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KORG TRITON Le Easy Start: Before You Begin

Music workstation synthesizer.
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TRITON Le EasyStart

Before you begin:

Make sure that you've upgraded to the latest TRITON Le operating system! For this free
upgrade, visit
Loading the Factory Data
Make sure to backup any of your own internal songs/sounds to SmartMedia™ before proceeding!
Press the GLOBAL key.
Press the F8 UTILITY key.
Press the F7 key and CURSOR ▼ to select "Load Preload/Demo Data".
To load all of the factory data at once: Use the DIAL or the INC/DEC keys to select "All"
(Preload PCG and Demo Songs)
To load just the factory demo songs: Use the DIAL or the INC/DEC keys to select "All Demo
To load just the factory sounds: Use the DIAL or the INC/DEC keys to select "All Preload PCG"
Press F8 ("OK"), and once again to confirm.
In-Store Note:
When you power off the TRITON Le, loaded demo songs will be erased from memory. For sales
presentations, make sure to reload the demos each morning using the
above procedure!
Listen to the Demo Songs
After the preload demo songs have been loaded, press the SEQ key.
CURSOR ▼ to highlight the "song name edit cell".
Select a song ("Midnight Sun" or "DEEP ENDZ") with the DIAL or the INC/DEC keys.
Press the START/STOP key to begin playback. Press the START/STOP key again to stop playback.
Selecting and playing Programs and Combinations
To select Programs, press the PROG key. To select Combinations, press the COMBI key.
Press a BANK key to select one of the sound banks, followed by using the DIAL, INC/ DEC keys, or numeric
keypad to select sounds from within a bank.
Programs are located in BANKS A-D (and GM for General MIDI). Combinations are in BANKS A-C.
Selecting Programs and Combinations by Category
Press the CATEGORY key
accessed from keys F1-F4
INC/DEC keys
Press F8 ("OK"), and once again to confirm.
Select the category in the display, via the four Category-direction "tabs"
To select and then play sounds from the category chosen, use the DIAL or
Continue scrolling through the categorized list, or finalize your choice by pressing F8
Press F8 ("OK"), and once again to confirm.


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