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KORG TRITON Le Easy Start Page 6

Music workstation synthesizer.
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TRITON Le EasyStart
CURSOR ▼to "REC Setup", and highlight "Mode", and set to "Auto"
set to a value of "-30dB"
Press the REC/WRITE key to "arm" the sampler, and then speak into the microphone. If "ADC Overload"
flashes above the "level indicators", lower the rear panel LEVEL control until this message no longer flashes
CURSOR ►to the "Recording Level" "Fader" and adjust with the DIAL while speaking into the mic. Set this
for a "hot" signal level, but watch and adjust if the display indicates, "CLIP".
Press F1 ("Sample")
again to stop sampling, and then press F6 ("CREATE"). Note that the "keyboard" display moves to the next
key after you press "CREATE".
Press the REC/WRITE key
to stop sampling, and then press F6 ("CREATE").
Press the REC/WRITE key
stop sampling, and then press F6 ("CREATE").
Press the REC/WRITE key
again to stop sampling, and then press F6 ("CREATE").
That's it! Now play the keyboard: play each note (half-step) from C2 to D#2, and you'll hear the sampled
words, "Sampling is easy with TRITON Le".
...Continue by sampling through one of TRITON Le's 89 Insert Effects:
Press F3 ("In/Pref")
F7 to select "IFX"
CURSOR to "OFF" and set to "ON"
keypad, to enter 5 > 2, then press the ENTER key ("52: Reverb Hall")
the effect being applied
Press the MENU key
Press F6 ("CREATE") to make a new index in the multisamples
key to "arm" the sampler
Press the START/STOP key, speak to sample
sample will playback on key E2 – the next available index.
More great features of OS V 1.5!
Time Slice Samples to Pattern/RPPR: This makes it easier to use multiple samples that were originally at different
Load PCG (RAM) and samples: This intelligently loads only the sample-related Programs and Drumkits from a PCG
file (and their samples) and allows you to append them to any Bank, facilitating the merging of multiple sample files.
This is a big benefit when using the new CD sample libraries! (TNCD001 TRITON Sampler Starter
Pak,TNCD002 Global Village, TNCD003 TRITON Drum Hits & Ambience, TRCD Trinity Drum Loops for
TRITON, and more!)
Additional Footswitch and pedal assignments: This allows hands-free control of more controller functions than
ever before.
Append Load SNG Files: It is easy to merge any number of Songs for a given performance.
Improved behavior with external sequencers: Any parameter change can be recorded to an external sequencer.
In addition, the internal sequencer can ignore realtime commands that would reset the sequencer to an initialized
Individual Output for Metronome Click when Sampling: Now there can be a tempo reference, not only a count-
off, for sampling.
File Compatibility: Sound and song files may be shared between ALL the Korg workstation instruments.
CURSOR ▼to "Pre Trigger" and set to "5ms".
Press the START/STOP key and say the word, "Sampling"
Press the START/STOP key and say, "is easy"
Press the START/STOP key and say, "with"
Press the START/STOP key and say, "TRITON Le"
CURSOR to Input 1's "BUS:" and select "IFX"
Press F8 to "Open" this page.
CURSOR to highlight the "00 No Effect" edit cell
Press F4 ("IFX") to view and edit the effect parameters.
Press F1 ("Rec")
Press F8 to "Open" this page
Speak into the mic and adjust the recording level as needed (see step 7 above)
CURSOR ► to "Threshold" and
Press the MENU key, and then press
Press F2 ("Rec")
Press START/STOP again to stop sampling. The new
press START/STOP again
press START/STOP again to
Use the numeric
Speak into the microphone to hear
Press F1 ("Sample").
Press the REC/WRITE


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