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NEC S4900 Quick Manual page 4

S-series storage
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Advanced Technologies
Excellent Management and Operational Functions
Ultra high-performance
with ultra high availability
Using ultra high speed cross bar technology connecting cache
function and node function the NEC S Series storage provides
for end-to-end performance and availability. The S4900 has a
bandwidth of 192GB/s which allows for high-speed access to
data even with many servers attached. Redundancy provides for
full data availability even in the event of a component failure.
*1: HA: Host Adapter *2: DA: Disk Adapter v in the case of S4900
Cache redundancy
prevents response degradation
The cache for the S4900 has two sets of mirrored cache. The
redundancy permits cache writes even in the event of a cache
failure. This provides for safe and high-speed response.
v in the case of S4900
Equipped with 4Gbps FC host interface
Maximum bandwidth of 400MB/s with 4Gbps FC host interface
allows high speed response even with many servers connected.
RAID 6 substantially increases availability
As the capacity of disk drives increase, it takes substantially
longer to re-build data in the event of a disk drive failure. Using
RAID 6, which utilizes dual parity, this is minimized and can
also accommodate two drive failures without any loss of data
Virtual capacity management
The Dynamic Pool function allows LUN capacity to be expanded
or reduced in a RAID 6 environment without disruption to the
*1: Expansion by 6 or 10 HDDs for S4900



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