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KORG TRITON Le Easy Start Page 7

Music workstation synthesizer.
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TRITON Le "Quick Tips"
Discovering "hidden" arpeggio patterns in Program and Combi modes:
When selecting some sounds, the ARP ON/OFF key is unlit, and with other sounds, the key automatically lights, and
the arpeggio pattern(s) trigger as soon as you play the keyboard. Note that there are patterns pre-assigned to every
Program and Combination in the TRITON Le. Simply press to turn the ARP key ON (lit), and then play the keyboard to
trigger the assigned patterns.
Trying out new arpeggio patterns in Programs and Combis:
After selecting a Program and triggering the assigned arpeggio pattern: Press the F3 key ("Arp")
highlight the "Pattern" name assigned
page 27)
After selecting a Combination and triggering the assigned arpeggio pattern(s): Press the F4 key, and the "check
boxes" in the display will indicate which patterns are set to trigger (A, B or both)
keys, then CURSOR ▼to highlight the "Pattern" name assigned
new patterns. (Basic Guide, page 28)
Checking the current ROM version # and installed EXB-SMPL option in the TRITON Le:
On Power-up, the display will indicate the current software version and all installed options. To download the newest
operating systems as they become available, visit
A few words on user- installation of the EXB-SMPL Sampling option:
The Sampling option includes the EXB-SMPL board/SCSI connector, a 16 Mbyte DRAM SIMM module and screws. You
can add another 16 Mbyte or 32 Mbyte SIMM module for a total of 32 or 48 Mbyte sample ram, or reach the maximum
sample memory capacity of 64 Mbytes by removing the 16 Mbyte SIMM module, and installing 2- 32 Mbyte SIMM
modules. (Specific instructions on how to easily- install this option can be found in the Parameter Guide, page 254)
To adjust the display contrast:
Press the GLOBAL key
Save your valuable data!
Any edits you make to Programs, Combinations, Drumkits or Global parameters can be written to internal memory and
retained on power-you're your songs and samples will not be retained on power-off, however. Make sure that you
back up all of your valuable data to SmartMedia™ or via SCSI, if the EXB-SMPL option is installed! For more
information, see the Basic Guide, page 41.
Important Owner's Manual References
Basic Program and Combination editing
Copying a Combination to the Sequencer
Creating and recording RPPR (Realtime Pattern Play/Record)
Sampling: Converting a Multisample to a Program
Sample Looping, Time Slicing and advanced sample editing
Creating a user arpeggio pattern
Effect Guide
Alternate Modulation
Dynamic Modulation
Routing Individual Outputs
Press the INC key or rotate the DIAL to select new patterns. (Basic Guide,
Press F2 ("Pref")
CURSOR to "LCD Contrast" and use the DIAL to set as needed.
Select either with the F4 or F5
Press the INC key or rotate the DIAL to select
Basic Guide, pg 91-Param Guide, pgs 98-117
TRITON Le EasyStart
Basic Guide, pages 48 and 56
Basic Guide, page 75
Basic Guide, page 73
Basic Guide, page 91
Basic Guide, pg 103
Param Guide, pg 155
Param Guide, pg 211
Param Guide, pg 217
Param Guide, pg 162


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