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Midi Functions; Midi Transmit/Receive Channel Selection; Local Control On/Off - Yamaha Arius YDP-140 Owner's Manual

Arius series
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MIDI Functions

MIDI Functions
You can make detailed adjustments to MIDI settings.

MIDI Transmit/Receive Channel Selection

In any MIDI control setup, the MIDI channels of the transmitting and receiving equip-
ment must be matched for proper data transfer.
This parameter enables you to specify the channel on which the digital piano transmits
or receives MIDI data.
Setting the transmit channel
While holding down the
press one of the C1–E2 keys.
Setting the receive channel
While holding down the
press one of the C4–F5 keys.

Local Control ON/OFF

"Local Control" refers to the fact that, normally, the keyboard of this digital piano con-
trols its internal tone generator, allowing the internal voices to be played directly from
the keyboard. This situation is "Local Control On," since the internal tone generator is
controlled locally by its own keyboard.
Local control can be turned OFF, however, so that the keyboard of this digital piano
does not play the internal voices, but the appropriate MIDI information is still trans-
mitted via the MIDI OUT connector when notes are played on the keyboard. At the
same time, the internal tone generator responds to MIDI information received via the
MIDI IN connector.
While holding down the
press the C6 key. Pressing the C6 key repeatedly toggles between Local Control On and
Owner's Manual
D 2
2 4
7 9 11
14 16
1 3 5 6 8 10
12 13 15
For setting the
transmit channels.
(C1–D 2)
buttons simultaneously,
buttons simultaneously,
2 4
7 9 11
14 16
1 3 5 6 8 10
12 13 15 1+2
For setting the
receive channels.
buttons simultaneously,
The highest key
In Dual mode, Voice 1 data is
transmitted on its specified
channel and Voice 2 data is
transmitted on the next greater
channel number relative to the
specified channel. In this mode,
no data is transmitted if the
transmit channel is set to "OFF."
MIDI receive channel is ALL:
A "Multi-timbre" Receive mode
is available. In this mode, this
instrument receives different
parts from the connected MIDI
device on any or all 16 MIDI
channels and plays multi-chan-
nel song data.
MIDI receive channel is 1+2:
A "1+2" Receive mode is avail-
able. It allows simultaneous
reception on channels 1 and 2
only, enabling this instrument to
play 1 and 2 channel song data
received from a music computer
or sequencer.
Program change and other like
channel messages received will
not affect this instrument's
panel settings or the notes you
play on the keyboard.
Data for the demo song and 50
piano preset songs cannot be
transmitted via MIDI.
When Local control is turned
OFF, the keyboard of this instru-
ment does not play the internal

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