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Midi Functions; Midi Transmit/Receive Channel Selection; Local Control On/Off - Yamaha ARIUS YDP-S34 Midi Reference

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MIDI Functions

When this instrument and a computer are connected with a USB cable, MIDI communication can be performed. The
explanations here cover the settings necessary for performing MIDI communication between both devices.
For instructions on how to connect this instrument to the computer, refer to the "Computer-related Operations"
downloadable from the Yamaha Downloads website.

MIDI Transmit/Receive Channel Selection

In order to perform MIDI communication between this instrument and a computer, it is
necessary to match the corresponding MIDI transmit and receive channels. By setting the
MIDI transmit channels on this instrument, the setting of the keyboard or pedal performance
or the program change can be transmitted over the channel number corresponding to a
specified channel on the computer. By properly setting the MIDI receive channels on this
instrument, only data of the specified channel will be played back in the MIDI data received
from the computer.
Setting the MIDI Transmit Channel
While holding down [DEMO/SONG] and [PIANO/VOICE], press the C4 – D#4keys.
Default setting: Ch 1
Setting range: Ch 1 – 16, off
Setting the MIDI Receive Channel
While holding down [DEMO/SONG] and [PIANO/VOICE], press the F4 – A4 keys.
Default setting: ALL
Setting range: Ch 1 – 16, 1+2, ALL

Local Control ON/OFF

"Local Control" refers to the fact that, normally, the keyboard of the instrument controls its internal tone generator,
allowing the internal voices to be played directly from the keyboard. This situation is "Local Control On," since the internal
tone generator is controlled locally by its own keyboard. Local Control can be turned off as desired, so that the keyboard
of the instrument does not play the internal voices.
While holding down [DEMO/SONG] and [PIANO/VOICE], press the C5 key. Pressing the
C5 key repeatedly toggles between Local Control On and Off.
MIDI Transmit Channel
MIDI Receive Channel
D#4 (Off)
F#4 (Ch 1)
C#4 (Ch 1)
G#4 (Ch 1+2)
C4 (1 step down)
A4 (ALL)
D4 (1 step up)
G4 (1 step up)
F4 (1 step down)
MIDI transmission channels
in Dual
Voice 1 data is transmitted on
the channel set up here.
Voice 2 data is transmitted on
the next greater channel
number relative to the specified
MIDI receive channel = ALL:
This allows simultaneous
reception of different parts on
all 16 MIDI channels. When
SMF Song data is played back
on a computer with the Voice of
this instrument, this setting is
selected. However, when a
Voice not available on the
instrument is specified, the
playback sound may not be
MIDI receive channel = 1+2:
This allows simultaneous
reception on channels 1 and 2
only. When SMF Song data is
played back on a computer,
this setting is selected for
playing back only data of
channels 1 – 2 on this
Panel settings (Voices, etc.) of
this instrument will not be
affected by MIDI messages
received from a computer.
Highest key
Data for the Demo Songs and
Preset Songs cannot be
transmitted via MIDI.
Default setting: ON
Highest key
YDP-S34 MIDI Reference



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