. With the burner running, check the temperature at the
detector. If it exceeds 175°F (80°C):
a. use a heat block (part number 136733) or seal off
assembly (part number 105172C).
A bushing will be needed as these parts are 3/4-
in. npt.
b. Add additional insulation between the wall of the
combustion chamber and the detector.
c. Add a shield or screen to reflect radiated heat away
from the detector, or
d. Add cooling (refer to Sight Pipe Ventilation).
4. Remove detector from the sight pipe and clean the view-
ing window with a soft clean cloth.
5. Clean the inside of the sight pipe before re-installing the
flame detector(Fig. 6).
NOTE: Do NOT remove the detector while the equipment
is operating.
NOTE: The detector is free when the collar is unscrewed;
do not drop it.
6. If the flame signal continues to be too low, replace the
plug-in amplifier. Then recheck the flame signal.
7. Replace the ultraviolet sensing tube (see "Service" on
page 10). Then recheck the flame signal.
8. Remove detector from the sight pipe and sight it on a UV
source, and note the flame LED on the 7800 Series
9. If you cannot yet obtain a meter reading, replace the
At the completion of Troubleshooting, be sure to
perform the Adjustments and Checkout procedures.


Electrical shock hazard.
Can cause serious injury or death.
Open the master switch to disconnect power before
removing or installing the detector or its cover. More
than one disconnect can be involved.
Periodic Maintenance
1. Clean the viewing window when necessary. Remove the
detector (see "Troubleshooting" on page 10) and use a
clean cloth over the eraser end of a pencil. Do not
remove the window (or lens) to clean it. If it is broken or
damaged or it is coated with a substance that cannot be
removed, replace the detector.
2. Keep the flame detection system adjusted for the
smoothest, most reliable operation as recommended by
the burner manufacturer.
3. Ultraviolet sensing tubes have a life expectancy of
40,000 hours of continuous use within the ambient tem-
perature and voltage ratings. Replace the sensing tube
at appropriate intervals.
Replacing Ultraviolet Sensing Tube
(Fig. 9)
Be very careful not to jar the flame detector.
1. Turn OFF the power.
2. Wait at least one minute before loosening the mounting
nut, then remove the C7061M detector from the sight
3. Remove the cover by unscrewing the 4 mounting screws.
4. Remove 2 tube unit fixing screws on the rear of the tube
unit and remove the UV sensing tube unit.
NOTE: These screws are NOT captivated. Put them in a
safe place to avoid losing them.
5. Remove UV sensing tube from the tube unit.
6. Carefully remove rubber cover from the old tube and
install onto the new UV tube (Part Number 129464N).
7. Slide new tube into tube unit holder.
8. Insert the top part of the new tube unit into the round
hole in the upper portion of the shutter unit and push the
bottom part of the tube unit down into place.

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