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Replication Functions - NEC S4900 Quick Manual

S-series storage
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Phoenix technology to prevent
business operations being interrupted
This technology first isolates the disk drive where a response
delay has occurred, and automatically checks this isolated
disk drive. If no problem is found, the isolated disk is restored
to the original RAID configuration, minimizing the chance of
switching to the hot spare disk. This technology also minimizes
the delay in accessing from a server, because a disk drive where
a response delay occurs is isolated temporarily, and other disk
data in the RAID is used to continue processing.

Replication functions

NEC S Series storage can satisfy a variety of needs including
high-speed disk backup as well as low-cost backup with its full
suite of replication functions.
Low-cost backup/archive by
mixture of FC/SATA disk drives
S2900/S2500/S1500 supports large capacity, low cost SATA
disk drives as well as FC disk drives. FC disk drives for core
business operations which require non-stop operation and high
performance, and SATA disk drives for backup which requires
large capacity and low cost. Both kinds of disk drives can be
installed in a single disk array unit.
Security access control
Access to individual logical disks can be controlled. Write
access can be restricted from any server providing for complete
security and integrity of data.



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