Bosch R 30 Users Instructions And Customer Care Manual
Bosch R 30 Users Instructions And Customer Care Manual

Bosch R 30 Users Instructions And Customer Care Manual

R 30/35/40 he combi plus condensing boiler
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Users Instructions and
Customer Care Guide
R 30/35/40 HE combi plus Condensing boiler
6 720 610 598 - 00.2O
ZWBR 7-30 R 30
GC-Number: 47 311 79
ZWBR 11-35 R 35
GC-Number: 47 311 80
ZWBR 11-40 R 40
GC-Number: 47 311 81


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  • Page 1 Users Instructions and Customer Care Guide R 30/35/40 HE combi plus Condensing boiler 6 720 610 598 - 00.2O ZWBR 7-30 R 30 GC-Number: 47 311 79 ZWBR 11-35 R 35 GC-Number: 47 311 80 ZWBR 11-40 R 40 GC-Number: 47 311 81...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Contents Excellence comes as standard Safety precautions General notes Controls Operating the Appliance Preparation Switching the Appliance On/Off Switching on the Central Heating Controlling Central Heating Combination Boilers: Setting Hot Water Temperature System boiler with Storage Tank Summer Mode, Hot Water Only (Combi Appliances) Frost protection (Combi Appliances) Fault Condition Text Display...
  • Page 3 Contents 4.5.1 Heating program 4.5.2 Setting the Economy temperature (if TR2 is connected) 28 4.5.3 Manual operating mode (if TR2 is not connected) Hot water 4.6.1 Hot water program 4.6.2 Hot water immediately (System models) i Info Settings 4.8.1 Heating (if TR 2 is connected) 4.8.2 Hot Water (Storage Tank, System boiler models only) 4.8.3 Service Individual timer programmes...
  • Page 4: Excellence Comes As Standard

    Thank you for purchasing an R 30/R 35/R 40 condensing appli- ance. The R 30/R 35/R 40 Series has been developed by the Heat Sys- tems Ltd. Group and the strictest quality control standards are demanded throughout every stage of production.
  • Page 5: Safety Precautions

    Safety precautions Safety precautions Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 It is the law that all gas appliances are installed by a competent person in accordance with the above regulations. Failure to install appliances correctly could lead to prosecution. It is in your inter- est, and that of safety, to ensure compliance with the law.
  • Page 6 Safety precautions Combustible materials Do not store or use any combustible materials (paper, thin- ners, paints etc.) in the vicinity of the appliance. Health and safety This appliance contains no asbestos products. There is no potential hazard due to the appliance being electri- cally unsafe.
  • Page 7: General Notes

    General notes General notes To get the best from your appliance please read these instructions carefully. Sealed heating systems The appliance is fitted to a sealed heating system which is pre- pressurised. Your installer will tell you of the minimum and maxi- mum pressure which must be indicated on the pressure gauge.
  • Page 8 General notes Clearances Your installer will have provided adequate space around the appli- ance for safety and servicing access. Do not restrict this space with the addition of cupboards, shelves etc. next to the appliance. Left-hand side 10 mm Right-hand side 10 mm In Front 600 mm...
  • Page 9 General notes With all mains fed systems the flow of water from individual taps will vary with the number of outlets operated simultaneously and the cold water mains supply pressure to the property. Flow balancing using “ball-o-fix” type valves is recommended to avoid an excessive reduction in flow to individual outlets.
  • Page 10 General notes Do not allow the flue terminal fitted on the outside wall to become obstructed or damaged. Pump The pump is a fully modulating type to which the parameters have been set by the manufacturer and must not be adjusted. 6 720 610 598 GB (03.11)
  • Page 11: Controls

    Controls Controls 61 317 366 367 6 720 610 598 - 01.2O Fig. 1 System Pressure gauge Reset button Master switch Central heating temperature control Service valves in CH flow and return Hot water Gas isolation valve (open) Cold water inlet Identification sticker Hot water temperature control Display...
  • Page 12: Operating The Appliance

    Operating the Appliance Operating the Appliance Preparation Turn on the gas cock (172). Press in the handle and turn it anti-clockwise as far as the stop (when handle is in line with direction of flow, the cock is open). Central heating system valves (170) Using a spanner, turn square nut until groove is in line with direction of flow (see detail).
  • Page 13 Operating the Appliance Check the central heating system pressure The pointer on the pressure gauge (8.1) should be about 1 bar. If the pointer is below 1 bar (when the system is cold), top up the system with water until the pointer is 1 bar. Your installer will have shown you how to do this.
  • Page 14: Switching The Appliance On/Off

    Operating the Appliance Switching the Appliance On/Off Switching on Switch on the appliance at the master switch (I). The indicator lamp shows green and the display will show the central heating flow temperature, when the appliance is oper- ating in the central heating mode. 6 720 610 333-04.1O Fig.
  • Page 15: Switching On The Central Heating

    Operating the Appliance Switching on the Central Heating Turn the central heating temperature control to the desired level: – “Min” setting: 35°C – Low-temperature heating: setting “E” (approx. 75°C) – “Max” setting: 88°C When the burner is lit, the red indicator lamp is illuminated. 6 720 610 333-05.1O Fig.
  • Page 16: Combination Boilers: Setting Hot Water Temperature

    Operating the Appliance Combination Boilers: Setting the Hot Water Temperature Hot water temperature On combi models, the hot water temperature can be set to between approx. 40°C and 60°C using the temperature control The domestic hot water temperature is not shown on the display. 6 720 610 333-07.1O Fig.
  • Page 17: System Boiler With Storage Tank

    Operating the Appliance ECO mode with demand detection, button is lit The demand detection function enables maximum gas and water economy. Briefly turning a hot water tap on and then off again signals demand to the appliance which then heats up the water to the set temperature.
  • Page 18: Summer Mode, Hot Water Only (Combi Appliances)

    Operating the Appliance Control Setting Water Temperature Anti-clockwise limit approx. 10°C (frost protection) approx. 60°C Clockwise limit approx. 70°C Table 3 ECO button Pressing and holding the ECO button , until it lights up switches from Comfort mode to ECO-mode. Comfort mode, ECO button is not lit (factory setting) In Comfort mode the hot water tank has priority.
  • Page 19: Frost Protection (Combi Appliances)

    Operating the Appliance Frost protection (Combi Appliances) Leave master switch switched on. If the appliance is to be left for long periods switch the central heating on and set the room temperature controller at 6°C. Add a suitable anti-freeze fluid to the water in the central heat- ing system.
  • Page 20: Text Display

    Text Display Text Display General Description • The text display is used to display information about the appli- ance and the system and to alter the settings displayed. • Once the appliance has been in operation for one day, the text display module has a power buffer period of about 10 hours during which it will run without the mains power supply.
  • Page 21 Text Display • Domestic Hot Water temperature (System boiler if a Storage Tank is accorded). Additional indication if a special programme is active: • x holidays • Hot water immediately • Constant on (comfort, if TR2 is not connected) • Constant off (economy, if TR2 is not connected). Other special operating modes may be displayed during commis- sioning, servicing, etc.
  • Page 22 Text Display Confirm the selection by pressing the button. The corresponding submenu is displayed: 6 720 610 598-05.2O Fig. 10 Submenu: Time/day In the submenus, the top line indicates what action is required. The bottom line shows the previous menu level, if applicable (see Fig.
  • Page 23: Deleting A Setting

    Text Display Use the button to set the minutes. Confirm the setting by pressing the button. Use the button to set the day of the week. Press the button to confirm the setting. The cursor then returns to the top line. -or- Press the button to confirm the setting and return to the...
  • Page 24: Menu Structure

    Text Display Menu structure Submenu Parameters to Main menu 1. change/select Time/day/hol- Time/day - Hours idays - Minutes - Day of week Holidays Days holiday Heating Heating - Day program - 1st operating mode - 1st switching point - 6th switching point Set econ- 5...30°C omy temp.
  • Page 25: Setting The Time/Day

    Text Display Submenu Parameters to Main menu change/select Settings Heating Optimum Start Off/On Hot water Only charging times/ (System times and temperatures boiler-mod- els) Service Display service param. Further Language -English/ options -Français/ -Deutsch -Time correction -LCD contrast Operating times Fault history Setting the time/day...
  • Page 26 Text Display ically cancels Economy mode at midnight on the last day and returns to Automatic mode. The day on which you enter the days holiday counts as the first day of the holiday, i.e. the unit starts the holiday program immediately. Only in- clude the day on which you are returning if you don’t want the heating to return to the normal pro- gram on that day!
  • Page 27: Heating

    Text Display Heating 4.5.1 Heating program Basic setting (Automatic mode) • The appliance switches automatically between normal heating, Economy mode and Frost protection mode according to the timer settings entered. • Basic setting: – Heating starts at 6:00 am – Economy starts at 10:00 pm Setting options •...
  • Page 28: Setting The Economy Temperature (If Tr2 Is Connected)

    Text Display Press . The display shows Set 1. operating mode. Set the desired first operating mode (Heating, Economy or Frost protection). Press . The display shows Set 1. time period. Set the desired first time period. Press . Set the following operating modes and time peri- ods as described for the first.
  • Page 29: Manual Operating Mode (If Tr2 Is Not Connected)

    Text Display 4.5.3 Manual operating mode (if TR2 is not connected) For selecting an operating mode that is different from the one set in the heating programme (Automatic mode). • You can choose between Automatic, Constant on (comfort) and Constant off (economy). •...
  • Page 30: Hot Water

    Text Display Hot water General description • Combi models only: The basic settings provide a straightfor- ward timer programme: enabled from 5:00 am, disabled from 10:00 pm. The ECO button must not be lit (Comfort mode). • System models (with Storage Tank): The basic settings pro- vide a timer programme: enable from 5:00 am, disable from 10:00 pm.
  • Page 31: Hot Water Program

    Text Display 4.6.1 Hot water program • Up to six switching points per day can be set. • There are two operating modes: Blocked and Released. From the main menu, select Hot water and then from the first submenu, select Hot water program. Set the days of the week, Blocked/Released (operating mode) in the same way as for the switching points and modes for heating as described on page 27.
  • Page 32: Info

    Text Display i Info Select Info from the main menu. You can view the following information: Display text Description Room temperature Current temperature in the room (if TR 2 connected) where TR 2 is installed Required room temper- Required temperature in room where ature (if TR 2 connected) TR 2 is installed Operating mode...
  • Page 33: Settings

    Text Display Settings 4.8.1 Heating (if TR 2 is connected) Optimum Start From the main menu, select Settings and from the first sub- menu, select Heating. Press to switch Optimum Start on or off. 4.8.2 Hot Water (Storage Tank, System boiler models only) The text display can control the hot water either with Times and temperatures or only times.
  • Page 34 Text Display Service parameters Language Available languages are: English, Français (French), Deutsch (German). From the main menu, select Settings, from the first submenu select Service, from the Second submenu select Further options, and from the third submenu select Language. Press to select the desired language.
  • Page 35 Text Display water) since commissioning. From the main menu, select Settings, from the first submenu select Service, from the Second submenu select Further options, and from the third submenu select Operating times. Fault history This option displays any faults that have occurred for the informa- tion of the service engineer.
  • Page 36: Individual Timer Programmes

    Text Display Individual timer programmes Heating periods for central heating Switching point Status Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Enable/disable hot water function Switching point Status Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 6 720 610 598 GB (03.11)
  • Page 37: Fault Finding

    Fault finding Fault finding Problem Cause Remedy Desired room Thermostatic Increase thermo- temperature is not valve(s) set too static valve set- reached ting(s) Temperature con- Increase CH flow trol for CH flow temperature con- set too low trol setting Air trapped in Bleed radiators heating system and heating sys-...
  • Page 38: Tips On Saving Energy

    Tips on saving energy Tips on saving energy Heating economically The boiler is designed to provide a high level of comfort while keeping gas consumption and the resulting environmental effect as low as possible. The gas supply to the burner is controlled according to the level of demand for heat.
  • Page 39: General Information

    General Information Hot water A lower setting on the hot water temperature control can result in considerable energy savings. For combi appliances: The on-demand activation using the ECO-button makes possi- ble the maximum savings of gas and water. Now you know how to heat your home economically with the R 30/R 35/R 40 gas condensing boiler.
  • Page 40: Maintaining Your Appliance

    Maintaining your appliance Maintaining your appliance Your new R 30/R 35/R 40 gas-fired appliance represents a long- term investment in a reliable, high quality product. In order to realise its maximum working life, and to ensure it con- tinues to operate at peak efficiency and performance, it is essen- tial that your boiler receives regular, competent servicing and maintenance checks beyond the initial 2 year guarantee period.
  • Page 41: Fault Or Breakdown

    Fault or breakdown This product is supported in the UK by Worcester Heat Systems Ltd. – part of the Bosch Group. A specialist factory trained field SERVICE ENGINEER is available to attend a breakdown or manufacturing fault occurring on this appliance.
  • Page 42: Your Guarantee

    Your guarantee Your guarantee This appliance is guaranteed against faulty material or workman- ship for a period of 24 calendar months from the date of installa- tion subject to the following conditions and exceptions. • That during the currency of this guarantee any components of the unit which are proved to be faulty or defective in manufac- ture will be exchanged or repaired free of material charges and free of labour charges by Worcester Heat Systems Limited.
  • Page 43: Guarantee Registration

    You should complete and return the postpaid Guarantee Regis- tration Card within 14 days of purchase. The card will register you as the owner of your new R 30/R 35/R 40 appliance and will assist us in maintaining an effective and effi- cient customer service by establishing a reference and permanent record for your boiler.
  • Page 44: Operating Instructions Quick Reference

    Operating Instruc- Text Display Fault Condition Set switching times and operating Refer to page 19. tions Quick Refer- mode within the text display. Switching off ence Hot water temperature – Combina- tion boiler only Switching on 6 720 610 333-11.1O 6 720 610 333-04.1O 6 720 610 333-07.1O Switching the central heating on...

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